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- PowerPromotion, Beck is Back, 2024. X-Factor finalist Beck Martin temas up with DJ Asym on the euphoric new single "It's About Friday Night"

June 19, 2024 (UK London) - Yes, Beck is truly back!  This time with the hot new single “It’s About Friday Night” a collaboration with London based DJ and producer, DJ Asym. The single represents a new take on the original “Friday Night” concept from the X-Factor 2016 Finals with the addition of new uplifting soulful female vocals and evolving layers of rhythmical synths generating powerful and hypnotic dance floor energy. 

Beck M and DJ Asym started working on this song ideas two years ago after continued streaming of the original “Friday night” exceeded one million. Reworking the concept in a fresh and modern light they finally introduced powerfully emotional female vocals to the mix interplaying with Beck’s vocals to create an anthemic dance track including several mixes for clubs and Ibiza (including a forthcoming new Ibiza club mix by dance act Luv Foundation).

The single represents a genuine debut release from Beck and DJ Asym and it is Beck’s strong synergy with DJ Asym which has brought this concept into reality with this new single. DJ Asym has worked with several artists and produced club mixes and remixes under different aliases and now features as a fully collaborating artist with Beck Martin reshaping Beck’s original concept into an emotional and euphoric single. “My production style is very strongly influenced by the trance genre and I love working with evolving synth layers and beats to create emotional reactions on the dance floor” says DJ Asym.  


Inspired by Beck’s early song collections under the heading “I Love My Life”, DJ Asym and Beck decided to highlight this feeling with the female vocal punch line “I’m Living a Good Life”.  “This says what I want to express in the original concept of ‘Friday night’ “says Beck Martin – “It’s not just about Friday but about my personal outlook on life which is to value every moment”. 

With “It’s About Friday Night” Beck and DJ Asym deliver a shimmering anthemic summer smash with a powerfully positive inspirational message for everyone. 

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​​​Release date: 19/06/2024

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Beck Martin:  | mobile 07818 884296

DJ Asym:  |  mobile 07545 939642

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