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Born 20.11.1990, Prague, Czech Republic
Currently lives in London, United Kingdom
Height 5'9'' - 173cm
Weight 140lbs - 70kg



  Hi guys, first of all I'd like to thank you for visiting my website and the fact that you wanna read about me. I had days where all of this was my dream and through the years I worked really hard to make my dreams reality and now I'm here to present you myself in the way I always dreamed about.
  Believe me or not, all my story started when I was young kid. Those were days I realized what I want out of my life. I had lots of talents, yet I was shy to show them. I used to design pc games. I used to code my own pc games, did 3D graphics, sounds and so on. As a young kid I wanted to be game designer. I thought it's the best job on the world. Design games. It were games what brought me closer to discover what I'd love to do. I loved fighting games and when I played WWF Smackdown! for the first time, I realized what I want to be and how I want to look like. So my journey to conquer the world and wwe started when I was 13. I started working out, create image of myself how I'd love to see me in a few years time and so on. Later on I ran out of the money due to our financial situation and other circumstances so I was forced to have a part time job. The only job what suited my schedule was McDonald's. At age 17 I started my career of manager and worked that hard that I made it to the biggest store in the world in 2012. It's the biggest pride I ever achieved and to me it just shows how hard working guy I am. So, I am one of the four percents of people who had the honour to work there. Great. That is my daily job. In our modern century considered as not that good, but in my eyes it's great because it offers training and you can actually climb the career ladder high. I've implemented the knowledge I gained in McDonald's and management to my life and created Beck Martin. Entertainer, artist and athlete. Behind all of this pictures, self-confidence, never ending advertising of myself there is just a normal boy who is fighting every day to live his dream. I used to tell people my dreams because I thought they will support me, yet on my way I met just people who were able to drag me down. No matter what, I always stood up stronger and better and that's how I'm presenting you myself. Right on the left side are icons of the stores where you can find my work and buy it or just download it. I can't say I'm this or that, because I'm everything and nothing. That's how I see myself, that's where I stand, that's the truth. I'm half way everywhere. Feel free to join my journey where I'm about to show you how difficult can be the way to chase your goals. I will show you something what no one else before. The story about the failures and downs. The story about ups and fame.

One day I'd like people to look at me and say that because of me, they never gave up. I'd love to become inspiration for young generations.

I'm always working hard and hardly giving up.
I believe the dreams come true as long as you working for them.

I believe that people are here to improve you, no matter if they hurt you or made you happy.

And I believe that you should always do your best even if others aren't giving you the credit you deserve because as long as you're happy with yourself, no one else's opinion matters.

On the top of that, things happens for reasons.

Welcome to my world!

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