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In this section I would like to present you my actual work for year 2013, simply my mixtape with cooperation and music from U.S. music producents. 

To me it's just mixtape I've done in my home with microphone for 15 pounds, so please don't be judgy about the quality itself and take it as an sneak peak to my first mixtape. Hope you'll enjoy what I do.

Beck Martin 2013 mixtape

As I'm having more and more lyrics and time still goes on, I'm thinking that I'll do two albums, mix tapes, first of 'em is gonna be just simply about me where I'll put tracks 'bout me and the rest will be for her, because honestly it's all just for her... 
For no one else... Those two albums will probably look like that :

Beck Martin : Let this party start

Beck Martin : Live your dreams!

Beck Martin : Let her go

There's maybe two reasons why I decided to separate tracks, because first of them is about my fight for the things I want in my life and my story, the another one is just my and her story, the way I see it and what I feel, it's a fight for my love and I think all those "in love" lyrics or "sad lyrics" deserves its own space. It's good I've came up actully to two albums instead of one and I have even the track lists, how does it will all look like. I'm just amazed how everything went well.
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