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Beck Martin - Chosen one - lyrics - beat Chosen one (PSB)

I'll tell you why you're scared of him, I'll tell you why you're afraid,

Why you hate to see him upset, why you trying to calm him down all the time,

I'll tell you why he has results and he's so talented, I'll tell you why there's no one like him everywhere you'll look, that's coz he don't want to be here, this world is mad, this world is crazy, he just wanna go back home, but he promised he'll do something about all, you won't never understand, so get the fuck out of his way, mate and let him fulfill his fate before will be too late.


Long time ago he was here and tried to change the world. He was murdered. Promised he will come back at right time. He knew he has to be more clever than he was. He knew this fight won't be easy, but it's intention of hole universe to change this mad place. He's chosen one you should know. Better leave him alone, boy you should know, he was born between heaven and hell, 

he went very long way, he learned everything he had to, he survived crazy things, he was betrayed, dissapoined, he learned to overcome everything and never give up, he learned how to survive in this world, he trained so hard and became very strong and quick, he's God's son.


Spirit, air, water, earth, fire, still something you will never understand, secret, power, magic, three keys to your hapiness and luck, do you understand?

Bodybuilding, wrestling, writing, music, designing, photos, managing, politics, that's still only couple things, there isn't anything he can't do, what you can do?


Chosen one is here get out of his way, now you'll play his game, now he'll fill up his fate, now he'll go and grab all he deserve, now he'll change this world, with his music, with his books, with his behaviour, with his body, now he'll go and he'll change you, because he can't stand you anymore! Without honour, lying,

cheating, without pride, begging, what the hell happened to most of you, where is the beautiful world it was, where is justice, where is peace, why you fighting, why you forget about beauty of life, what's wrong with you all, people wake up, it's not money what makes you poor, it's just you and you, people stand up,

you're all better than this!!!


God's anger is something you can't stop, that's something you're so scared from, It's not stupid fairy tale, it's not a horror movie, this is real, your world goes to deep shit and he's the last hit. No one of you would never understand, you don't know how does it feels like, you don't know how much one stands for, 

he's the only hope of you all, better be with him, better support him, this is holy war, otherwise you're gonna die soon everyone, new world order is the key, united humanity and global leadership is the way forward, just follow one eye...

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