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My ten tips to be happy ...

It's been a while since I decided I'd love to have my own blog and share my thoughts with you and even bigger while I told myself I just love to see people happy. I found out that for most of the people is really difficult to be satisfied, there's always something that will stress us out, and our mood is gone. But if you really care about someone and it does make you ask, why someone can be fantastic for one or two days and then completely change again, you'd love to help or share your opinions about happiness.

Well, this article won't be about happiness in general, but I'd love to share with you my ten tips on how to keep yourself happy so hurry go!

1) Make a list of the things you have, and you're grateful for. Let's say I have a good, reliable car or good phone and appreciate you have them.

2) Make a list of the things you love or activities that are making you happy. Let's say I'm delighted when I can make music or when I'm in the gym or when I'm with the girl.

3) Make a list of the things you want to own or something you'd love to experience. Let's say I'd like to have brand new Mercedes.

4) Focus on the things you have and appreciate them and start working for the things you want. Don't focus on I don't have enough money or I can't afford that. There's always a way.

5) Use special signs or things to help you to stay in appreciation mood for all day long, day after day. It's essential because only with gratitude you can attract more good things into your life. Me, I'm using cars. When I see BMW passing by, I'm always saying to me that I'm grateful for the money that comes into my life and they do happen.

6) Don't judge. Stop judging people and stop listening to negative people. They will just affect you, and everything will be wrong again, and I can tell. If someone's spreading rumours and you believe them, it's gonna change everything you do, let's say your work. Just do your job.

7} If things don't go as you want or someone will make you upset, that's the point where most people are losing it and are back where they were before. Anytime someone will upset you, just switch your memories back to the things you appreciate about that person, and everything will be fine again. Don't swear.

8} Always find positive on every negative. Let's say you had an argument with a person you care about and you'd love to see her. She'd say No, I'm out. You can get upset about she doesn't want to see you at the day you said, or you can think of, well, I'm grateful she texted me because she's fantastic and I appreciate she is putting effort to see me. It will work out any other day.

9) If you have a chance in your day to make someone smile or happy by little thing, just do it, because more you will do it, more you will get it back. Law of attraction works all the time with everything and everyone.

10) If you believe deep inside you already have the things you want or the girl you want, the car or anything your heart desires for, always, you will get it. It will become a reality. From dreams to reality.

I just hope I gave you some guidance. I'm doing it every day, and I can say I'm really happy for all the things in my life while I'm working for other things I want and it's so easy.

Take care guys,

Beck M.

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