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My next article will be unusual because I had such a strange feeling for last days that I need to speed up the work on everything I do because now is the time. Time to get everything out. It's so weird, and I really can't describe what's sometimes going on inside me, but... Well, I believe I met someone who feels the same, so I don't have a reason to feel weird.

When you're looking at my books, you mostly see demons. I wouldn't wonder if you might be thinking I'm crazy or weird or something similar. Well, the truth is that my work is about this world and about the events that are coming up now and sometimes I'm just wondering to myself where I got this all from.

Yesterday I passed by the newspaper saying that country I live in, the United Kingdom is going to war with Syria and joining the forces of the United States. Well, we can all argue where the truth is and why there's another war, I disagree with war because I got the feeling that's just a step before world war 3. The world is already in a big war, and everyone was just going crazy last days.

Why? ... If we'd be able to share and support each other precisely as I've been told in the United Kingdom, then there won't be need of wars. If I'm being honest and can write something about what my parents or I experienced in the Czech Republic after Russian occupation, I don't think Russia is right with anything they do. I honestly believe there are so many sceptic people around the world, they're doing all silly videos against Illuminati and new world order and so on and all of that just because people we are learned to see only the bad things about everything.

I am trying to see the things from a different angle, and I think that's the only way forward. Everything has been there for years, and when people say bad things, the truth can be completely different. Mean like FED, money in the circulation, world's debt and so on.

Under the dictator of Russia and communism, we weren't able to travel anywhere. They stopped my country from development. They nicked so many properties from my families. From my grandparents. My mom wasn't allowed to study because her dad left to Australia. My dad had to leave his house as well because he was firmly against the communism. And well, I'm against communism as well. I hate it.

I won't support Russia at all because there are no human rights. Everyone after world war 2 was joining Russian forces because they wanted to get caught by Americans, not Russians. They knew why. I think it's time for all of us to open our eyes and start seeing only good things about the United States and the United Kingdom and why we should support those two countries and their opinion as much as we can because if we're really such a cowards that we'd instead join Russia in a fear that they might nuke the world, well... this world will be shit place to live, and I'd rather die supporting good things.

I believe that Russia, China and Korea are just ways backwards and way to slavery. The United States they're spending so much money for the world's security and people are just making jokes about it. But well, then, where all are those countries and people going to study? The United States and the United Kingdom! Where are all those foreigners coming to earn more money? To improve their life? Exactly. To English speaking countries. Why?

We should all unite for good things and for a better future. I don't know if the war is a solution. I disagree with religions. I disagree with separating every country into the nations. I disagree with people speaking million other languages if English is excellent. It would help us to understand each other more. And I think the money gave the world order. Money isn't the wrong thing, it's just people. We always want more and more, and we don't appreciate what we have.

Well, this way or that way, I revealed partly what my RED EVIL series is about. It is about this world, about this period and about the way out of HELL, where we are all going, if WE WILL SUPPORT RED NATIONS. Everyone should read my work. It's more than demons or angels. More than a story...

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