Dreams to reality! That's how I'd describe my fifth short article about me and VEVO! From 1.10.2014 you can find me on VEVO and MUZU.TV music channels. To me, it's just a step before MTV and the moments before getting discovered. I said that several times already.

The plans? Goals? Now I can finally finish my music video and BE SURE that will be in the RIGHT PLACE. Everyone can post up a video on YouTube, but VEVO? I'm delighted, deep inside and together with my happiness I am even more hungry. More hungry to finish my album and make sure it will be one of the bests albums released in 2014.

To me, everyone's just crying in music nowadays. I really don't like people crying over the stuff. The real man doesn't complain. The real man is a hunter. A real man just doesn't give a fuck what others say and is trying to do whatever he wants. And the real man is always happy no matter what, and that's all my MUSIC about. LOVE, GIRLS, HAPPINESS, SEX and SMILE and SELF CONFIDENCE and DETERMINATION.

Well, I'm about to CONQUER and RULE. I made it on VEVO, MUZU.TV and soon I'm about to make it to MTV and to the clubs around the UK. The one thing is SURE. I'm gonna live forever, and I will be the first Czech ever who will become worldwide famous.

So now? I'm proud to add two more icons on my website and if you'd like to see my lyric video and listen to Friday night, just click over here: VEVO - MUZU :o)

I love my life, and this is just a beginning.

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