I always wanted to be a writer. You might ask why? Why would you love to spend your time in front of PC and write some shit people might not be interested in at all? Why would you do that? Isn't better to go outside and clubbing? Isn't better to have a life? What life can actually writer have?

Yeah. Don't get me wrong! I love going out! I love clubbing! I love parties! And I will honestly tell you how I feel about the nights I've spent in front of my PC working on my books.

It's been a while since I told myself that I'd actually love to get paid for sitting on my ass and just write stories. That was a nice idea, but then I had to do something about it. It won't come to me. I have to go and chase it. So I spent years of learning how actually to write a book. I had the stories to tell but how to put them all together?

I figured that one out when I was 16 and started to work for it. It's been ten years, and I made it on iTunes, Amazon, Scribd, Goodreads and loads of other e-shops. Until today I wrote 7 books. It all started with Red Evil story, through the A job for me, A normal boy, Bad boy ... My visions were always very clear. I wanted to leave something for my country, Czech Republic - which is A job for me, A normal boy and Bad boy and then I wanted to conquer the world with my RED EVIL story so I had to improve my English on such a level to be able actually to do it.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not perfect. I can write a book, but I can't guarantee it will be without any grammar mistakes. Still, it is quite a big challenge for me to do that. And I can say that I'm making it. But again, well, I'm not where I'd love to be. What is holding me back? And why I want to do it and carry on?

I'd be honest. Books and writing are for me one of the most challenging jobs you can actually do. I think no one wants to write just for himself especially if we have loads of stories to tell. I always wanted to leave something after me. Give something to people. More than the value of the money they will pay for my book.

I wanted to be the hero. I dreamed about being the man who'd sort everything out. People might be thinking I'm so into me. Well, yeah, I am. I'm not shy to show my face and present myself as a model as well. But. Well, I've got it! I dreamed about my books being the inspiration for movies. I dreamed about my books being the worldwide - most talked about bestsellers as same as me.

People were saying there are loads of books like that and shit loads of crap I had to listen to. But I knew that this will take time and I will make it and will become what I wanted to become.

Writers. We're creating history. We're building something that generations would read after we will pass away. Writers are people who are living forever as same as musicians. Who are you actually learning about in your schools? People who gave something to people. Why? Because you should praise people, who are trying to make someone feel entertained. You should be happy, talented people are working to give you something towards your dreary day.

Why would you praise someone who's killing people? Who's nicking the money. Who's mad. No way. A writer is the second most challenging profession after being a scientist. And what is dividing shit writer from a good writer? Of course, sales!

That's something I'd love to have so much! But then I'm asking myself what I have done to have a huge sales? What have I done for my books to become a movie as well? And then, if that will become a reality, and I will see my books movies, and I will have huge sales, well, yeah, I'd be happy to go out and invite all the club for drinks with me because I'd be just happy that all the years behind the PC finally PAID OFF.

I love writing my own stories. I love being writer. I didn't start for money. I just wanted to have that feeling that I'm what I wanted to be and I'm doing it, and I'm good at it. Until today people who were reading my books surprised me because they loved 'em. I love my books, and I think everyone should read them because I'm giving you part of me.

The part of the man I am and things I stand for and if I become a part of history one day, I'd be more than happy!

So where you can get my work? At the moment you can download it online from major digital stores worldwide. Soon you might be able to purchase my printed version from And do you know what? It was a small boy's dream to become a worldwide published author. I will be. And from there? I'd be the best selling artist worldwide. Remember, the man can get whatever he will set his mind up for! And it really doesn't matter what it is.

Do you have a dream? So go for it!!!

Get my work on : iTunes - Amazon - Scribd - Barnes & Noble - Copia - Kobo - Goodreads - eSentral - Flipkart - Ciando

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