If you're one of those who is interested in politics and where is the current world actually leading to, you're watching news or reading, or you watched one of those YouTube documents about New World Order and what is the government of United States trying to achieve, you've been probably fed up with loads of shit as well.

What is New World Order? Who is behind? Is it good? What about genetically modified organisms?

I will be honest. I really don't know if these things are actually good for mankind. Mean like GMO's, RFID chipsets which we already have in our ID Cards or passports or the fact we're all learning English as the primary language, but the world is slowly leading to New World Order. I've seen shit loads of videos trying to stop it and protesting against it. Protesting against corrupted governments and so on... But, that's their stories...

I see it all differently. We all know some nations weren't lucky enough to have food for everyone as same as water. Genetically modified organisms could be the solution for starvation, and it could feed the poor. So if we will all see it this way, yeah, it's actually good we're able to create food! And have you heard about food printers? First I've seen this thing was in the fifth element movie. Now it's all reality, you can print off the food from a 3D printer. What does it mean? We all can have enough, and we can feed up the poor!

What about RFID chipset? Would you let inject a chipset right into your body? Would you have the feeling that someone's actually watching you? Well, that's all that I've seen. The loss of privacy. What a bullshit! Those chipsets are already in your ID cards and passports. It's just a step before every newborn would have to be injected with RFID chip. What's good about it? If you would be in danger of your life, it could possibly save your life. This will ultimately reduce the crime because let's say if you'd go rob the bank, the police will know who was it. We would be able to catch all those paedophiles, murderers and so on and we might be able to prevent crime! I think if you're good person and hard working and honest, you don't have to be scared of RFID chipsets. And have you seen how can you control your house with it? That's just amazing!

One government, one language, one global police, no army! Yes, exactly. That's the primary goal of the new world order. One government, one language, one global police and no military. What would it mean? Nations are spending so much money for their military force, and we all know that without armies we will have so much money to invest! Invest in medicine. Researches. Focus on the universe and for all those diseases. We would be able to end up the wars, and of course, we will understand each other better more!

Just imagine that everyone speaks English. Everywhere you will come, you won't get lost. Everyone will understand. That's good, isn't it? I just love English, I think it's the best language in the world. What about one government? Yes, that's a good thing as well. Why would we have to pay for sleeping politicians? Why would we spend our money on people we actually don't need? We should have one government and one global police. No borders. We should go everywhere we want. Without limits or any boundaries. No army? Hell yes! How do those young guys have to feel when they have to kill the kids? How can actually someone think about killing other people?

We weren't born to kill people. We were taken to make each other happy and love each other so why we should kill ourselves just because of someone else's wrong ideas? Why would you hate Jews or Muslims for? Because someone told you so? Well... Diversity... We are not the same. We have to respect each other. I think we tolerate others, but the question is if they tolerate us. I think honestly loads of others are fanatics and they don't tolerate other religion than theirs. But, honestly, religion is just a way how to divide people as same as languages and borders.

We're all people, we're all the same. I think if we'd accept this fact then this world would be such a beautiful place to live! And what if there would be alien invasion like from the movies? And that could be possible because they are real. What then? If someone will come with a treat that they will erase humanity from the universe? We'd have to unite!

European Union, an American union, Asian and African union, that's just the way how to connect the world into 1 place, and that's called new world order. I honestly believe and know it's an only reasonable thing and it is all for our own good because if you're honest and want to do more with your life, you will because you have the opportunity.

However, I know there are plenty of people against, and even you might be thinking I'm crazy, and all of this is bullshit, and they want slave us. Well... If you mean that you have to work, then that's something wrong with you, because work is an only a good thing and I'd rather be tired than broke! And I'd rather stand behind something I believe is right than be somewhere just because everyone else is there. No way!

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