Sometimes the things just won't go as you want them. You will be defeated, you will feel down and there is nothing you can do about it! Okay... Well, hold on a second. Do you really think, if there's something wrong, there's actually anything you can do about it? Do you think all you can do is just leave it, forget? No way! The feeling of being defeated in any kind of thing is just temporarily but give up? No... Never, never, never give up on anything and anyone who trully matters to you. Of course, don't be silly, don't be needy, sometimes you just have to walk away, sometimes you have to lose in order to gain and as you go, always remind yourself what you stand for! Who you are! What you did! You have to know your value, because this value will play the major rule later on!

It's always like that, it didn't change and it won't change at all. That's something what is dividing winners from loosers. Winners they just never give up! So you, as a man, you just have to have the balls, get up, work harder, train harder, do more you possibly can to raise back up and don't let the shit happen to you again! Easy words, I know. My story is the same! I just have days when things don't go as I want them to go but the success is consisted of as many falls as we possibly can take and still carry on in a hope the things will just work out! And they will work out in your favor! I know, it doesn't make a sense to you, but I will tell you what I learned. If you really want something, just do more in your life in order to get it. And on the top of that, create something what will make you get out of your bed. That's what I'm about to do now! Some people just want take piss of you. They just love to see you down. Sad. Broken and all this shit. Because they're sick themselves. Fuck them and raise above them. Things happens for reasons. And I'm not gonna give up. Not at all! I will win, even if I'd have to sweat every single day as I used to. I'm warrior.

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