Hi guys! First of all thanks for clicking on my article and your interest to read something I wrote. I wish to have as much English speaking friends as possible, but there's one thing on the world you can't, and that's to choose your fans. People will like you, hate you. Some of them will understand, some of them not so it might feel like sometimes you're just writing shit to the blank page with a picture, but then you're watching numbers and statistics, and you're just surprised how many people are watching you or reading your work. It's hard to believe how many people can affect only a picture on Instagram with text and it's the same with music. I can see various reactions from people and girls about all the stuff I do, and I'm finding it difficult to find the right balance. So I'd like to say publicly to take everything with a reserve and don't take everything too seriously. I'm one of those people who is trying to present myself how I do and live the life I'm not talking about, just because it's my private. Well, all right, it was meant to be about my music and my first album, so let's go back to the topic!

Till now I recorder 12 tracks and it was a fantastic way. I learned loads of things and made my little dream come true with mostly positive reactions, and that's making me happy. My vision about my album was a little bit different, but on the other side, I'm glad I decided I'm done and it's time to spend more time on another period, and that's a promotion of my work.

Honestly, I think I'm not the best vocalist, and I have my days when things go wrong. I might not have the best lyrics but I can tell that I think my music is entertaining and catchy and I feel like that's something we need now because everyone around is crying and that's just so wrong! I'm asking myself, why should man cry because of girl? A man should be a man! And that's where I'm coming in my music. The great example is my song, terrible boy. You might hear it, but do you understand it's meaning and what I'm trying to say?

Compare my lousy boy to let's say Stay with me from Sam Smith. I don't like critics on the work of other people because I respect everyone, but in general, we're as humanity leading to a world where the women are taking over, and we're waiting on them to permit us we can be with them, we can kiss them and so on. I think girls are meant to do that?

And on the top of that, how can a girl feel attracted to someone who is missing the self-confidence and inner strength what every man is supposed to have? Every girl loves a bad boy kind of a guy and even if he's self-confident, well, what women want most? The feeling they're safe. Where they're safe? With a man! With a man who has money, who isn't afraid to fight for her, who will tell her no, it's going to be this way and so on!

I think my music is more than just a lyrics into catchy beats, I put loads of mistakes of the modern world into it, and I'm trying to show the right way. So what can you expect?

In following articles, I will write about every song I ever did, and it's meanings. And now? Listen to the preview of my album, because I'm done and now it's just about mastering and releasing, and I'd love to hear from you!

Click on this link to access my ReverbNation profile and playlist!

Click on this link to access my ReverbNation profile and playlist!

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