My new workout routine!


Hi guys! Thanks for clicking on my new article about my freshest workout routine! I took out like three months break because I was working out 2x a day and tried to maintain my low carb diet, but it didn't work, and I felt drained. So I rested, let my muscles to recover from the stress I put them to, was recording bits for my first music video and now? Now I'm working out again, and my training is harder than they were before. I noticed several amazing things, such as my strength is boosted without any supplements, all I do is sleep more, and I'm following new routine promising 48 hours afterburn effect, and that is my original article about! It's quite easy to write it all down, harder to follow and maintain day after day, but... Do you want to look your best and do you want girls to be attracted to you and adore you? Well, then you have to work your ass off! As soon as you enter the gym, go for 10 mins warm up on the treadmill. Don't be lazy and run somewhere in the middle intensity as I do. That's between 13 - 15, during max is 20mph or km/h, not sure now. Nice and sweaty, your pump is going mad, but that's a good sign of burning the fat, go for weight session. On day one I mix chest and abs, so after bench, I go straight on abs instead of rest, then back again for some bench press and then again for abs. Maintaining this no brake system I'm burning more calories, because the body has an oxygen deficit, and on the top of that as soon as I will finish my workout, I go for high-intensity cardio for another 20 minutes, where I'm trying to sprint between 18 - 20 mph, at least for 30 seconds, usually 45 seconds. And even more sweaty you go home. I typically need sugars, so I'm eating now just good sugars as apples and bananas and to be honest, I lost 3,5kg in the space of 2 weeks. Fantastic, it works, and I'm happy because even when I go to bed, I can feel I'm so warm inside, that I have to burn fat even when I'm sleeping. And I do! Well, my goal is to be perfectly shredded and big. My strength increased rapidly, I hardly did deadlifts, sometimes squatted, and when I came back from my break, I merely lifted 70kg on the bench, deadlift as well, same like squat, and it's the third week now. I'm working out like a bitch, and I'm on the 100kg bench, 130kg deadlift and 90kg squat - straight to the bottom, not half way which could be eventually 130 kg easily. There's nothing else on my mind than being the number one and getting out the most of my genetics because I have the best genetics I could ever ask for. Soon I'm about to prove it with next photoshoots. My next aim is to be as athletic as possible and return to wrestling training as quickly as possible. I still wasn't able to fix my injury, so hopefully, within a few other weeks, I will do it. 2k15 will be a big, big year for me and I'm about to become a superstar. If you'd like to follow my way, add me on my Instagram! I will show you, that everything is possible. And what about you? Stop being lazy and do something about you!

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