Most of the humanity in our beautiful world loves comfort. That feeling when you feel relaxed, everything is all right, no problems at all, sitting on the leather sofa, smoking a cigarette or light cigarette, drinking coffee and just chilling. I used to hear quite often from various people that they'd love to have a job in the office, behind the pc. Easy. Boring. Yeah, that's how I feel about comfort. Or, at least nowadays. Do you love sleep? Well, I do! Yeah, you will be tired after your shift and believe, you will be more tired from sitting in front of pc than from manual work, so all you want is just to come home and sleep. Gym. Why would you go to the gym? No way! I wouldn't walk to work! I wouldn't do this. I wouldn't do that. I'm too tired. I'm exhausted. I haven't got time, and my name is MR. Excuse. I hate this mentality. Yeah, I had unproductive days as well. Days when I don't want to do anything and just sleep, but more I kept doing it, worse I felt about everything, more likely about me. When you lose the spirit, when something will break you down, yeah, it's easy to become lazy. But, if there is an obstacle in any thing you want, the solution won't be to leave it. The answer is to find the problem and fight the problem.Do all you can to sort it out. Find the way, the answer, not an excuse. Everyone can do it. Yeah, I know, I feel like king kong now after spending few bucks on tidying up my room and making it look better than before when I can finally smell that air freshener instead of the smell of my farts. Okay, enough! :o)I know that life can be difficult and we are all broke at some point, but what matters is to find the solution. And only one person who can help you is just you and the decision, to leave your comfort zone and start doing something about yourself.Sign for the gym membership.Stop smoking.Stop drinking.Start running.Read more books.Work harder.Eat healthily.Surround yourself with positive people.Focus on what's all right.What's good.Appreciate what you have.Work for what you want.Change the playlist on your phone.Stop listening to sad music.Improve the place you're living in.Set up your goals.Put them on the wall.Think about what you did wrong and how you can fix it. But mostly, realise, it's just and only about you. The world outside is like a marketplace. The way you talk to people. The way you behave — anything you do. Anything you say is like an advertisement. You're advertising yourself. If I'd be a girl what would love to have a perfect boyfriend, what would you do for it? Where can you find someone worth your time? Same for guys. Where are the girls worth your time? ... How can you know, if you're always doing the same things if you're trapped in comfort zone? Why I have everywhere wwebeckmartin if I should call myself mcbeckmartin? I ain't got nothing to do with WWE yet although it's my dream. So? What am I going to do about it so I can call myself wwebeckmartin?I would love to have a fantastic girlfriend. I would like if she'd support me in all I do. I'd like it if she will have her things as well so she won't be keen on me. I'd love it if she'd be able to piss me off, but make me happy in the same way. I'd love it if she'd like to work out as well. I'd love if she'd be like me, determined, with goals in her head. Clever. Intelligent. Beautiful, of course, but also attractive, hot, because we Scorpios are, all the same, we need loads of attention. I believe I found her. I suppose I was close to my dreams. Maybe I just made a few mistakes and wasn't able to give out the best from me. Perhaps I was trapped in a comfort zone as well? Because we love things what comes to our lives without us working for it. But then, will we ever get what we want? Things happen for reasons. They are meant to be, but what if you want something? Yeah, then you have to make it happen. I feel like I live finally again because things are as I wanted them to have. Again. Fantastic feeling, but, does it mean I'm about to stay in it? No way. I'm about to fight even harder, day after day. I'm about to be more strict with my diet. I'm fed up with loads of things, but mainly with myself. I don't know what about you, but I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and from now one I'm about to push myself every day as hard as I can.2014 was the best year of my life. All my dreams came true. I worked my ass off that much that I had the luck to attract the best girls I ever met in my life. Something I used to dream about. Most of them hate me because I'm no one's property. Because I was a bad boy. I always promised and then left. That's why I think I never had a girlfriend what was worth it. Because I used to like a few night stands. It was easy. ALBUM? Are all songs correct, mastered? Have you sent out for release? Press release?MTV? Where's my music video? Consideration? WWE? Wrestling training? Wrestling matches?! Tryouts?WATERSTONES? 100% correct book? Consideration? The SIMPLY SHREDDED TV? 100% diet? Supplement? Workouts? AMAZING GIRLFRIEND? Are you flirting with other girls? Seeing other girls? ...That is just a few examples and the way I think about it. I'm about to fight for what I want and! I'm leaving my comfort zone, point after point and I will get all I want because I'm used to...! Yeah, that's a word of a man!

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