Invest in your dreams first!

First of all, ask yourself a question what would you really like to be, to do and so on? And what you do now? What is your current situation, what is your vision? Have you ever dreamed about something big? Silence every single voice around you and think... No matter how crazy it sounds to other people, as Arnold Schwarzenegger said. What makes you truly happy. Well, I know you know, or you found out. Now? Think again...

Do you want to live an extraordinary life full of everything around you? Do you want to keep smiling every day? And well, what would actually make you laugh every day? There are three things what could possibly make you laugh every day or three words what would make you upset every single day, and you will be just stressed. Right.

The first and most important thing I wanted to talk about is money. The main reason why there are happy people and unhappy people is that of the current status of their account. Payday and all the money went. Well, that wouldn't make you happy at all, because then you have to wait for another payday. And as you grow, you want more and more. You want a car. You want the newest iPhone. You want so many things that basically you're not able to afford them, so what you do?

Sign a contract, get a loan, get a car on finance and so on. You basically trapped yourself in a circle and said to yourself that you will work for these things two, three up to seven years of your life. So what's gonna happen to you? Well, all of the sudden you will see how those things are taking over your life and your money are gone almost immediately.

Do you need a brand new phone? Do you actually need a brand new car? And if you don't have money on it, why would you sign a contract?

At the end of the day, you will always have to pay for something, but the one and only most crucial expenditure you should pay is the rent or mortgage. That is the beginning of your success because you have to have a place where to live. If you live on your own, that's just motivation to do more and more in your life to achieve the things you really want.

So overall, why would you spend crazy amounts of money on insurance, contract, car, petrol if let's say your work is just about half an hour away? Or why would you spend a crazy amount of money on cabs if you can buy a bicycle? Why would you go for a brand new phone with the contract if you can wait for a few months and just have it without a deal? All you have to do is just wait? It's a little bit complicated with cars because you want a brand new car, but then again, you have to pay and pay and pay...

Circumstances are changing quite often, especially today when some businesses are doing well, others not. People are ending up broken. The only reason is that we actually don't appreciate what we have. Because we always want more and more. I realised for myself that when I have a really nice amount of money on a side and on my account, I'm pleased. I can do whatever I want anytime I want, and that makes me really happy. The feeling that I am actually glad, stress-free. And If I'm saying to myself, I'm rich, and I have loads of money, even more, money is coming to my life from other sources.

The sources you didn't know about. Great thing to receive is to give. I don't regret the money I have spent on gifts for girls or the money I sent to charity even the companies what lent me money during my difficult period. If there wasn't anyone who to rely on, I had to find the way how to survive.

So, invest in your dreams first! Live like an entrepreneur. Fuck what everyone else thinks. Fuck society. Live like most people won't so you can live the rest of your life like most people can't.

Imagine your goal is to do music big time. Imagine the sales. Profitability. Imagine the money from books. The fame you will get. The fat paychecks. Imagine the cash from wrestling and entertainment. Imagine how you drive your brand new Porsche and living in abundance, in a large villa. And work for it!

I used to dream about the money I have now. I used to dream about living abroad, and I kept imaging it every single day. It came true, and now I live it. I realised it's much better to invest in yourself and your dreams and always be happy with what you want and buy what you can afford, not what you have to borrow the money for!

And then imagine you will make it. Imagine all those people paying their cars and contract phones living with parents just to impress some cheap girls. And you. All of the sudden earning thousands of pounds every single day only because you lived the way you thought it's right. Where will all those people be then? ...

Just imagine ...

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