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So today it has been four long years since I bagged my stuff and moved to the United Kingdom. I was full of excitement and butterflies in my stomach because I knew that I'm about to achieve and get what I wanted since my childhood and yeah, I will do what I really want to do and nothing and no one will stop me! My mindset has been set up already when I was 13 as same as a clear vision of what I want to become one day. Good.

About everything what went wrong in past days there were lots of words spoken and written already, and in all fairness, it won't change anything. You who are reading my material, my blogs, my statuses or are listening to my music or just simply eating what I will do, you all know that my way was full of obstacles. And? Of course, this article ain't about the challenges or about the shit what kept happening because everything is a part of a learning process. Do I regret it? No. I don't regret anything that went wrong because it made me so strong that I believe for most the people it is challenging to imagine.

So? Why thank you? Thank you because of everything. I'm grateful for all the lessons I learned. For all the people who came to my life as blessings or lessons as well. It all took me on one big crazy path of experiences and situations that people hardly face. I've experienced such lows and still managed to raise up. I did stupid things, and I kept pissing people off. I kept pissing off girls who liked me. Yeah.

I learned that everything is my mistake and I can't blame anyone else. I realised that now I'm the image of what I thought about before. Thoughts become a reality. It's the truth. It works. Those who don't believe may find out eventually one day too, and it really doesn't matter where I am now but where I will go and what I'm about to do with everything.

Course I could write you all my to-do lists and demanding schedules I'm trying to keep up with and the way how am I gonna rebuild my life and achieve my goal step by step, but, fuck all these words and this shit. Fuck everything, really.

What's actually interesting about me, me and all I do as same as my blog? You have the most excellent chance to see and learn and watch because when you're hopeless, remember that I was once too as same as many others.

These four years, I wouldn't change them for anything. So? I just have a straightforward goal for next year that's global domination in every sector of entertainment from sports entertainment to literally entertainment to music entertainment. Oh yeah, I still want a beautiful relationship! However, whatever, it doesn't make a sense, and it's not even supposed to because? Because fuck the past now I'm the architect of my future. I'm what I want to be and you, people, if you support me or hate me, I'm gonna do what I want to do. Thanks to all millionaire's mentors and successful people I have the chance to get the knowledge from and big thanks to all people from my private life especially girls who kept telling me to keep stuff in private, well, some of it I really did! Sorry for being a bad boy! Well, yeah, so, it has been full of shit, but, I'm standing strong, and with the happy face, I'm going for...? For the world and everything in it! Oh, and yeah, I'm shutting up! I'm shutting my mouth up because I think I said enough already! Finally, I know!

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