Own words!

It's been a while since I wrote something on my web or on my fan page or any status. Well, I have plenty of reasons to keep my mouth shut and just carry on what I do and work towards some progress or goals I set up for myself. I told myself that I won't share my private life with anyone anymore because it just causes me troubles. However I'm forced to write something right here to all of you, and that isn't nothing else than the holy truth of me, my character and the values I created in the past years. I used to take all the jokes, all the messages I didn't like from everyone or even silly comments and your fun. Well, yeah, that's fine because I love humour, I love fun and I built my character on one fundamental value and that was never insult anyone or never admit to someone there's something wrong with them and keep them happy all the time, keep my mouth shut and carry on doing my own things. Apparently, there are plenty of things in my life starting from my work and being a manager to a bodybuilder, writer, musician and so on. Basically, as the years go after all effort I ever put in I'm turning popular and respected between some sort of people.On the other hand, there is another sort of people who suffer from lack of self-confidence and are always trying to find mistakes on me, or they just love gossip and talk an unbelievable amount of shit about me. And I know that evil makes eviler and I should be all over the things and just ignore it, but last days I just can't help myself, and if someone's insulting me, I'm not silent or having a laugh, I'm giving it all back. Some people don't like their own words being twisted against them, but that's not my problem. In past years I've done so many good things for everyone with no return at all. People just expect me to don't worry about some things, keep my mouth shut and just pretend like I don't care while I care. I care a lot and no one's gonna talks to me like some rubbish - girls or boys, family or people I don't even know. I've been asked to write a little article about me based on questions to one internet magazine back in my country and one of 'em questions was what I'm proud about the most. I said that I'm pleased I won't insult anyone who insults me. All these various people. However, I have got to say that my mindset after my operation is entirely different and I just proved myself I'm the man and if you're about to insult me or make fun of something I do the way I don't like, don't expect me to keep my mouth shut but expect hell. Everything has changed, and I fell in love with feelings to see what it does to people to give them a taste of their own words. They hate it. They hate that I'm going after them with their own words. Sorry guys, that good guy has gone , and the only way to fail is trying to please everyone which I kept doing. With no return at all. You wanted me like that, now you got me. Well, I promise my next article will be more motivational and better, but I just had to get this out of my mind, so I'm fine again. No more Mr. nice guy. If you want me to be helpful to you, be helpful to me at first. So? What are my next plans and goals? I'm about to publish a new, motivational article at the end of the month. Hopefully, it will be much better than this one! For all my fans also I used my free time to do my music video and just waiting on VEVO to approve it, and here we go! My music career officially started!

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