Know what you worth!

Hi everyone! I just hope for all of you that you are not bored or doing something you shouldn't! I'm about to tell you a little story. A story about knowing what you worth and making sure that you not only understand it but apply it in your personal life as well!

And who can be the best example than me? In all fairness, I didn't see myself that way as I see myself now. I always thought that I just want to do what makes me happy and I'm satisfied with my job, manager in McDonald's and that one day I'd love to become WWE superstar. Ehh, that's all so nice, don't you think? Dreams, goals, girls - anything we desire for is driving us forward. Some bits slowly, some bits quickly, depending on how many percents of every day you're about to give to the desired thing. Okay, it might don't make sense now so?

Let me explain. We're all going to day job to make money. Some of us are happy with the money we're getting paid, some of us not. Me personally I'm more than happy, but I wouldn't mind having more. Obviously. But I am not that sort of person that would complain about it or moan or mention it. I'm just happy. But? Is it what I'm worth?

I have spent so many years dreaming about stuff I started to do recently, but my self-confidence wasn't that big until I really fell in love with myself. It might sound weird to you, and you might be thinking, well, this guy is crazy, but that's just something you should do as well! And you should do it now!

There was a little incident in my day job where I told myself that I have seriously enough and I have to do something about my life. Interested to know? Well, I'm more than happy to say to you! Let's say someone who was quite close to me is continually putting pressure on me although I always do my best for him. That person puts some others in front of me although they do far less than me. And that night he was stressing me so much that I lost it and told him all I think.

And then I went on break, sat down, opened my iPhone and started reading The art of war, which is a book about marketing, but about the war as well! I didn't finish it yet, but I will tell you what's on my mind. I set myself a goal that I'd love to end up the following year with £100K plus on my account.

So I created vision boards and every day since I'm thinking about how. How to make £100K within a year. What to do? Well, the truth is that if you want to have what 1% of people on the globe, you have to do what 99% won't! So at the end of the day I believe that I'd be more than grateful to my first assistant for his attitude towards me. It is something that showed me what I'm genuinely worth as same as my work and that this goal was on my mind since I was young kid, but I never acted on it.

I never wanted it so bad as I want it now. I'm in love with my job, but I'm worth more than I do at the moment. And now let me tell you why and why you should do something more about your life as well!

The video in the middle of the article shows you my commercial on my song "Friday night" which is let's face it quite a good song, one of 'em better I did! I never ran adverts on it, I never tried for better marketing or sell my work anyhow. Let's say, I never tried to reach a wider audience than I've got at the moment.

Well, so, what I figured out? Few of you might notice that I said I'm working as a CEO in New World Arts Ltd. and well, yeah, that's the secret I kept just for myself and close people, but in past years I gained so much knowledge that it actually took me on a path of own company. Let's say my company ain't that profitable as I'd expect, but that's what about to change, and I'm about to change it, and I will finally turn my passions into profits.

Don't get me wrong, I love people and I all I want is to make people happy and smile and lift them up and so on, which is at the end of the day the mission and vision of my company, unification of mankind and establishing new world order, but the money apparently comes with it as well!

Every company shares their profits so I will do now. Behind all of this, as I said there's just a guy with dreams. But I'm about to create something big. Dividing my music career as same as making sure that I'm about to deliver what I promised.

Advertising on YouTube through Google AdWords with a budget only £1 a day would reach lots of people, and you will pay just for 250 views. You might think that's not enough, but well now let me show you the trick. I'm advertising not just my video, my website, myself as an artist, but I'm promoting my song as well! Friday night!

Special note for people who still don't believe that you can make lots of money even when you sleep or who just don't think so, it's pure mathematics, and it doesn't cost that much, and on the top of that, it's just about you. Don't hate me because we all have the same options, some of us just prefer comfort zones.

And here's the magic table!

Friday night music video - song

Budget £1 a day - 250 views.

£31 a month - 7500 views.

£365 a year - 90000 views.

Song price: £0.79

Profitability : 100% - £71100

50% - £35550

10% - £7110

1% - £711

Well, okay, that's just one single "Friday night", and the advertising starts today! My aim is 100% profitability. Now I'm about to show you my album "I love my life". The price is set up for £3.99, and it has got 12 songs - for all digital shops worldwide.

I love my life - album

Budget £1 a day - 250 views.

£31 a month - 7500 views.

£365 a year - 90000 views.

Album price: £3.99

Profitability : 100% - £359100

50% - £179550

10% - £35910

1% - £3591

Red Evil Birth - book

Budget £1 a day - 250 views.

£31 a month - 7500 views.

£365 a year - 90000 views.

Book price: £2.49

Profitability : 100% - £224100

50% - £112050

10% - £22410

1% - £2241

So as you can see and as I found out if I'd be able to manage to reach a wide audience and sell my products to everyone who will show interest which is 100% profitability - I'm about to end up a year with unbelievable, crazy, amazing £654,320. And what are 90 000 people out of 7 000 000 000 worldwide?

Let's face it, that's small %! However, this is just an example, of course! Now it's time to put this into real life and build it all up! Day after day, month by month, year by year!

I'm worth great things, my work is worth millions, and I'm about to achieve it! I'm sick and tired of some shit I have to go through, and this is the moment I needed most.

Fuck everything, I wanna be really successful and fucking rich!

Have a great day people, love you all!

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