I'm a millionaire!

And it's not about me, it's about you! I'd love to share with you what I've learned in the past years and how I realised that I achieved what I wanted deep inside regarding my financial situation. I'm just and only happy and because I'd like to help you too, here is my real, honest story and some tips on what to improve or what to do to be happy and satisfied! First of all, do you have that feeling like it's Monday and you have to go to work, and you just can't be bothered? That's the first thing you need to get out of your mind because you should be happy that you can go to work and make money! You have to feel right about the money to get even more money because if you feel like you just don't want work, you don't want to do this and that, well, that's exactly what you're about to receive! Oh, well, that obviously isn't the story I was about to tell you, but now let me get it straight and tell you.​

Back in 2008? I think? Well, I'm not sure about the year, but it was a few years ago. I was broke. Broke as a fuck. I had a head full of goals and dreams, I knew what I want, but I haven't got enough money to realise my dreams. At the end of the day, I haven't got even money to invite the girl I used to be with on a drink in the club, how sick I was. Well, I wasn't thinking about how sick I was. I just thought about the ways how to make sure I will earn so much that I wouldn't have to work one day anymore. There were plenty of ideas about how. Literally, I was sitting home in front of my pc and thinking about how the fuck all this happened to me. By that time I was around £1K in debt with no income.So regarding what I've learned about the finances and money, my net worth seven years ago was precisely around -£1K. Back in the Czech Republic, that's lots of cash especially if you haven't got the money. So I told myself, right, I'm fed up with my life, I'm fed up with sitting home on my ass and not doing anything, that's not like I want to live, and it's not the way how to become a millionaire. However this might sound crazy to you, but back in the Czech Republic, if your annual income is around £14K a year, you're earning what the best-paid people. So, with this income, you're basically millionaire! So? Here's what I've figured out for myself and it's basically the roadmap of my life, my financial situation and the ways how I managed to get out of it and be on the top again. If you're not sure about how to figure out your own NET WORTH, I'll give you a guide. NET WORTH means the money you earn per year, the money you have on your savings account, the money you invested somewhere and they're passive source of income and the money you spent in anything else like your belongings, could be iPhone, the car you paid off in CASH, your PC or whatever you own! Well, consider that the only expenses and interest you should really pay monthly and what's adding up on your NET WORTH is a mortgage. If you're paying off the debt for your car or you have leasing or any kind of this thing, it doesn't add on your NET WORTH at all, because it's a DEBT. Therefore even if your income might be let's say £15K, and you're paying off the car for another £20K, then obviously your net worth is short of the money you have to pay off every year, so if you're paying off the car for 4 years, that would decrease your NET WORTH for £5K a year and so on. It's the same with credit cards and every other loan. That is just radically diminishing your NET WORTH although you might be thinking that's the money you can use. Wrong. So, here's my NET WORTH for the past ten years, three of them are from the college.College period : £1-2K a YEAR! Net worth : £1K ...2008-2009 : - £1K !!! - 30 000 CZK2009-2010 : + £3,5K !!! - 133 000 CZK2010-2011 : + £4,5K !!! - 171 000 CZK2011-2012 : + £11K !!! - 418 000 CZK2012-2013 : + £14K !!! - 532 000 CZK2013-2014 : + £16,5K !!! - 627 000 CZK2014-2015 : + £22K !!! - 836 000 CZKSo as you can see, well, back in that period and based on all of my ups and downs my NET WORTH now is £22K ... My net worth back in 2008 - 2009 period was minus £1000 ... In the space of 7 years I managed due to the difficulties in my life - debt and not having the place where to live and so on to not just improve my life and the living conditions. It was all basically driving me big time towards what I actually wanted, but I managed to increase my NET WORTH nearly 20x in the space of 7 years. That's sick.So let's just say again that if you're in the DEBT or PAYING OFF THE CAR, it doesn't ADD on your NET WORTH. My Income since 2011 was higher than £11K a year, but because I was in debt, I can't use the £13,5K figure as it wouldn't be just correct.Now, 2015-2016 my NET WORTH grows big time and as you noticed in the article before, I'm aiming to make £100K, and I already started working towards it.Right, now... I just wanted to tell you and share with you how I managed it. I transformed my life, I used to write down the tables and kept thinking about the money I'd love to earn in a certain age, and I believed that I'd be able to! Well, yeah, I am!I'm so happy honestly that all this SECRET works and it's just literally about your mind and your plan and what you have got in your head that I realised I don't have the time for small minded people anymore. I've got a day when I feel like the little minded people are always broke, always sick, they're not willing to learn anything new, never appreciate anything, never happy, basically that's the sort of people you should get rid off and avoid any contact with them. Any negative thought, their moaning and so on, it just isn't worth your inner peace, and it doesn't add you on your positive vibe either.My income's for 2015 - 2016 have consisted of my daily job, internet, music and books and also from other sources like people I help and so on. It's kinda useful even just to rent a house because you can always helpmates and so on.The highest amount of money I was able to earn was in 3,6 hours, and it was exactly 600 pounds. That's my biggest , and it apparently made me smile for a few weeks. I'm happy for it and well, if you consider I cleverly invested my money into music and the stuff I want to do and the stuff I can sell, my NET WORTH could really possibly grow to £100K in 2016. It's just about me!And that's enough for my latest article, and in the following one I'm gonna give you some advice and share the tips what I've learned so far. Also, I'd like to say that you should keep one thing on your mind. It's not about what you EARN but what you KEEP! Therefore you should send 10% of your monthly income on a side to completely different account and call it FREEDOM, maybe? Consider you'll do this for 10-20-30 years. Can you count the amount of money you will accumulate during that period?So then you'll be basically FREE to do WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT! 10% a month!Dreams come true people! Follow your bliss, have a plan, act on it, believe, work hard and? Course you will get it!!! Because you deserve just the BEST!

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