Be an architect of your future!

Hi hi hi! Before you will start reading, ask yourself a question! Are you a prisoner of your own past? ...

Stop reading, wait and think about your life! Really, do it! So you think that you're not? You think everything is fine? Okay, well, that's your outside probably, that's just an image you are reflecting but is your subconsciousness fully aware that you're happy now? Or you have got what you wanted? Or are you still afraid of something?

If you couldn't figure out anything, well, that's why I said I'm about to write another article. The last article about being a millionaire plus my music video - especially on Facebook had almost 1K people popping by. That's sick. 1K! I remember when I used to have around 50 people stopping by my posts and now it's approximately 1 000. I learned that I should give out more than I want to make and my primary objective should be the people. So here I am with my brand new amazing motivational article what should make you think!!! I created a beautiful vision of my life where I'm gonna do my art, my sales will rapidly grow, I will be able to increase my net worth five more times than now and on the top of that I will have a beautiful relationship with a girl what would ask me what are my goals now. What do I plan? What is my meal plan or my workout routine and so on! Girl what would love my music or my music videos.

Believe it or not, the part of it happened to me already and that was with the girl. When she asked that question, that's the moments you realise, yeah, that's what I want! But, I found out there's a barrier inside of me what still holds me back! And that's just merely the fact that my first girlfriend and my first serious relationship wasn't as I expected because she never believed in me, my goals and in all I want. Today I'm here living my dream. I kept on my mind that she left me and I kept repeating it over and over and over. So what kept happening to me? Precisely the same thing over and over again. So I thought about my daily activities, I looked into the mirror, I looked on the work I left behind, I thought about the circumstances I've been in recently, and I realised that is just and only me holding me from my beautiful future because of my subconscious mind. I went on the most amazing and beautiful date of my life, and it was all just perfect! I loved every single moment, but now here we go again, everything went wrong, and I'm here asking, why?

Is it her or is it me? I judge every other girl based on my first girlfriend. Do you do the same? Do you judge other people based on your first boyfriend and the way he treated you? Did you care more than him and he just used you for sex? One night stand? Did he talk to you the way you didn't like? Well. I believe it always takes two people to work on a relationship and these moments right before giving up are usually those moments when everything can turn into the fantastic fairy tale. It's really up to us. I know that girl has the same issues as me. I can see it on her face, on her eyes, every time we talk. She is so scared to show her feelings. She will do everything possible to tell you her truth while her eyes are always sparkling, while her mood when she's next to you is just crazy, and then someone else will come in, and she's just an ordinary, dull girl without any sparkle to life. How sad. Me? I'm the same now. I feel when I'm next to her, I'm so happy! But then we're arguing, and I'm thinking about the way how to forget about her. How to delete her off my life once and for all. But why?

I learned we should understand each other. So here I am, giving you some advice on what to do and what I am about to do!

My first girlfriend didn't leave me. I wanted her to go me, so I have space for the things I wanted to do because I was unhappy with her.

None girl afterwards left me, I left them. I was scared the same thing will happen again. I was scared I will fall in love with someone so much that I will end up broken still.

Yeah. So many times I cried for a girl! It's crazy you wouldn't probably believe because I'm a big guy, but at the end of the day, I'm sensible. More than I show. So... that's apparently what I'm trying to avoid, but sometimes you just can't help it!

I'm not afraid to show my emotions or what I feel. It's me. So? I told myself I'm about to be just and only happy. I'm about to live perfect life I deserve! Fuck the past, past is gone, people are gone, I do what I always wanted to do because I believed. So now?

Now I believe this time I will get all right. I told myself that I know what I want and I'm coming to get it. No looking back. Just me and her. Two exactly the same people with exactly the same past. That's crazy! I think the same people attract the same people and they don't even know.

She might be thinking that now I'm texting someone else while I'm thinking about the way how to make sure we will be just and only happy and it will be exactly as I want.

I'm continually rewinding all these moments where I gave her white flowers, and she was just sparkling. When she thought about me and messaged me after 10 days, I didn't message her. When she just came over for dinner although she never wanted. When we went on a date first time although she never wanted to date me. All those beautiful looks she was giving me when I lost weight. When I did Friday night song. Until today she doesn't even know when I wrote it I thought about her. I thought about us. About the way, we will get together! Until I got arrested and fucked up everything as I used to. I'm talent, indeed!

That was the little story about what's going on in my head now. If that wouldn't help, I will write down some points on what you should do to make sure you will find your happiness and start thinking positively.

1) The past is gone. Get rid of the thoughts about the history. More you think about what was, more you scared, more you afraid to be yourself, more you're taking away your luck. Your happiness.

2) Things will work out, things they will be perfect, this girl is fantastic! This guy is amazing! We were meant to be! We were made for each other!

3) She loves me. I love her. She is so jealous, but that's just beautiful, and it shows she cares! He's jealous, but it shows he cares!

4) I want to be happy, and I will be. I want the best girl I met so far! I will do all I can to get her! And with all I can, I mean all I can!

5) Think about what you love about the person you're thinking about! Her eyes? Her lips? Her behaviour? Her smile? What do you like about her?

6) Think about the beautiful moments you had together. Embrace them with a smile on your face.

7) Be grateful for all the difficulties you came through before because they made you the person you're now, and they made you realise what you worth. They brought you closer to the person you dreamed about.

8) When that person comes into your life, act! Live by what's now! Nothing can go wrong, everything will be perfect because that's what I want, that's what I deserve!

9) Dreams! They come true for people who still believe!

10) Take some time off recovering your energy and focusing on what you want and doing the stuff you love! Your relationship will be stronger, and you will start looking forward to seeing each other.

11) Believe you're with her already - or with him. Do all you can to be with her all the time, make sure your room looks like she's there already and so on! Believe it!

12) Don't listen to anyone and their advice, don't tell your story to anyone as well! People love to gossip, and gossip isn't just worth it. It causes problems. Some people might be just unhappy, and their mood and advice would just make you believe that luck isn't waiting for you as well. That you will be treated like a mug.

13) You can be treated like a mug, or you can be treated like a princess. That is just about your mindset and what you actually believe and how you're about to act on it. If a girl is happy and shows it to a guy, he'd do more for her. If she's always moaning and is bitchy, the guy is more likely to leave her.

There is definitely more points what to do - what to follow and so on. Some of you might have a laugh, some of you will do it, but every relationship can be fixed, and things can be perfect as long as we believe. I'm about to think what I appreciate on her. What I love on her. Over and over again because for the first time in my life I realised that I'd beat everyone up for this girl. I wouldn't just let her go like every other. Times are changing. Everyone outta my way. I know what I want, and I'm going to get it!

I left the prison of my past and became an architect of my future. And my future merely is PINK!

I know that you have seen my article. I know all the tags you post and deleting them. I know everything about you. I understand your fears. I understand why you cry. I know why you're like you are. And I know that when I see you next time, you will just look into my eyes with your smile and with hope. Hope what never dies. Hope, that this time we will be happy. That we want each other and there's no reason to be scared because we both know what we want! Because we're in love!

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