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Past days are really great for me because I started with gym instructor course and because I started to run adverts on my books and music, I released my first music video to the song Friday Night and would just love to say big thanks for watching and having a laugh about me as a retard, ehh, well, I can sit down and relax and watch my money grow and... Eh, we all know I'm just an entertainer but my goals are more serious so here I am with brand new article about my road to aesthetics, gym instructor course and the way to the great body! Brief story! I started working out when I was like 14 years old? I used to do some push ups, squats and sit ups. First time I stepped in the gym was when I was aroudn 15 years old and since then it was like a rollercoaster. I was determined and motivated to do all the best to look best, then I stopped, then I started again, then I stopped so as you can see, I wasn't consistent so all I could ever do was basicaly just watch other guys and adore their great physiques and kept dreaming about me being aesthetics and looking good as well. I was more likely the bulky kind of a body than lean muscles. My aim and focus was always about wrestling and sports entertaniment in general, but my love to gym and working out and desisre to just look best never dissapeared because I believe that's one of the biggest parts of success as a wwe superstar. Obviously that's my aim, that's my goal but I told myself if I could do more in my life, I would happily do it. So I started with rebuilding my life and my physique.

16.4 I had an operation with hernia, it happened to me on one wrestling training. I get my ass kicked afterwards although that pain was just insane but then as soon as I left the ring all I could do was just lie on the mat and try to not die. I survived, walked away and lived with it for two years. Can you imagine to live with that for two years? When I found out I have been told I should stop lifting weights and shouldn't do wrestling or anything heavy as it can get worse. They didn't want to operate me at first because it was small. Okay. Well, so after few arguments later on I achieved my operation. I told myself I'm about to be a new man. As soon as I will leave the hospital. So I did. I woke up, left the hospital with burning desire to become a new wwe superstar and worldwide known artist. My mind and focus wasn't with anything else than that. For the time being before I worked my ass off every single day without break. I Could rest because I knew that after operation I will have to take some time off, but would you rest? I used to do it before and that's why I never had any better results. That's why I never had well developed chest or six pack.

However my mindset has changed completely and every day from then I'm watching how I want to look like and I know that I will get it. I'm just so close! And what this is actually all about? I'm gonna get another job in White Oak Leisure centre as a gym instructor and it's just great achievement for me and my work ethic as same as workout ethic.

And? I know lots of people adore me for the way I look like and the physique I built through the years and honestly, I'm willing to help other people to achieve the same or go beyond their limits as same as I'm pushing myself. I belive that everything is just about the mindset and the clear goals and to know what we really want and what we expect and on the top of that, what all we sacrifice.

Aesthetics isn't just about working out, it is about nutrition, food, supplements you take and the work you put in. So you can expect a lot more articles from the gym, lot more videos and of course I will do all I can to set you on the track of the body you really want! So now I'm about to start the course and do all I can to make sure i will finish it as soon as possible and! I just hope that I will meet some amazing people who knows what they want and are willing to work for it! I am full of hopes and ideas what to do and I believe that will be just an amazing hell of a ride and another chapter of my life. Obviously I'm not about to quit my job - shift manager because I would love to buy my first house in UK soon as I love United Kingdom and I'm not leaving. I love the people I'm around, I love the atmosphere and just everything and I believe I found out what I was looking for. I know where I belong and I'm happy and trully grateful I can be a part of such a amazing country and surrounded with the great people that I am! So...? Course I love you all!!! Expect amazing videos, amazing tips and articles and lot, lot, lot more because I'm just about to start!!!And? Of course I can't wait to go back to the ring and I will kick every single cunt out there! Mmm...

This is Beck Martin bitch and as Kyle said, Beck is coming!!! Hahaha, thanks for the opportunity mate!

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