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June is here so bye now!


Before you will start reading I think I should let you know that this article isn't about anything else than about building my brand and taking a time off! I wasted so much time, I wasted so much energy and also so much money on so much stuff and the effect? Obviously it wasn't what I expected.

What all goes to this category? Everything! If I'd just write down everything what pissed me off recently, you wouldn't carry on reading, but it could be all underneath one title and that would be simply NO - REJECTION.

Recejtion and no is a part of a life. You expect so many things and you do so many things but it's still not enough, or maybe too much? However it is, guys, everyone who's out there reading and clicking on my posts, I just want to say that I HAVE to dissapear from the facebook and instagram and other social sites for a long while because everything I do affects my personal life and people can't make a difference between me as a person and the character and the presentation. Presentation doesn't create my character. Okay, well, therefore I'm leaving all this social shit for a while and I'm stopping with posts, I'm also leaving all the girls I used to see to do what they want and I'm putting all my focus on my body, my brain - self-development and on making the money and profitability. I told you in few articles before that my aim is to make £100K profit and that's what I am about to do now. There's plenty ways how to achieve it, it could be from daily job, to another job, from the sales through the music, books, whatever I do. That's why I was doing it anyway, I wanna be really rich and I'm not hiding it from everyone. Deep inside I believe I'm really good person because I always show you the way, I'm always trying to do my best to motivate you and I would never put anyone down as people used to put down me.

That's when I told myself, fucking hell, look into the mirror and on everything you left behind and just tell them to FUCK OFF and RAISE.

So I'm raising. I'm living based on rich habbits and on the think and grow rich book and I'm fucking loving it. My life is changing, I'm rich, money comes to me easily as same as other opportunities, my brand's growing because I'm running adverts, finally, CTR 1.58 or 5.78 is fucking amazing score and that all gives me the motivation to do even more and invest my money into myself and into all I want to do... So people thanks for everything, now it's time to say a good bye and I mean it because now I'm on the mission. I'm on the mission to earn £100K...

I'm on the mission to say that I am Beck Martin and yeah, I'm looking good, I sweat my ass of to do so, I got books, I got music, I got music video, yeah I'm shift manager, gym instructor soon, and course yeah I have got my own website where I'm trying to motivate everyone out there! And yeah I will have my own movie called Building a dream! Just so you know that deep inside I'm just a little kid hungry for his dreams trying to prove to the world that things are possible as long as we working for them...

Just a one kid with a dream, that people will point up one day at him and will tell him that because of him they didn't give up and they took an example of them because he influenced them... That you all love me, because I'm just who I am... And because I do what I do without letting anyone to talk me out of my bussines...


Because I have a vision... I have a bliss... and I follow my bliss...

I am Beck Martin, bitch! And Beck Martin goes viral...

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