Rise up!

How often have you told yourself that the world is unfair to you? This happened to you, this person lied, other person is blaming you for their own mistakes, girls are getting jealous about other girls so they talk to you like a rubbish and so on!

Well, yeah, the world is unfair! People are unfair and I expected that if I will be fair to the people, they will be fair to me. I was wrong. This article is just about the people and the feeligns i have about everything around. For past days I've been in weird and sad moods. I'm recovered, I'm all fine, all what's left is my scar, but inside, there's more of them screaming to be healed as well. I think that I came to the stage where I wanted to be and now it's all about changing my life and my lifestyle. Now it's about going out between you, people. That is also what makes me decide to leave my actual job. I have my great bussines plan in my head and also the way how I'm about to do the things, what would give me the freedom to do what I want as always and I'm more than sure that my plan will just work out. Just so you know, most of my stress comes out from the work and people I'm surrounded and their inabilities. I kept quiet and let others to blame me for their mistakes, because some people just don't know any better than put the blame on someone else, but me, I'm always honest and as the years go, I have spent now six years as a manager. It is a period where I'm thinking if I should stop with it and re-focus my life just on wrestling trainings or carry on, because at the end of the day we all have to earn money to do what we want to do. I know I can do better than to be just a shift manager, because of my work ethic and because I'm just a great manager who knows how to work with people in general. Some rich people says they had bliss and they followed their bliss. I have bliss as well and I know that my goal is to have lots of money and lots of space to do what I want to do. Wrestling requires a lot of training. Schools runs different times. So if you can be the master of your own time, better for you. And if you can make more out of something, would you do it? The only way I know is up. So thinking about everything around me, I'm forced to go somewhere else and carry on my carreer ladder and whilst that, come back to the wrestling training. To be rich and wealthy is the only way I can help people, the only way how to run adverts and how to carry on with all I do and progress. The time raise up and move on is finally here!

Enough of bullshit.

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