Good afternoon, evening, morning or whatever it is for you now!

I can't even tell you how happy I am at the moment and how much I love my life!

Long, long time ago this all was just a one big dream for me and today... Today I'm living it and I still can't believe! I'm like a small kid in a big world. It's a fight sometimes, it's really difficult but being broke is even more difficult than pursue what you actually want or what makes you happy! So, for all of you, just have your vision, carry on, keep working on it, it's gonna come true! Back where I was around 19, I used to sit in front of my pc and watch VEVO channels and iTunes and all famous artists and I was like, one day I would love to be there too, just leave something after me, start what I actually want to do and carry on, be someone, mean something, achieve something big. Well, yeah, that's what I always thought about.

The circumstances were very difficult and you all know the story already so I don't think that I have to go through it all over and over again because it's just boring for me and there's a new period coming ahead. And that period is about working harder on every single thing I do. About my schedule and my new aim's I'll write in next article, however the main news are that I'm back in wrestling training and I loved my first session in Lucha Libre London school. The second massive new is that my first dance music album I love my life is RELEASED WORLDWIDE! Woohoo!! Yeah, I'm really excited, the actual album's are on the way to my home and I can't wait to have it all done and have a promo night out and live performance! Yeah, that's the new goal I set up for myself and that is a professional music video and live performance and PROMO night of my album and my music.

What I think about my album and songs? Personally, I think it's catchy beats, my vocals are fine, could be better, ai'nt gonna lie, that's why I'm about to attend London's vocal school, haha, however the lyrics are about my life and all the songs and everything is made just to make you smile and happy and give you the energy. That's what's my music about. Don't take it too seriously, especially song bad boy, because it's just a fun! So? There are the links where you can get my album and listen to it... So... Let this party start! :o)

iTunes - Google play - Amazon - Spotify - Soundcloud - Rdio - Deezer - Shazam

My music is available on Apple music as well and sony unlimited music store as same as Xbox, just type in Beck Martin! :o) I love you all! :o)

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