Attitude and reflection!

It's been a while! Life goes on, people comes, people goes, things change but more importantly, things happens for reasons! There's no coincidence in this world and almost every day you can notice the things that makes you just wonder what is actualy going on! I guess that I didn't clarify anything and I made it all pretty confusing! Ha, that's all me, one big mess! ...

I guess that's time to tidy everything up! So, where to start? Yeah, well, have you ever wondered why you haven't got enough money? Or why this happened to you? Or... that you actually want change? You want something different or you'd love to do this or that, but you think that you actually can't? Hmm...

Reason I decided to send out something about attitude and reflection is because more I do in my life and more I conquer, I'm finding out that yeah, we are the reflections of our minds, our focus and our attitude. I'd love to say that we as a humanity, we have the power to do whatever we want. Some people might say no, that you actually just a victim of circumstances, but have you ever thought about being a result of your past decissions instead? ...

I can't even tell you all people how happy I am as a foregiener to get a chance to work in a gym and get surrounded with positive minded people who are goal focused and they know what they want from their lives. I'm not trying to say that people from Mc's don't know, course they do, we all have different passions and ambitions and that's called diversity and we got to respect each other for it. However I won't deny that conversation with a girl what knows what she wants from her life or her ambitions and goals is completely different than with girl what would tell you what she wants but won't do anything about it or - she actually doesn't know anything.

It ain't all just about the girls. But! That's just an great example! Do you think that if a girl wants to be an actress since 4 years, she will achieve it? Course she will!

Right and that's what I'm about now! Dreams, they're nice thing to have! It drives us forward, motivates us or pushes us forward to actually do something, to live better life, but, that just isn't enough.

Why I'm saying that? Because it's truth. I'm about to write about my 2K15 'superstar' plan which was basically preparation for my 2K16 and stardoom I want to enter. I felt like a mess. My life collapsed, girl I used to see left and I was kinda down. I looked on my skin or on my account or around my room or on my body and I was just upset. I wasn't even happy in work to be honest because I felt like after all hard work and my work ethic I ever putted in I was always moved to the bottom. It happens. I took it as a man and even if I was on the edge of leaving, I decided I will stay and fight my problems and I won't focus on my problems but I will re-focus my life, my room and everything just on what I actually want.

So following books like think and grow rich and so on, I created a 2K15 plan. It is consisted of every single thing what works for me in my life and drives me forward. Reason I write it is just for pure fact that just in case there's someone out there who's ambitious driven, you might find my article handy because it helped me a lot and today I'm happy man and back on the track!

Pursuing a dream isn't easy thing. You have to sacrifice a lot. Something has to go aside. And that's the attitude. Then it comes back to your reflection. Just ask yourself a question, where do you see yourself in a year time?

Basicaly everything you do is based on pyramid. For people who don't understand the pyramid system, I do acutaly really feel for them, because you can't never expect other people to pay for what you trully wanna do. And I don't understand people who comes to work and are upset that yeah, today is Monday, I have to work, I have to do this and that. Yeah, but you can be only grateful you have work and you can make some money! Fuck it is just 5£ per hour! It really doesn't matter at all because as long as you grateful, you gonna get more, eventually! I started on £1.50 per hour. I never complained. I wrote down the graph of how much momey I'd love to earn at certain stage. Coming back to that graph, it happened. I 20x increased my income during few years. Looking back, the secret works and you are truly the reflection of your mind. That's just a little bit of my story and what I have done, but how does it gonna help to you?

You know what you want! Let's say actress. Good! How you gonna get it? And that's it... That's where most people struggle... Why? Why you even bothered about how is it gonna happen? Do you want it? So just do whatever it takes to get it!

Not enough time? I'm sure you have great bosses like I do - thanks Wendy, Matt, Kyle who would hapilly tell you that they will match your schedules so you actually have the time to go do your wrestling! Well, yeah, I haven't had time for past 4 weeks, however I guess that transition was necesary and I still train - physique is good so... What is 4 lost weeks compare to 2 years lost due to injury of my abdominals? Nothing...

Do you see? Are you after pay rise? I never was after pay rise. I wanna retire around 30 and focus on all I wanna do. My books - I didn't sell it to any publisher yet so probably I need to do more work! However has been published. Good. Music? I released my first album. Adverts? I stopped them. Didn't have a time to re-do them and launch them again. Why? Excuses and laziness. You see where I'm coming from? Music videos? Again, my laziness and excuses. Poor. For a guy who wants so much it is a poor excuse. And I guess people expect from me just the professional stuff. However sometimes I just wanna be that small kid having a laugh about silly things... Yeah, that's the cost of an ambitions. Once you get on the train, it is really difficult to get off. I feel for my family because they are all gonna be back in my country pretty soon and me? I'm fighting... I ain't giving up on anything. I belive stock market's gonna pay off big time as same as all I do. People asking if I'm about to leave my job and work just in the gym. No. I'm happy I just finished advanced shift management and I am still a part of the team.

So... Do you see how much my attitude has changed during the years? I don't want rest, if I would rest, no one would ever remember me.

And what about you? Do you do all what it takes to get what you want? Or you just trying to please people you actually really don't like?

Are you proud about what you can pay off? Or about what you achieved? Are you after pay rise? More money? Then... you gonna get your pay rise... you gonna get your money... do you want a brand new car for five years? You gonna get it...

Do you want a mortage? You gonna get it! I wanted to work in gym, I wanted to go back wrestling, go on operation and sort out my abs, release album, publish books, do a music video, improve my relationships... Well, the last thing didn't went well after 3 months, but, I guess things happens for reasons. So? I got almost everything.

But did I ever focused on making a much more money than I did? Not until 3 weeks back. What about music video on MTV? What about books in all book stores? Hmm... I don't think I said it to myself... but, that's it! Who says it can't be done? Who says the girl I wrote this article about can't make it one day to hollywood? For most of people it might all sound funny, but would you rather live your dreams - or would you live your fears?

And the difference is... wake up... get the right I can do it attitude, work your ass off day after day and picture yourself already having it, already being there and do whatever it takes! Day after day! Everything will come to you at the right time...

Hmm... Easy! Okay, go on! Work 16 hours a day! Train! Eat well! Cut down your sleep! Ha... But, how bad do you want what you want and what are you willing to do?

My family is leaving pretty soon... I could handle the white flag and go back as well... Or fight harder because that's the push I need to achieve it all! It all happens for reasons...

I know! Long article! But it will be a long journey! And who knows where we gonna be in next year time because it really doesn't matter where we now... What matters is, where we go! And where you go? ... I'd rather reach for the stars hoping that I will land at least on a moon, than try to reach for the skies and end back on Earth. If that makes sense!

Big thanks belongs to Shiv. None girl did for me more than you and I appreciate it as much as I can and because of you and of course Kyle! I can just live another little dream... :o) I just hope that you are happy and smiling every day as you deserve :o) ... Can't deny that I'd love to see you come down on my shift and surprise me - who doesn't love surprises but - you'd have to read the article first... Hmm... Reflection and attitude? Everything's gonna be fine, that's what I believe...

Also thanks to everyone who makes my days recently! I need it! Thank you all people! And if I can help you towards what you want, I'm more than happy to do that! I guess that strong people build others up!

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