Getting ready for 2K16 stardom!

It's Saturday 26th, 5AM. I'm looking on the schedules and I am thinking that my 2K15 was truly one big step forward for me in terms of everything I do. I'd love to divide my new article into two sections. First section will be about the systems I've implemented into my life to daily basis what helped me a lot to climb the pyramid higher and the second section will be my look back on 2K15 and creating a new plan for 2K16.

One thing I'd love to start with is that it really isn't easy to be me. It isn't easy to maintain every day everything I worked on so hard, it isn't easy just to stop, quit and leave everything. I have always seen myself on the top of the world and being well known for everything I ever did and left behind me and no matter if is music, pictures, books, videos, articles or my physique. Well, it is a long journey, still and I think it will all be about the focus now. So, let's start with the first section and the systems I learned and implemented into my life. Before you continue reading, you have to understand that everything what comes to your life is coming to you based on your thoughts. You are the result of your thoughts. Law of attraction works with everyone. If you don't understand this basic law of the universe, I feel sorry for you and I'd be happy if you'll close my article straight away. There's nothing useful for you. Quantum physics makes truly amazing discoveries recently and as the technology goes forward, we're learning to understand ourselves a bit more, we're close to be immortal and live forever. That's just crazy! We discovered ways how to be young and well, I am one great example. I'm proud and grateful for who I am. Fair enough. Let's carry on now, because I'd love to share these little point what could possibly help you to live better life too. As I said before, it is all about our mindset. We have to re-focus on what we want and if possible, write it down somewhere on a piece of paper or buy a diary. To-do lists are the best way how to keep a track of the things you have to do. So, right now, pick a piece of a paper and pen and write. Write everything you want... Done? Easy? Well, if you don't know what you want, then think again. If you do, then there's a way. Do you know the way? I don't know the way, but I know it will happen and I will focus my mind on it. Everything is just like a puzzle. Small pieces what you have to put together to get a bigger picture. Education is very important as well. If you are not sure with anything, always do research, look around or just ask people. Or ask google. Google knows everything! Right, that's two points. We got goals, we got ways, now we need to have follow up tables. Without them you can't measure your progress. They're simple to do as well and it can vary, depends on your actual goal. After we have our tables based on goals - daily, monthly, yearly - then we have to make sure we're following up and reviewing every month. If you struggle to review, well, later on you will find yourself in such a big mess and lost in everything that it is very difficult to put the picture back together. It is very easy to get distracted, it can be girls or circumstances in your life, extra shift or any other reason. Unfortunately my space is very limited and there's lots of what I could tell you or share with you, so I decided later on after I will publish all my books and finish my music videos etc. I will write a book about building a dream - the ultimate guide to achieve something. Hope it will be useful for all the generations coming after me. For those interested, now it's my time to re-view my 2K15 and create a plan based on goals. The second section of my article is here to help you to get a better picture about how the things works and what all is behind the curtain. It is weird feeling. Really. When you look on the wall and you see empty boards. It is even more weird that you have got distracted and caused yourself a problems or didn't manage few things properly. Whatever the reason is, if everything is falling apart, there's always a way how to put things back together. And that is exactly my case of late 2K15. I have to put the things back together. Here - on the right side of my table is a small table of promo products. There was interest. Amazing! However few bits are empty and I lost the track. Wrong. That's obviously not a way how to run a bussiness. Let's say it's fail. You can't say anything else, you can't be nice to yourself, because that's not how it works. Fail. Next to it is a board of success. Major key points of 2K15. Let's review them together. On the top of the board I wrote down that "There is no other option - success is the only option!" I was really down and sad when I wrote it. Also I wrote down the little headline to help me remember what I want. It says : "I am what I am. I am published author. I am worldwide musician, I'm in TV, I'm in newspapers. I'm in magazines. I'm worldwide known, most famous, most talked, most wanted, wrestling and movie star, the new icon, the miracle man Beck Martin." Think of it as a law of attraction. We are what we believe we are. That's the headline and what I want. Ask me now, what is a reality? God knows because I'm half way there! That's where I'm leaving it and I believe it already happen. Then there is a few points on the list. It says - make the list of literally agencies worldwide and submit the work - red evil birth. While waiting for agents to discuss representation, focus on Red Evil New world order, Annihilation and Bad boy book. Once red evil is published worldwide, sell the Red Evil movie rights. It was saying to make the list of movie agencies as well and submit the work, however after research I found out that to write a book is enough to make it a movie one day and there's no need to do more. Therefore this goal doesn't make sense. In 2K16 I'm deleting it. The reason is that it is a wrong goal and also if the first point hasn't been completed yet, everything else is just a distraction. Next point was website, story of 2014, update pictures, correct the mistakes and re-launch the website. That happened and I have done it already. My website grows and it is truly beautiful. I'm very proud and happy for my website. Have a great web is a "Must have" of everyone who wants more out of life. No matter where you go, where you're about to present yourself, people will always look on your website. It's like your bussines card! Make sure your website looks perfect. I have tried a lot. Another point is to promo myself, my pictures, my books, my music everywhere possible. Contact magazines, contact TV's, contact whoever possible to raise up, send demo cd's to record labels, submit for consideration, make press kit and so on. Work for it and don't lie to myself. Make order in the things. They will work. Well, yeah. It is very important to have a order in the things you do! If you don't, it is very easy to get lost and confused. This point needs to be re-done. Opportunities comes themselves, I just need to react on them - which I don't do. Wrong. Wrong, wrong! See where I'm coming from? Distraction. How easy to get distracted... So what is the solution of this problem? The solution is to don't get distracted. It is difficult because when you hold your phone in your hand, you're doing so many things that you don't even realise that you're actually addicted. It isn't just about your mobile, however I found out that if you don't have any cell phone, everything is changing and you're the priority. Not the message on your phone, not if someone texted you, but you. You thinking about what you have to do, what's necesary now! That makes me think that it is much better to drop the phone away or leave him at home and focus, focus on what is important. The next points are record Friday night music video, then put all together and put it on VEVO. I have done this bit, however my video was declined on VEVO. Need to do something better. I'm not upset, I know I have to level up. Then next point sort out VEVO channel, email VEVO etc. I didn't do it. Then search for magazines, websites, blogs and so on and make a big list of companies, send them emails and promo own stuff over there. Correct the songs, final mastering and release the album. Put album together, cover, tracklist, press release, send album to magazines etc. Part of the goal happened, part didn't. Again, review!

Next goals on the bottom of the list were to fix the hernia, teeth, ceramic teeth and remove the scar on my abdominals. Two of them were done, the last two weren't. Reason? Focus! Again, nothing else than focus.

Now you see that the goals aren't difficult to achieve, it is just matter of priorities and your own will. It is about - DO IT NOW! Instead of I will do it later because if you say I will do it later, you will never do it.

There is a still lot to learn, but as I said on my live performance in Bromley, this is where it all starts. And in next articles and videos I'm about to show you more and more! At the end, how do you see your months, years? I'm overral more than happy, I have achieved majority of the goals I set up for myself. The rest? Nothing what can't be done!

I was getting ready for stardom 2K16... What about you? I feel like I'm ready... I learned everything... I am capable to deal with the stress... And now? Now it's time to fight! Fight even harder because great things are about to happen! Watch me live from Bromley!

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