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My physique 2K15

As you know, I started working in White Oak Leisure centre as a gym instructor and soon I'll be qualified personal trainer as well. My little dream has come true, thanks to Kyle and for everyone interested and motivated to change your physique as well, just carry on reading because I'm about to share what I had to do to look the way I looked back in 2K15!

One of the hardest moments for me was when I came back to gym in 2013. I had around 87Kg and was fat. I had a year break. Well. I could hardly run and my strength wasn't that good either. However I decided that I will push myself over my own limit and I will look good again. I trained and trained, sometimes even twice a day and had just one picture on my mind. The body I wanted. It worked because during the time I got closer to my dream body. In 2014 I got very lean, however I wasn't that big as I am now, right on the edge of 2K15 and 2K16. I'm proud and happy for all the hard work I have done in past years and I'd love to share with you how I managed to change so much. You can notice from the pictures or from the instagram that I am bigger and leaner same time, currently 75kg.

It was difficult and very hard way because I have to fight my age as well. It just simply isn't that easy as it used to be, however I'm finding out that it is all just about my mindset and the way I feel. And I'm not allowing myself to think about that number. And here we go! I posted up on instagram that bodybuilding is a 24/7 process and you have to live with it day after day, month after month, year after year. It isn't that easy and it isn't just about lifting weights.

My article will be brutaly honest. I am quite often acused of taking steroids and that is the reason why am I so big. Everyone who says so always pointing out on vains on the arm, so, if you inject yourself, it goes to your bum or thigh, nowhere else. Just saying. However I never injected myself and I never took oral steroids. So in case you're looking on all these super shredded guys and loving their physique and they all claim they're natural, well, they're not. Look at the difference in my pictures in 2K14 and 2K15. It really doesn't matter if you work your ass off every single day and do high intensity interval training as often as possible, you can even watch your callories intake, I have done the same, but it isn't possible to maintain such a level for a longer period of time. The body needs energy, the body needs nutrients and mostly the body can't produce so much hormons to make you look like superhuman. If you wanna look like a superhuman, you're looking for windstrol and human growth hormon as same as testosterone! You're looking for injections and some liver support as same as post recovery cycle. As I said, I never done it, however I was blessed to know how these things work. For all others who won't take more than supplements, just carry on reading. For all of you aiming for a competitions and quick gains, just close my article now because there isn't anything handy for you, honestly.

Everyone who is still reading my article might be thinking that I've got so lean because of the super diet or because I do one set of crunches more or using any different technique etc. No. I am trying to maintain the food, however I don't count macronutrients, I just eat. I'm trying to eat healthy fats like peanut butter, stay away from starchy foods, junk food as much as I can. I'm drinking just water and hardly any alcohol. Major change what I have done in my training routine was when I started to put my muscles into more and more stress and I completely cut down the rest. When I train, I don't rest. I do supersets, sometimes even more than superset and straight after I go on abs and then back again. So my routine looks like warm up on treadmill - run to the hill, then chest, three to four exercises, each set after 8 reps, depends on fatique and then straight on abdominals where I do another 3 exercises and then straight back on chest. This training made me grow and finally I felt some pain. However I got used to it very quickly and it isn't difficult anymore. Body can always adapt to whatever.

So that was about training. Food, well, as I said before, I try to eat healthy, lots of fruits, apples, bannanas, salad, chicken meat, sometimes salmon, eggs, protein bars - I have to stop eating them, finally and protein shakes. But that isn't everything. You can notice that I have got bigger. And the reason and big, big thanks is to supplements I was taking and muscletech company. Here is a list of supplements I was taking to get leaner : 2 pills of Hydroxycut hardcore after wake up, sometimes sci-mix xplode pre-workout, then anabolic halo lean muscle shake after workouts, then CLA's after main meals and then all again, hydroxycut hardcore 30 minutes before dinner, then dinner with CLA and amino acids - from Muscletech. One more time anabolic halo before bed and that's it. This way during the time I was able to put on some more mass and stay lean. I used to take Nitrix as well, that's why my veins are so big and my endurance and performance is much better than anyone else's. However I tried to train my heart as well - HIIT - because I think that heart is the most important muscle and bigger you are, stronger your heart has to be - as same as lungs. Nutrients are important!

That's the list of supplements I was taking at 2k15. As the year was ending, I felt like I need a short break, I stopped taking everything and now I'm just getting ready for another fight and change.

I think that is the only way how to constantly progress and grow. Increase dosage, or completely stop and let body rest. Everyone's got different point of view, but when I'm reading muscle magazines, well, I'm proud that I am natural - if you think supplements are natural and that's all what matters to me. I'm not after competition, I'm not after being the biggest or strongest guy from the gym, I go after completely different things and looking good is just a bonus for me. In 2K16 I plan to take more supplements and have proper stack for 12 weeks and put my body through much more stress than I ever did and I can't wait to do that!

I hope that my article was a bit useful. So next time you will see someone shredded to the bone, don't believe they're just on fat burners. They're lying. I don't understand people why they do hide what they do to look so good. Most of them. It just sends out the wrong picture to other guys who are leaving the gyms after few months of training just because they don't have the amazing results this or that product promised. Stay motivated and work hard! Results won't come overnight, it's years and years of training and dieting and hard work. If you're one of them who wants results overnight, or at least in a few months time, look for some steroids. Bare in mind that when you use steroids, you will get addicted to the results and you will probably keep inreasing the dosage, you will be obssesed with being the best and biggest guy from the gym and mainly you will be probably very agresive as well. On the top of that your bones might not be able to handle the strength of your muscles, which means eventualy you might damage yourself and you will probably would have to stop training. On the other hand I personaly think that if you know what are you doing and you can use the steroids in your advantage and have the control over all the process and you will do just two eight week stacks a year, you will just benefit. It is all just about the balance. I personaly didn't reach my maximum potential yet and I will carry on doing what I do. Thanks for reading my article people! I love you all!

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