My first album awarded in USA!

Without any doubt, 2016 is my YEAR! I told myself this year I'm about to get recognized BIG TIME and well, it was just an affirmation however I just proved the WORLD that they're actualy working and winning an american music award for the best electronic dance album of January 2016 is just a BEGGINING. Beggining because my dream about music career has come true! Being the FIRST CZECH in a HISTORY was always on my mind and I knew that if I will leave my country, I won't go after more money or better life like most of the immigrants who hardly talk english and councils and British, bless you guys have lots of work to help them out, however their own interest is zero. I think in life and in general that is the worst position where you wanna be. Expect other people to help you, to do this and that for you without you even trying. Thanks to instagram and the richest people on the world I follow I have learend their mindsets and rules, through the books and their valuable opinions and stories - how they managed to be so rich and I started following them as same as their habbits. It's purely simple, just shut up and work your ass off! Many of you noticed that I posted up on my facebook and instagram as same as twitter that I have won the music award for the best electronic dance album of January 2016! That's deffinitely a long story to tell as well, but there will be eventualy a space to write more about it. For a moment if you wanna look or read, there's a few links where you can find yourself before I'll carry on. The Akademia -

The best electronic dance album - Mi2N - That's just really the shortest article I could write and at the moment I'm in a state that I kinda don't know what will be with me. I became a member of Akademia music awards and in all fairness, everything sounds great, however I don't expect anything, but I will work my ass off to get everything! By becaming a member I believe that I commited myself to work even harder and also to don't jump into anymore troubles as I used to, especialy with press behind my back. Situation and everything has changed and no matter what will be next, I believe it will be taken a good care of me! Let's see!

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