To the infinity...

Yeah, I'm crazy, yeah, I'm mad, probably my brain works differently but unless you know who you really are, you will always be vulnerable against opinions of others. I'd describe everything as a burning desire, burning desire to be the absolute best and go for what you truly deserve. That sounds crazy, just like me. Little story behind what has changed my mindset is the times I used to train with hernia and kept pushing myself over my limits. Kept coming back to the gym for this hardcore workout with one thought. One mistake, I'm dead. My perception of death is different to other people because I am not afraid to die, because I know very well that I won't die. I will just leave my physical body. No matter how crazy this sounds to you, that is the truth .It isn't called miracle or coincidence, it is called quantum physics and recend researches. We found out we were wrong with everything. We are truly powerful beyond our measure. As some people in my nation called me, I'm a renaissance man of 21st century. If that is truly me, as I believe I am, then I believe I have the inner strength and I have no limits. My core as same as brain are developed far beyond others people understanding and I am not even upset that there isn't anyone who would understand me. People are always scared of what they don't know. Once you truly understand that you are connected to higher power and you drive your life as same as every single day what is ahead, everything around you will start changing and giving you what you want, what you truly deserve. American award for best album could be the greatest example of how your attitude affects everything around you. That is the only condition you have to have in order to succeed. The right attitude. Anything else doesn't matter. Start before you ready and focus just on the result. Outcome as I'd say back in days when I was 12. Ha. Now why I'm writing this crazy article and what is it all about? Restrictin and limits that normal people would probably collapse if not die. I have 6 weeks to win the competition. And after seeing other guys, I feel like I won $100 000 already. That is all I want. All it requires is to follow this 'To the infinity' programe for 6 weeks, written by me. One crazy man.I'm about to break all bodybuilding myths and create such amazing physique without steroids and another substances that no one will understand how I did it. But, here is my plan and what I have discovered myself with a better explanation why. Sleep - 2 to 4hrs max. Fuck sleep. Enemy never sleep. Enemy never rest. When your brain is off, you are allowed to see different things and your perception of your environment is ten times better. You can feel. All your senses are working, starting from pineal gland continuing to third eye and sixth sense. These three things are the most important things in order to attract and succeed. If you don't know anything about what I'm talking about, study. Lack of knowledge isn't my issue. Trainings - Every day different body part, twice a day, starting with HIIT warm up, mixed exercises, pyramide system downgrading the weights down to complete failure. I mean complete failure. The feeling when you can't lift even 1kg how fucked up you truly are. That feeling when you walk like a Hulk is absolutely insane. You can feel the blood flowing. The muscles so solid. The pump so strong. That is all you need if you wanna build some mass or definition. It isn't about weights, it is always about pump and intensity. No wasting time. One training warm up and weights. Next training just HIIT for 30 minutes. 48Hrs afterburn effect. Also HIIT builds muscles and your overal wellbeing. Based on princip of quantum computer and his way of dealing with operations. For those who don't know, google it. It isn't binary, like our normal PC's as same as my training isn't go from exercise to another. It is everything squeezed together to achieve maximum pump and the failure as quick as possible. Failure makes us stronger. Every time we fail, we stand up stronger. Supplements - Iso zero - no additional sugars, plasma muscle - blood flow is important as same as heart, HMB - restricted food requires shield for your muscles, Anarchy - coffee isn't enought to survive, testosterone booster - never took any, results will be just great. Main hormon responsible for muscle growth. Amino acids - professional athlete require more than just a tuna or chicken.

Nutrition - High fat, high protein, very low - restricted carbohydrates. Refil every Sunday. Peanut butter. Eggs. Grilled or steamed chicken breasts. No sauces. Porridge with water and honey, only carbohydrates after exercise. Tuna candles. Water as a drink. Black coffee for energy. At the moment it is just a theory. Tomorrow I will write a proper program. Sounds crazy. But I will be just fine because I am crazy enough. Let's see how long I will be able to cope like this! If I will survive, I believe $100 000 will land on my account as same as my name and story will fly all around the world. How one crazy guy won a transformation challenge.

Trying to reach the infinity... Good night everyone, love you!

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