Welcome to PARADISE!

One magazine wrote about me that my story is like a fairy tale. Well, I completely agree with it because my American dream came true! First of all I would love to say big thanks to all people who supported me on my journey including my amazing bosses Wendy and Kyle, brother and plenty other friends. Thanks! Plenty people were asking me, how was my trip to USA and so on, so I decided that I will write another article because it might be the quickest way to share with you all these stories what happened to me in the United States of America and how did it felt to wake up to my dream.

I was very nervous before the departure because there was one girl meant to go with me, however because of her boyfirend she made different decission. I respected her and decided I will have amazing time anyway and I will meet lots of new people and I will go see places that I always wanted to see and hopefuly will meet one of my idols, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dwayne Johnson! What a surprise that I was only two hours close to meet Arnold in Gold's gym Venice. Such a shame, really, however I feel that the gap between dreams and reality is so close that my dreams are my new reality. All grattitude goes to quantum physics and my friend Shoni, who became my life mentor and helped me to transition my dreams into my reality. Obviously if I would speak with a quantum language and the laws of the universe, not many people would understand, so let's just keep things simple underneath the "Follow your dreams!" slogan and let's share some funny stories what can happen just and only to me, haha. The flight was so long - unreal 11 hours in the airplane and I wasn't even tired so I couldn't fall asleep, however later on I did, haha. I woke just before landing and it was amazing feeling. Just to see American flag and welcome to the United States of America! I loved it! I succesfully passed the board control and immigration, the man with gray hair was very friendly as same as the other chinese man who asked me about my job and I said well I have five jobs now and he just looked at me and as soon as I started naming first one, I said photomodel first, he just smiled and let me go without even wanting to know more. I was really worried cause I thought there will be an issue with my little incident what happened in UK two years ago, but no one cared at all. Happy days. I did the right thing, I know, haha. My next stop was to pick up the car. I had all the papers ready including driving license. I had to wait for the shuttle, I was a bit late, around half an hour but no one minded.

What surpised me was that man who was driving the shuttle to the rental company was willing to help me with my muscletech, read again and imagine, there is a guy in his fifties, skinny and me there pumped and strong carrying my bag and guess? He was so kind that he MADE ME to give him that handbag so he could put it just on the shelf right behind the door. He was that kind that when he stopped, he jumped out and picked it up and gave it to me outside! SHOCK! I smiled and said thank you very much because yeah, I would love to be treated like that! I went to the rental company, it was massive, huge, unreal! Again, the men who gave me the GPS was very friendly and told me that I will have WIFI in the car! That was SICK! I could be literaly online all the time! Great, great!

I left the building and went to the massive carpark. I was told to pick up any convertable I want. Well, there were three Ford Mustangs and three Chevrolete Camaros. I hesitated for a bit but then based on Transformers movie I have decided for Camaro. I sat down, tried to move with the seat but I couldn't as same as I couldn't take the roof off as I wanted. The ladies near the exit gave me some advices about the car and to move the seat you just had to move the button forward instead of press it. Unlike in Mercedes. Haha. Happy days for short people! My next stop was Hilton Hotel in Pasadena. It just looked great from the pictures and I honestly couldn't wait because I knew they will treat me like a star. They did all the time. Welcome to the States! The driving first day was amazing, I thought that I will be scared but it was just amazing! Their highways, other cars, traffic in general, everyone in no rush, minding their own bussiness, some people were waving, some girls were looking, haha, as usually... The road 101 was purely amazing as well. Getting a car in Los Angeles was definitely a challenge. Challenge because their motorways are six lanes. There is over thirty million people living in California. It is one of the strongest economies. Now imagine that the maximum engine I ever driven until now was 2.0 Mercedes. Also I didn't have a clue about where am I going or how big is it gonna be in Los Angeles. I literally prayed to don't crash and arrive in hotel safe. Luckily after driving around sky-scrappers I found my way to the pasadena. It was brilliant. I parked the car outside, got my hotel card, met few receptionists which I am friend with until now, left all my stuff in the hotel and even I was tired, I just couldn't wait to get to the car and explore.

First stop I made was to the Beverly Hills. Wish I could properly describe how I felt every single time that I was there. It was brilliant. It felt like a fairy tale! The roads, the streets, the people, everything was so unreal that I just couldn't get enough of it and I wanted more and more. After exploring downtown in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills I got a bit tired so I decided to go back to the hotel and sleep. I woke up after three hours. I just coudn't sleep, that excitement from United States and California was just unreal and the buzz even more. I wanted to explore Hollywood Boulevard. I went for breakfast, entered the car, searched for the address and went towards a new adventure. It was one of these days when I had to rely just on myself because I forgot to charge GPS and on the top the charger in the car wasn't charging fast enough. The GPS kept switching and I was getting really upset because I didn't know what to do. I literally parked on one petrol station over half an hour just to get three percents, it still wasn't enough as it switched off again. I thought that I am just gonna have little drive around, find the way back to the hotel and charge it properly. All I remembered was the road 101 leading to Pasadena and the only roundabout leading to my hotel. Luckily I found it, layed in bed for a while and as soon as my GPS was charged, I made an second attemp to get to Hollywood Boulevard. At this point I really didn't mind that I am in USA on me own because I really enjoyed my own company and I knew that I am about to meet plenty exciting people as well, plus receptionist was very friendly and smiley just like every other girl. I was in paradise.

Hollywood Boulevard is truly beautiful place. I still see my name inside the star as well and I won't stop working towards it. There wasn't that many shops, however everything was as I mentioned already million times - simply beautiful. I was looking around what to get for my family, bought some food and managed to lose my debit card somewhere! I still think that I threw it away in the bag with rubbish. Luckily I had credit card and that literally saved my life. I had around 150 dollars left until the departure. Great! Things always have to get a bit complicated before they get easier. This was the moment of important decissions. I didn't wanna fly back with empty hands so I still decided that I will bring something back for my family. I bought beautiful golden oscars for closest friends, my boss, my family and myself. Vain. I know haha. Holly wood Boulevard was just a first stop. The next stop was the Griffith Observatory. That's where you can clearly see famous Hollywood sign on the top of the mountains. This is also where I would like to finish this article and divide the whole journey in the two separate articles. Akademia Gala event and the rest of the events deserve more space mainly because of all the arguments and hate I had to deal with. Mission complete! Thanks for reading my article!

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