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One big THANK YOU!

Good afternoon everyone out there! I just wanna say WOOOOOOW cause that would be probably the best word to describe how I feel at the moment and it is all just because of you, all amazing and beautiful people! Back in January 2016 when I won the award for my album in United States I wouldn't think that it will launch the madness and my wildest dreams will come true and that it would be my own dreams chasing me! And that is what is happening to me right now. My dreams are chasing me and I am just getting ready for my moment and constantly expecting the unexpected. I am reading all your compliments and sweet words and the support you have shown worldwide for Friday night and the fact that in two weeks we have achieved 19 000 000 views and over 200k likes, 200k shares and so on! I am honestly blown away and I have to say that ever since my life has changed and I am still trying to get used to everything. That transformation from who you were and who you are now isn't that easy from the beginning and I hope that you will all understand. My wall as same as my messengers are full of messages and I am finding very difficult to get back to every single one of you. I guess that it is just a schedule issue and I have to put an one or two hours to get back to all of you, because you all deserve just the best and I am truly grateful that I could meet such an amazing people like you all are. I think that to write a blog post like this is probably the quickest message I can send to all of you at the moment.

I got to say that no matter what we do, no matter how bad our past was, the future can be always brighter and that is also a purpose of my work, my music, my videos, blogs and website. We all got to believe in ourselves, have the clear vision of what we want and the window to change our destiny will eventually open one day. We all can make it. We all have purpose on this world and I believe that we all are there to change this world and make it a better and safer place to live. I would be only grateful if you all would find a bit of inspiration from my story and will use it in your own lives because you are truly creators of your own lives. It is that simple. You can't control events what will happen to you, however you can always transform them into something positive. For upcoming weeks until the X-factor 2016 officially airs on ITV I would love to share with you my journey from the January and how I managed to go from an immigrant to homeless and eventually pick myself up, record an album, won an award in States and became famous weeks after. Thank you everyone for your support and if you ready to read the craziest stories and the key points what will transform your life, then just watch this space... I love you all! Thank you one more time for your incredible support and I will get back to all of you once I will sort out my tight schedule. God bless you all!

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