First look of the X-factor!

It is crazy to look back and see that I haven't actually wrote any blog post for a while! On the other hand it's cool because the stories what you're about to see are the same stories I was about to write, mainly from United States and when I came to UK and so on! With The X Factor, well, I'm not gonna tell you my story line because I am professional and I honestly didn't see a reason why I should breach the contracts that I have signed just to give any kind of information. I guess that whoever posted on facebook the results has done a mistake and plenty people didn't understand that we were blessed to be on one of the biggest shows on the world! Your career, your story, that should start on the show... not before... For plenty people I spoke with personally and you're all confused with what will happen and so on, just watch the show and you will see! Why I say the storm is coming? Right well I wanted to write a post about the feelings I had from the auditions and sort of balance the story line of the X factor with my one as same as balance it all with my trip to Untied States - Los Angeles but I will do it through the time as the show will continue. This time let's just say big big thanks to everyone who watched and shared the video with the world! We have achieved over 35 000 000 views in around 2 months before the video got removed from DJ's Samy page, over 330 000 shares, 300 000 likes and from what I have noticed just around 1500 dislikes. I guess that is such a small percentage that there isn't point to worry about these opinions. I was so shocked and surprised with everything and what all happened that I just can't wait to see it all!

As you all know, I'm established artist already and all my stuff is already on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, Vevo and so on! I'm just about to record music video and submit it to MTV's and other music TV's as same as hit the charts around the globe! I will work my ass off to achieve it and well... This is the last day I'm the guy I was because once the show will start, I'm officially celebrity. I know that there will be plenty magazines asking me questions and I honestly can't wait for the madness to start! I have worked truly hard all my life and I'm truly grateful that I've been given a chance and opportunity to live my dreams. It is truly beautiful feeling and I'm happy that it's me who was picked up to be the first look of the show, that it's me and my song what aired in the England vs. Iceland game investing 1 million pounds into my song and advert, that these 53 articles are about me and about my song and literally everything was unexpected and I'm grateful to everyone who was behind it, mainly Mr. Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne, Dermot O'Leary and plenty others from ITV, AXS TV, from Fremantlemedia and from Syco records! The fact that Syco records promoted my single made me truly happy and I have realized how lucky guy I am. Thank you all for making me the man I am! So there's a video of my X-factor audition what never happened before, the video what went viral and I became the internet sensation before the show even started! First time and it's me and my own song! Wow! Thank you for the opportunity! And here is the first look on the new X-factor :

They have made me almost cry how lucky I was and after all what they have done for me. I felt like I have met the real angels!

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