Crossroads of 2K17

Hi everyone! I am back with a little reminder that I am still here, I am not going back to Czech Republic anytime soon and that I am more motivated than ever. It is crazy how quickly can everything change! I can't even describe the feelings I had when all my dreams started manifesting back in 2K16! After years of trying and working hard I finally achieved success on a global scale. Starting from a wonderful trip to United States of America, visiting Los Angeles, Hollywood boulevard and plenty other amazing places in California, being awarded for my first album called 'I love my life' on the red carpet in the city of dreams to becoming ITV's most legendary contestant who not only was ITV's advert for one of the world's best TV shows, I also opened the X-factor finals in Wembley arena in front of 10 000 people with my own song. Big responsibility and amazing achievements, what a blast right from the start! I guess you all have seen what went right but no one knew what went wrong and how difficult last year actually was. I didn't even write any blog post for a while, simply because I was overwhelmed and I honestly think that there is hardly someone who would be able to keep up with my schedules. Messengers full of messages I don't have a time to respond to. Plenty people on the streets calling me 'Friday night' and recognizing me, kids asking for pictures, CD's, autographs. Without a doubt fame is a beautiful thing and I've got what I wanted and realized that my dream is my life now, I have to wake up to it...

First thing first is that I would like to express my gratitude and say a big thanks to everyone out there for your incredible comments, messages, support, bookings and so on! I am very sorry that I cannot respond to everyone. One of the reasons why were my schedules. Work two jobs isn't easy thing and if you can get 4 hours sleep, you're lucky. 2/3 hours of sleep was usual and I can't even say how drained I felt at the end of the year 2K16. On the other hand, I'm truly grateful for the possibility to work two jobs, for the possibility to fly to USA, winning award and later on for being a part of UK's X-factor 2016. I believe that if normal people would put themselves to what I put myself over the year, they would pass out right from the start. However and unlikely, the adventure to your own consciousness and fighting your limits is the best thing you can do in your life because it is rewarding. What I found most rewarding is a discovery of a true potential, true power what we all have inside, yet we're not using it. We are still sleeping. Meeting quantum professor Shoni was definitely the highlight of my year and career as a gym instructor. Science was always my big passion as same as the universe and discovering the truth about who we are and why are we here. I was blessed with the gift of expanding my knowledge and getting on the right track.

The upcoming story I am about to write is quite sad, however I realized that everything is a part of a learning process and stepping stones to success and you have to walk that way. Crossroads of 2K17. This is the story about what all it takes to achieve success and how tough you have to be. Back before April I mentioned I decided to go to the X-factor. I should stay quiet because I got plenty messages from the guys I used to train wrestling with. Got to mention that you lucky I didn't claim compensation for my injury and inability of trainees doing the moves correctly as instructed. I don't wish anyone to live the life with a thought that one thing wrong and you got 10 minutes till you dead. Once you that close to death in such a young age you realise that there is no time to waste the time. Quite lots of them were insulting, as same as one online Czech TV report about me, my music and so on. I forgot all these arguments, however I cut down almost everyone straight away. Cutting down people out of my life is one of the hardest things I ever did, however we all should know that there are people who are putting the effort in and who wants to achieve something big one day. So we go, day after day, week after week, year after year we go pursuing that passion, learning new things, don't allowing failures to define us. And then you get the other group of people, people who never achieved anything and somehow they are missing the purposes of their lives. Unhappy with their own results all they do is criticizing those who are working hard. As a man who left his home country pursuing his goals I came across plenty people. The worst type of people you can meet are those who will tell you that you can't do something. It's the way they live their lives. Not the way you live yours! Never listen to them. People who will try to tell you that you're actually crazy, just because you see and always seen things differently.

Not everyone has to do 9-5 job, not everyone wants to work shifts, it is all purely about what we want. If I want different results, I am making different decisions. Now I know that I am here to motivate others and the obstacles I had to overcome just made me strong and tough man. My life journey to build my dream inspired me to think about recording an own movie about the world and how to build your dream. It's been in my head for quite a while and I believe that this year I'm gonna bring all my projects to the end and you will see and meet the other side of me. That's all about my new project 'Building a dream'. I cannot wait to have my first movie done and distributed across the digital channels as same as my music and my books. So you see. This crazy dream is slowly manifesting. I turned into celebrity. And what's the best thing about it? I knew it ever since I was a little kid. All my visions and thoughts I had back in a days made me ask myself who am I and why am I here? How could I know everything? I came to discovery that we all have some decision making points where we have to change in order to grow and achieve even more success.

So what is my crossroad about? It is simply summary of my decisions. Right before Wembley I have decided to resign on my shift manager post. As much as I always loved McDonald's and the company itself, I didn't feel that I'm doing anything good for people and I'm not getting anything good in return either. I didn't like the fact that I'm sleeping 2-3 hours a day, there are responsibilities from every single side, some of them require physical abilities, other just endurance, some just the courage and so on and yet there are people who were using my kindness and work ethic into their own prosperity. I didn't like the fact I'm always aiming to have everything 100% and plenty people around me just doesn't care, however somehow they still climb the career ladder. At the end you realize what all you learned through the time and that there were enough heartbreaks, there was enough of everything and that was the time for a change. I decided to pursue my passions instead of pursuing money. As a full time gym instructor I absolutely love my job and finally got the feeling that I'm doing something good for people and I'm receiving good things in return, as same as with singing. I'm happy and grateful how hole world took my song and my only wish was to know a bit more about how to do things back in days. My artist's career was and still is one big mess, I don't even have a music video yet, however thinking about what to do next. What next project am I gonna do and so on. There is a big purpose in all I do and unfortunately I'm not taking the people who didn't support me right from the start on the board anymore.

Because it has been such a journey and I know that people usually do not enjoy reading such a big articles, I have decided to cut this one short and leave it right before the auditions. The moment I wasn't sure what is going to happen with me. I would start this incredible journey right from there. I just want you to know that I am humble and grateful for all the amazing oportunities what are coming to me and also that it was just a start. Perhaps I needed that little bit of confidence boost to carry on with everything and live one happy life, just now. My aim isn't anything else apart from inspire you and motivate you to pursue your own things and also to show how much hard work, effort and everything you have to put up in every single day. I hope that you will enjoy and love my upcoming projects as same as you have enjoyed Friday night and that you will love every other song I have recorded. I am blessed to be surounded with the great people. There is love on every corner and that is the natural order of all things. Thanks for reading my comeback article. Beck M.

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