Miracle happens

Miracle happens! Miracle happens when everything seems to go wrong. Have you ever had that day, week, month or even a year when everything just seemed to go against you? You just wanted to run away from everything and everyone and be left on your own? I’m sure we all have these days, success isn’t always the peak, it isn’t always the joy, it is heartbreaks, pain, hard work, determination, sleepless nights and the stuff what you can’t see because it is happening behind the curtain and no one really wants to show those parts of the life, mainly because they’re not that nice. Everyone would rather spend their days laughing, smiling and having a good time instead of fighting with everyday life.

I dreamed of global success ever since I was little kid, my mum used to tell me all the stories about how the big names in Czech started their careers and I sort of hoped that if I will record my album first, I will learn, get better and then I will succeed. I didn’t think any different and that was literally all I had in my head. You don’t know at first how to succeed on a global scale so you start before you ready. When I first recorded Friday night back in 2013, I wasn’t sure about the response, I didn’t know what to do properly however the track was there, it was released on iTunes and that was great achievement already because not everyone got accepted for iTunes due to poor quality. That was already telling me that my track is all right. At first I didn’t have my hopes that high, I just thought that I’m gonna finish my album and learn something more about music industry. Vevo was one of my biggest interests because back in days I was watching artists like Enrique Iglesias and wished to have my own BeckMartinVevo channel. Later on around 2015 it became reality. I couldn’t be any happier. All I have now is just lyric video, my first self-made music video didn’t get approved and let’s face it – it was maybe funny but the quality was poor and I recorded it the day after my operation. I just wanted to cheer myself up and do something silly but funny. I removed the video in late 2K15 and decided that I’m gonna do much better and I ain’t leaving my career like this! Around the end of 2K15 I received email with airplay offer from USA. I submitted to the Akademia and couldn’t believe when I got nominated back in January 2K16! I was jumping like a little kid! I thought even that is enough to make me super happy, just to be nominated for something I have done in USA, Los Angeles! The city of dreamers! On the other hand and this is what the success is about, the guy I used to train with and my best friend at the time wrote really bad article what was basically mocking me and my music, he stated that my music is for people with down syndrome. I didn’t let it to go to my head that much because I am quite good in accepting the critics and I always was. Sometimes you just have to be stubborn and see all the good inside you. If you put the effort in, if there’s something you’re learning, you cannot expect that you gonna be great at it on the first time. On the top it isn’t nice to make fun of disabled people. Modern culture accepts it and helps them and is looking after them. I think that it is completely the same principal like working in McDonald’s or trying to build your physique up. You’re not gonna transform your physique overnight. It is huge effort every single day for 24hours a day. You can notice the difference around third month time, but still that doesn’t give you 20 inches arms!

I’ve seen it same with the music, you just have to learn before anything! Next funny TV report and another mocking article came from the guy who was doing the “Music massacre” and basically he was just joking about my YouTube videos. For a guy who clearly knew what he was doing it was quite funny to watch, because I just wanted to know how it feels to be on the stage, I imagined the huge crowd underneath and just kept messing about really. I didn’t know what am I actually doing properly but yet I managed to entertain everyone who watched it and got some publicity out of it. I bet there were people who were knocking on their forehead. But that’s always when you start at something and let’s face it, any publicity better than no publicity.

The flight to Los Angeles was week away when I decided that I am going to the X-factor. That was meant to be week after the return. Funny thing was that year ago I went to this future reading machine. It was the Southend beach and that thing literally said to me that hard work pays always as same as laziness. Go and enjoy your day but tomorrow get back to work hard because you’re gonna go on a long trip and after that hole your life is gonna change. Well, what a magic that the box was actually right! For those who don’t know what am I talking about, this future reading box was used in “Forever young” movie with Tom Hanks. And guess what? It all happened exactly as it was said. That all just truly means that life can change at any point! When everything seems to go against you, that just means that old energy is clearing and making a way for the new one to come in! Here is the video I have done literally after my return from the United States. It is quite sad that for most of the people their journey ended whilst my one started. January 2016 started the most beautiful period of my life and this is also where my article is about to end! Hope you will enjoy the video, get inspired, motivated, grab that little bit of courage to carry on with your own stuff because miracles still happens! The X-factor and this magical night is a very beautiful example of how life can literally change overnight. Thank you all!

Love, Beck

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