Get in the RIGHT LANE!

My brand new motivational article is about the willingness to fight alone and also what is actually behind the success and getting into the RIGHT LANE. What all does it take , all feelings and emotions. Before you continue reading, I honestly don't want to write anything sad and so on and no I am not returning to the past either however you all know me as a high energy, motivational person who is spreading the positive vibes, love and light wherever and whenever I can. I hardly have my days, I don't suffer with depression and I don't claim any benefits either. I am very strong mentaly and physicaly. So what all does it actually take to become successful person on the global scale? What makes me who I am? What or who is actually Beck Martin? My name is actually Martin, however I love being called Beck. It just sounds great and it defines that person what's inside the body, my spirit. First and the major turning point is the burning desire to change. Expand just like the universe. Let's be honest! We all need that engine, that motivation what drives us forward. I was happy with my job, I had quick car, very popular with females, good friends, I could progress very quickly within the McDonald's, been offered second assistant position literaly around my 19 years, however I knew that this isn't the way and moment I accept, I am fully responsible manager and I have to spend 14/16 hours in work a day to promote further to first assistant and eventually store manager. Don't get me wrong, the vision of the responsibility and income were perks and strong reasons why to stay with the company. However contrary to that no possibility for transfer outside the Czech Republic. Tough decission. Leave everything and everyone including my family and start fresh? What about the girls? I met so many gorgeous and stunning and interesting girls, just like Dominika or Lucy...

Ehm, yeah well, there were more of you and no one is grateful for the fact that you all liked me knowing that I was no one, basically just one muscular guy who worked as a manager in McDonald's with old car. I had book out, that was probably my achievement and only managed to get my photoshoots done. Yet I somehow managed to have the best girls around. Well, let's be honest the life most people dream about to live I lived. I enjoyed my youth so much that I could honestly say, this is it. I am done. I am leaving. I am gonna change my life. I wanna do music, I wanna become artist, I wanna wrestle, I will find wrestling school and I will achieve what I said I will. Bare in mind, when I turned around on my first girlfriend and first serious relationship and told her that one day I will be famous abroad, she just responded that I am crazy and well, our relationship didn't last long. No hun, I don't wanna go uni, no, I don't wanna fell down the ground, NO, I am going to change my life and I will succeed because I am determined. I never seen anyone so determined like me, so why not? I left the country and everything behind. Fresh start. The story in between and also the beggining of my journey and leaving my country will be inside my first motivational movie "Building a dream". I am pleased to say that it will be on netflix, iTunes and few other digital shops. So I would skip that part because I think that might be too much. Right, so that was little advert for my first upcoming movie and now back to the 2015. The day I recorded my last song and released my first album "I love my life". I mentioned in article before about the comments from Czech Republic and honestly I felt so embarrased about the place I am coming from and the people in here in general. I never got how could people be so jealous about someone having the possibility to progress further in the life. Never. It was my choice, my decission, my mistakes, my fights and I never got anything for free. I deserved it. I had to put up with so much comments and just keep it to myself, keep calm and carry on, ha! How I love that quote! Contrary to that, British public was on my side. Not everyone, got to say that guys from IPW had their funny comments when I went to USA, Los Angeles to pick up my first ever award and even more funny comments about me going on the X factor.

Let's be honest. Before the auditions all I thought about was how the hell am I gonna manage in USA? I am flying on my own, it is so far and on the top I am gonna have 3.6 6 cylinder car. That is crazy, I am actually scared. What if something will go wrong? No, everything is gonna be all right, I got this! The day I went to venice beach sort of opened my eyes. I went closer to the sea and smelled the fresh breeze of the ocean and like if something whispered fear nothing... Right, so, okay, driving this muscle car is actually fun and I love the power, however I respect the engine and I won't do anything silly. Six lanes? Well, it is sometimes tough to get into the right one, however with fast car it is very easy because the moment you put your foot down, the car feels like it's about to take off and all of a sudden you're in the right lane! Easy... But... Well... X factor auditions, what am I gonna sing? What am I gonna do? I cannot judge my own music, few tracks were serious, few tracks were just fun to entertain people, that was the purpose, I had to learn! But, let's just stop being always worried and go with the flow, appreciate the opportunity and just do it. Now is the time!

Friday night was probably the best song I had. Americans loved I love my life, I thought that it is more about party and lifestyle everyone lives. For a guy who worked overnights in McDonald's proper British party in the club with all these stunning women was just a dream. On the top, well, I actually wrote down Friday night when I thought what would happen if I wouldn't swap the bloody shift. Or if I would be a bit quicker when I had her in my flat? Well... Too late to think about it, I am just gonna sing the song and entertain people, that's what I do, I am not the best singer, but I suppose I look all right and I am entertaining, they used to say I am good to watch so let's hope for the best! Earphones in and I am on the mission! First auditions, well, they were long! I was waiting over ten hours, however I would rather wait in a queue than work and sweat. Worth trying. After all that long wait we finally got to the rooms where people were auditioning. I didn't get discouraged just because people were sent home. They shouted, screamed, they were swearing at the producents and A&R managers. I sort of thought that everyone who got there thought that they are the best and the record deal is already theirs, boss, hey, Simon, here I am, make me famous NOW! Well that wasn't exactly my attitude, I really wanted to go to the next round, mainly because I was there on me own. So many promises, but at the end everyone had work so I accepted that and picked my own courage and went. Family? No, they didn't have time either and my dad and mom they are pretty far away. So, yes, you're in it on your own. Sweeter the victory I thought. My time has come and I went in. Well, I got the yellow card after thirty seconds! What? I passed? What?!? I could't believe it, I was buzzing, my heartbeat raised and I was just like : "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" because that was truly unexpected. "Be back tomorrow at 9AM!" they said. "Okay!" I replied but I had to go to do overnight shift. And here we go. I could ring sick just like everyone else would do, or go on shift, smash the overnight and go back for auditions. I would be awake aprox. 26/30 hours, let's hope that I will be done quickly and will go to bed on time just so I can go back on overnight. At the end I got to appreciate I got a place to live, clothes to wear and food to eat and to have that, course I have to work. No one ever gave me anything for free. People always relied on me like if I would be responsible for their food and stuff. I think that was my major life issue, that I was always that good and willing to help everyone around me just cause I knew that they are not that strong, they don't speak the language I do and so on that I kept forgeting about myself. How funny that I actually seen Shiv in the train that morning I went for auditions. Her attitude kinda savage but whatever. I am gonna make it and I will prove you wrong. So as I said I did. I was awake aprox. 32 hours. Guy next to me was moaning about sleeping only five hours. "Shut up!" I thought. What a joke. These people oh my god how they wanna get somewhere in the life if they moan about how much they work or how long they slept?

Next thing I know is that I am going to TV auditions. Nice. What am I actually gonna do? Dance, I have to dance, that is for sure. The song is too long and spaces are too long as well. I have to dance, it is entertainment at the end of the day and I've got this! What happened that night, well, my audition was at half 1 in the morning. Yes, half one. Everyone was already sleeping, I was still awake chasing that record deal dream as same as massive arena as I used to think. That vision, the goal, the desire to perform in front of massive crowd just to be able to say, yeah baby, I've got this was bigger than anything else. Moments before I went in? Was I nervous? Well, I couldn't wait to go bed in all fairness. My schedule was crazy. I used to sleep 2/3 hours a day, working two jobs, shift manager and gym instructor and yet people are wondering why I don't smile that often, haha. Who would smile if you work like a ... But the moment... That night... I am so excited! I used to listen to Nicole almost all my life! And now she is there in front of me! Mr. Cowell! Oh how I adore him! Louis Walsh! Mrs. Osbourne! Oh my god this is like a fairy tale! Dermot? What a lovely and friendly man! They are all amazing! Well, the interview was quite funny because I sometimes didn't know what to answer and I didn't wanna go that much into detail either. I kept it short and sweet.

Well you all have seen the video because I became internet sensation. I couldn't believe it! I felt like everything is about to change for me! All that bad stuff I had to put up with for a years will finally pay off and my life will transform! And so it did... Sleepless nights... Sacrifices... Sitting in front of PC every single night and working on the things... Heartbreaks... Fighting alone... Burning desire... Determination... My desire to look great... Desire to do things for people to entertain them and make them laugh... Desire to share the positivity with the world... Motivate people to do better... Get inspired and inspire... Have something to work towards to... Record deal with Mr. Cowell.. What a dream... And I am living it... I wouldn't doubt for a second anything. I am sure that if I could do what I did, singing lessons and dance lessons plus gym sessions, that would be easy job for me! I will learn, it's just like with the muscles. They all just need a bit of training, put my back into it because come on, come on, you can do it, put your back into it (Savannah) haha! It all came true... I didn't give up when I was sleeping in the car... I didn't give up when people were spreading false rumors about me. Mainly rejected girls. I didn't give up when I had to move out third time. I didn't give up when I was overweight. I always picked myself up and smashed it. Fall down seven times. Stand up eight. That is literally my life. And do you know what? I've got this! And if I do, you do! Keep pursuing that passion! Make that passion your paycheck! Make your enemies jealous and your parents proud! But mainly, never stop believing in miracles, angels, God and yourself. If you believe in Santa for eight years of your life, you can believe in yourself for a day. Just get in the right lane...

PS: Everyone kept always asking if judges said yes or no. Like they made the advert and sent out the video just as some kind of joke. Truly grateful that next video has been released after the show went on TV just to show you that NO, I AM NOT A JOKE! I AM SERIOUS AND I DON'T SEE A REASON WHY PEOPLE SHOULDN'T LOVE MY SONG, BECAUSE WE ALL WORK AND ARE EXCITED TO GO OUT ON FRIDAY NIGHT! It's not just song, I always did my best to look the part! I ain't competing with anyone, I am the change! So let's see how long can you keep up with Mr. FRIDAY NIGHT!

Thanks for reading my article, hope you're motivated, my haters hating more and well, of course I appreciate your time! Love, Beck

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