I am ''Guaranteed TV gold!''

In last two articles I was looking back at the events what were happening last year on the X-factor and the journey from the auditions, bootcamp to the ITV2 show eXtra factor where I had my first live performance. I never shared video and the show on ITV this morning and I had plenty reasons why I didn't do it and was waiting for the right moment to open up a bit more. The time is now. I can't even say how much I appreciate the invitation to This morning and all the sweet words what were said on my name on the show and how much praise I received from British public. Here is where the story starts. As I said I wrote the lyrics after heartbreak, it was quite difficult to talk about it however sometimes you just need to let your emotions go and show what is actually inside. I managed to get everyone dancing and happy, however no one actually knew that the story about the song itself is quite sad and also that song has been out since 2013. I have got plenty messages and comments to do Saturday night and so on but only few people were good enough to find out I had already album out and I have done it all myself. Yeah, I invested my money into something I believed it will work out and? It did...

Dermot O'Leary said to me that I do sometimes need a bit of push because my confidence isn't that big. Well, no one would actually describe it better than Dermot. When I recorded the song I didn't think that it will be loved by the people on the hole globe. I didn't expect to get over 60 000 000 views in the space of few weeks and I didn't expect that I am gonna become internet sensation. I don't think that any of the winners of the X-factor has achieved what I did right from the start with one song and audition video. Everyone else always sang covers, I went there with my own material. Big thanks to girls from the X factor who said that it is quite exciting to do your own song and also that it was the best on the show. Looking back on how everything started I was just purely grateful. Grateful to everyone because it only allowed me to live my own dream and made me who I am today. Today I ain't that afraid to show that I've got quite soft heart. What was said on the show was just the pure fact and I would like to correct the wrong impression because as the time went, I started dating a girl what travelled 1000 miles to see me and realised how lucky I am. Day before the show I said to Shiv that I am not upset and I appreciate all she has done including choosing the other guy over me because at the end I always believed that what is meant to be will be and deep in my heart I had feelings for someone else. When I went to This Morning and decided to openly talk about the stuff, it was only to say that I moved on. I never heard a sorry and her behavior became even worst and having a laugh about me going home from bootcamp or wanting my money back from McDonald's me was enough for me to leave it all behind and be only grateful that she helped me to do better in my life and I can say that I did my best and it just didn't work out. What a touch when the next song after my opening spot in Wembley was shoutout to my ex. What a relieve! What adds up on the strength of my story is also the fact that I said to my first girlfriend that I will become famous abroad. She said to fell down the ground that I am crazy, naïve and so on. Well, I'm grateful that all this events worked out in my favor and justice has been made. Never underestimate committed man with vision and desire to succeed but mainly man who never stops and is able to stay awake over 30 hours just to get to his next audition! And that is just tiny little bit about me. We are slowly coming to the end of my article and that is mentioning Czech Republic and their public opinion about the audition. Britain as same as the rest of the world not only loved the audition but my song. Because of this love I became officially artist and started getting paid for music. My New World Arts Ltd. started profiting and so far I have made nearly aprox. my years wages what I used to have in Czech Republic. Perfect start to a new career, hey! I know that the end of my article will sound maybe a bit big headed, but how can 80% of people from my own country judge me how I have done and so on based just on one video? How can they say what they said? Most of them don't even talk English and this people are trying to judge me? Like if I would ever judge someone for anything they are or they are not? Why we couldn't wish each other nothing else than success and support each other as same as it is in England? So Shiv, hey, if you're reading this as you probably do, you should know that no one will ever tell me what to do with my life, what can I do or I can't, what can I forget about and so on and you should understand that your opinions would probably require a bit of attention because I never seen so much hate coming from a girl ever in my life. Why? Over your own decisions? I was sweating every single day for past six years. I have committed my life to become artist. I am determined more than anyone else and I am still there for everyone and that is not gonna change at all. I know very well what all I have done, what I want and that is exactly what I expect to receive. That is something I fight for every single day. Just so you know, I wish everyone the best in their own lives and appreciate all you have done for me and oh, yeah, I am not stopping, I will make sure you all hear about me a lot more than just Friday night song because I can do a lot better and you are about to find out. Life is beautiful. To say or not to say that I am guaranteed TV gold is a question? However thanks for sweet article and I can promise you that I am gonna do what I do best to give you even better entertainment and something to look at and also get inspired! Never tell a man who wrote a history what he can or he can't do. I never gave up, I just had better vision and I blindly believed that vision. I believed that I am Mr. Friday night and I have achieved something what no one else before me. I wrote history. You're either with me, or against me. If you're against me - get out of my way.

Only God can judge me now... Beck M.

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