A star was born!

The X Factor 2017 is finally here and as much as everyone else even I am excited about the new faces and who is gonna become the new worldwide superstar. Mr. Cowell said on the bootcamp that there is more than a one star in the competition and that there was too much talent. I got to agree, everyone who was on the stage had amazing voice, brilliant personalities and was so lovely. Everyone could sing so great that I almost felt ashamed that I wouldn't be probably able to do the same without proper training and practice and rehearsals. In my newest article I'd love to come back to Wembley arena and absolute honor I've been given and that was to open the X Factor finals at 2016 with re-made beat from syco entertainment and also given 30 seconds opening spot along all the other finalists and friends from live shows. First of all I'd love to say thank you for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to do so. Perform in front of 10 000 people is huge challenge and could be very difficult for anxious people. The feeling when you look around and see all those lights coming up and people screaming or dancing, it is just wonderful feeling to be a part of something so magnificent like is The X Factor and the best show on the world. Mr. Cowell had brilliant idea and it is just so inspirational to see how far can one go. All my respect and grattitude to ITV boss as well. Unfortuantely I don't know who is the person responsible for my invitation however thank you! Thank you very much! This story is bit more about all the background than actual performance. I am just happy that I survived all these crazy hours I have done and also that I got ready and managed to get time off just to be there. It just felt like I got two options, one of them was to keep rehearsing for the show - it was 4 days in Wembley and as you can imagine, I got literally no days off. Even rehearsing I still managed to work in the gym and travel all the way back to London to Hilton and carried on rehearsing the next day. I had to cancel my overnight shifts in McDonald's because it would be too much. I don't even think I'd be able to stay awake over 60 hours. That would just be too much. Sometimes I do think for myself that I am crazy, I constantly work and I just don't stop. I am not able to relax even for a little while and that is probably my biggest issue. My hyperactivity. Then I get days when I'm trying to see how much I can do and it didn't work well for me. I felt like hard reset was needed so my body. It was the same situation like the moments after the Wembley. I don't want to mention publicly about what happened last year and how many personal issues I actually had after the Wembley however I am gonna use the space I have got on my website to address few common issues what I came across after my performance and the period after.

Just because I have achieved a lot more in my life than many other people doesn't mean that I have changed or my working attitude. Contrary to that I am more and more motivated to carry on and work hard because great things comes to those who work hard and also who wait. Second thing is that I am still the same humble guy as I was before and my ego didn't grow that much as some people might be thinking. However contrary to that I am not gonna let anyone use my success as a tool to their success. I am not gonna listen to what I can or I can't do, what should I remove or keep and so on. My work is my work and my achievements are my achievements and I am not letting anyone else to take credit for them. Third thing is that I am hungry. I am hungry for success and hungry for more. My mentality has completely changed and I am not gonna stop over no one and nothing. I am not accepting the comments like I cannot sing properly or I shouldn't do this or that. This all comes down to people who wants to work with me in the close future. First mistake you can make is thinking that I am completely silly and I don't know what am I doing. I know very well. Therefore not allowing me to use the club for my Friday night video and getting radio DJ instead and not mentioning 300 pounds for press release wasn't the right decission to make. Also being able to do music video with 1 minute of footage for LOUD is great but around 25 minutes of material is not good enough for my video. I can't even say how dissapointed I am and I am grateful it didn't happen. Not mentioning that I didn't see a penny from aprox. 6000 plays from my Friday night club edit. Next mistake is also wanting me to promote something if I don't get what I am promised. Guys honestly don't expect any favors from me if you can't keep your words and promises. Next thing is don't ever doubt my work ethic. If I say I am sick, ill, I am. Got no reason to make up anything and no, I am not taking a piss. You are taking a piss. That would be enough for the time being. I am not allowing anyone any disrespect towards my name and my achievements and as much as people wanna work with me, they should consider what they gonna say to me because I remember everything and I am proudly standing strong. I am not giving up. I know what I want and just and only because my way is different doesn't mean I am lost. At the end who opened Wembley and the X factor with his own song? Who was used as a promotion for the show? Who's audition was the most talked about audition worldwide second year coming? Thirty seconds or four minutes, either way I wrote history and it will be very difficult to beat me in upcoming years because I am aiming to be the worldwide number one. My idols are my rivals and I'm gonna make it hard for everyone in the music industry. It's my time!

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