I am grateful! Thank you!

It's first of November, three minutes past midnight. November is my month and I honestly believe from all my heart that this is the time for huge plot twist and huge shock for everyone around who knows me. You are probably asking why, what am I talking about, am I crazy? Yeah, I am. I think that none genius ever existed with the touch of madness and I'm embracing the person I am. Exactly on 16th of May 2016 the house of illuminati published a post with me saying that I am a talent on the rise. I was very grateful and humble because ever since I was born I was always asking myself a weird questions. I kept having bad dreams as a kid about falling down here on Earth. Seeing massive objects. Being pushed somewhere where I didn't wanna be. That question, who am I and what am I doing here was stronger than anything and deep in my heart I knew that I ain't gonna stay in the country I was born and I got to make a move. It is very difficult to explain but as a small kid I started noticing that I was always a lot smarter than people around me. I was arguing with teachers, school mates and everyone around because I was always the one who was right. As a kid I was able to create web pages. I was able to programme PC games. Design 3D graphics, edit sounds, create own melodies. My creativity was experiencing massive boom at early stages of my life and when everyone around was going out and clubbing, I was sitting home writing books. Now I don't see myself as a dreamer, I think that I was more like a kid who clearly knew where he needs to go and what he needs to do. Sometimes you act without having a logical reason for the stuff you do and you only find out later why. Why things had to be that way, why this happened and how come I am able to do all of this. Why I got to look after my physique, how come I am so talented and other people can have universities and never reach my level? How come I always know what to do? We are on the edge of golden age. The age of illuminati will begin and I am grateful that I have been given free hands. Why am I coming back to the events in Wembley arena? ... I am the huge believer that I would personally respect and adore a man who can do everything. There is always gonna be someone who's best in one thing but lacks in plenty other areas. Great example could be a picture my friend shown me. Marathon runner. If it is the only thing you do, you'll be great at it. If is only one of the things you do, all of those things might take a bit of time but if you will manage to become best version of yourself in every single one of them, you're gonna leave mark in the history. I had my name written in the magazine when I was 12 years old. That was the first time I got publicaly acknowledged for my creativity. Same thing happened 4 more times later, I didn't win however my creativity was always in magazine. No one knew my age. But that question was always stronger than anything. Where am I being drawn to? And here we go to the weirdness of my story. I am about to be 30 years old this November however I don't look my age at all. When I look into the mirror, I still see the same guy I was when I was 17. Nothing has changed and nothing will change. I feel that I am forever young and I am truly grateful for my health and physical appereance. Not everyone will agree with me and not everyone will share the same opinions, however I am immortal spirit and I treat myself like that. I have discovered plenty ancient secrets and I am using all the knowledge to heal my cells and also to make my body stronger and stronger. My journey let me to discover my own purpose and that ain't nothing else than build the people up and share the positive vibes and energy. Uplift the world. That is the purpose. I was always very positive and always knew that one day I will live in abundance and will be influental man. Man in charge of something huge. Years ago I wouldn't say who am I and why am I here but now, only for my fans and people who are watching my website I can say that I am the man responsible for New World Order. At the age of 28 I officialy became the innitiate of the illuminati. The world's most powerful and influental people. At the age of 29 I signed the eternal oath and dedicated my soul to the pursuit of enlightement. The picture from Wembley is the picture where I've been acknowledged. Whilst everyone was shown as a funny auditions, mine wasn't and I was the opening act with Final night instead. This is actually all the irony of what actually happened and why you are in for the huge shock.

I have a huge gift of seeing the future. My third eye is open and I perceive the reality a bit differently than normal human being. I got used to it however I feel like an alien because there is lack of people who would understand me or my journey. I am someone who's there to improve your lives. Someone who's there to guide you during tough times. That's why I appreciate all my hardship. It made me one of the toughest man on Earth and I would never give up. If I'm being brutally honest, I have to be succesful because otherwise my soul will return back where I came from and Earth will burn in flames. As much as it sounds crazy to you, this is where I got the inspiration to write my Red Evil series. The events all around the world just leads to it and I ain't got a time to waste the time no more. It scares me to see all this happening to the world now and even more that I knew it. Friday night was just and only beggining of something huge and that is my New World Arts Ltd. I appreciate everyone who stood by me during the difficult times and also hope that I will receive the energy and abundance to continue with my mission. My heart is literally crying every time I see hate and where the humanity leads to. How we create a new weapons to kill each other and completely ignore our universal design. We ignore our purposes. We just wasting our lives. All of that has to stop and we have to unite for the good of all. That is the reason why New World Order is a way forward and also why I decided to create new song called Monday Morning. I am using the beat called Lights out because that is how I feel. Let the light shine is the saying! My gratitute to everyone behind me who allowed me to do what I did and who also supports me on my journey and is willing to build this dream with me. This is also the irony and proof that I am the one and you all were fooled. Only people around me know that I am hard working guy who doesn't stop. I am able to stay awake over 30 hours and still do my best. My strength doesn't come from the muscles or my physique, it comes from my mental toughness. My spirit is unbreakable. People worldwide believed that I am party animal when it all comes back to Friday night. However the reality is that I am complete opposite and this is also how I wanna present myself to you. Together we will create better future for all of us. Together and united we will live in the free and happy world. What is happening in the world now is fight between positive and negative energy. But we all know that the sun doesn't care if it blinds you. That only means we are truly upon a new age. I am grateful and very humble to be the man to introduce you to the new age. Welcome to my world.

I am very grateful and humble to everyone who is there for me. Thankful to everyone who supports me on my journey and is there to share the light with the world. My grattitude. Thank you!

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