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Blue moon 2018

Good evening everyone, it’s Friday night! Just joking, first of all I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been a part of my life and keeps supporting me on my journey and also is there for me. I didn’t write anything for my blog for a while and reason is that sometimes you just got to take the time to step back, disappear for a while and enjoy your life, be grateful that you are alive, re-charge the batteries, spread positive energy and vibes and eventually come up with a different plan of what to do, how to change things and progress to the new level. Tonight’s article will be about year 2016 and year 2017 but also about break-through year 2018. We are all going through certain stages, we are down, we are being disappointed but then everything changes and all of a sudden everything is great and we are being lifted high up. Sometimes you don’t have logical explanation of how or why are things happening but they do. My year 2016 was a great journey and as much as it looked quite bad at the beginning I had the greatest Christmas and end of the year I could ever wish for in my life. I know that I am mentioning it quite often however opening the best show on the world with the beat from SYCO and words from my Friday Night song definitely woke me up and made me realise lots of things. You don’t always need logic to get somewhere. You should not also allow failure to stop you from what you want to do. This night I couldn’t believe that this is actually happening to me and I am right there, in front of 12500 audience in Wembley arena. There literally isn’t a day that I would think about whole four nights that I spent in Hilton Wembley and the way I have always been treated by everyone and still am - like a superstar. I am so, so grateful deep in my heart for this amazing opportunity and the fact that I was the chosen one to open the show but also use my song as the show's promotion. As you can imagine going from sleeping in the car to Wembley arena or seeing my face on TV just felt unreal. And here is the point of my story and what I am trying to say right at the beginning of 2018.

Every setback is always scheduled for major comeback. I learned that over and over. Life sometimes pushes you really down, things don’t work out the way you want them and yet there you are. You are wondering what is going on. What am I gonna do. How am I gonna get there? I think the major thing you can always do is just to say to yourself that you messed up. It is quite easy to mess things up. It is quite easy to lose the track of what you are actually doing or what you want from the life. I knew that I wanna travel the globe, perform in huge arenas and be on TV. As much as it was always in my head and I desired the fame, I learned that as much as I want to be famous I rather wanna produce high quality content and make people happy, laugh and just spread good, positive vibes and find the purpose, passion and happiness. Protection and advancement of the human species has became my primary objective as same as working towards the abundance and supporting all of those who need it most. I think that nothing can make artist happier than the fact that your work is appreciated and is being used as a promotion even the second year or that your audition is still growing on the views and you are still going up the ladder. As I said I had to face few setbacks in past few years, had to let go of some people and welcome new ones. God bless girls who love you for who you are. That is what I am also grateful for. I am surrounded with love and it all means a world to me. Thanks to all beautiful ladies in my life. Thanks for being a part of my life! I appreciate you!

The good message is that you always get more great people coming back to your life and all that positive energy will always find its way back to you just like it did in 2018. I didn’t know what to think about whole 2017. I realised that my life is constantly blessing me and as much as I want all that success on the world for me, I want the same for all of you and deep in my heart I just want you to take most of my work and articles and motivation, come back home and say to my parents that they don't have to work no more. It is always just these few sentences we say to ourselves every single day that are managing to change our lives from the scratch. You can always sit back and think about everything what is wrong or you can try to find a ways how to improve your current situation and what all would you change. Letting people go is always the greatest thing to start of with because you don't want anyone to keep poisining your mind or letting you down. Love is all you need!

I am scheduling myself for a major comeback. At the end of 2017 I recorded a new song Monday Morning. You might laugh but I think that because I am called Mr.Friday Night, it was the best decision I could make. When I was writing the song I just thought about all the events what were happening to me during the past two years and how it all changed my life for good and told me that justice is here. Monday Morning is that part of the day which no one enjoy and I said to myself that I would love to do something what will make people laugh and get them going right from the start of the week. Also I wanted to show the gratitude to everyone who helped me to climb the ladder higher than I ever imagined and that is everyone from McDonald's, Sencio to the X factor team, Syco, Fremantlemedia and Sony Music UK and ITV. Life is great, all is good and these sentences stuck in my head and I use them every single day. As soon as I recorded the song I just thought about the best time to release it and I cannot think about any better day than let everyone know that I won the award in Los Angeles again and I personally think that I managed to create something funny, great, catchy just like Friday Night and I am sending my prayers to the heaven that I will do even better than I did in past few years and now more than ever I believe that yeah, I can go all the way, I've got the full package and I am constantly learning new things and improving month by month.

2018 is meant to be a huge year. Trip to USA is just a warm up I believe and what I personally find quite interesting is just to look back how the events went the last year and how it all changed my life. I know that I said enough about my journey to the Wembley, my feelings and how it all felt when I decided to go on the X factor. Deep in my heart this is what I would love to do to the future and it is damn sure that I won’t ever stop pursuing what I want. One of the major things on my mind is always how to get the budget in order to carry on doing the things I want to do. I would never expect others to pay for my recordings, for my press releases, for my music videos or anything that I want to do and that is the sacrifice I make. I am creating my own life. I am fine. I am truly grateful that I am free to do what I want and my ideas are being appreciated worldwide and also that ever since I started my music career I financed all myself. That puts me straight to 1% of independent and very influential people on the world who are creating their own directions. I believe deep inside my heart that EDM is the new mainstream in the world full of electronics and virtual reality and robots. I believe that it is time for whole globe to enter the next level and raise the frequency higher.

Releasing everything under my own label was definitely great thing. It is all official, registered and I am willing to do the same things for all the people who will approach me. I am grateful for all the contacts I got in past few years and that there is always something phenomenal going my way. Right at the start of 2018 I got one massive kick to my bum. It was unreal and I realised that I am just one tiny step from break through and huge windfall. Offer to be advertising model for the first quarter of the year with Adidas and the top world’s photographer Annie Liebovitz just told me that my face is out there and I will be where I want to be and I will make the huge money. NOW!

I am accepting all the responsibilities for co-creating and the only way I could accept it was simply to re-design my website. Looking on other artists and thinking that I live in the age where my idols are actually my rivals and as much as I love them, hey, I am here too and I will be the best selling and most successful artist on the planet. I wanted to create something modern and great looking. The best artist's website on the whole planet. That is all what I want to be for the year 2018 and to the infinity and beyond. I will make sure that there is no way to catch me in anything. I am on the way to be the best version of myself and I do aim to be the best artist on the whole globe, motivate and inspire millions worldwide and have outstanding high quality music videos. Everything has its price, including the latest Red Dragon 8K camera, holidays, running the company and producing all the art. Fortunately I am willing to work for the life of my dreams as I have always worked for years.

There is a saying that you should surround yourself with the people who have the same ambitions and I am grateful for every single one of them as same as my family that I was happy to see in Christmas 2017. It was just amazing and I love you all. Thanks for being here for me! Also one last thing to mention is my Instagram. I wanted to have my Instagram as a motivation however I think that there are enough motivational quotes and I would like to come back to entertainment, because that is what I always wanted to be - entertainer. It slightly changed with my life story and how it all happened and unfolded but rather than motivating on Instagram I decided to create my own movie “Building a dream” and I honestly cannot wait to have it all done and scheduled for movie festival in LA, eventualy release it on Netflix, have my second so called album finished and released as same as all the music videos for I love my life album and Building a dream. At the moment as you can imagine my head is well over the place but I believe with enough of hard work, persistence, dedication and the order I got to make I will get things done and the rewards will come to me and I will enter the whole new level. If others could, I can. I chose happy, wealthy, abundant life full of happiness, love and people who love me for who I am. I chose to do what I love and what I want. So Mr. Friday Night, are you ready for the blue moon?! Are you ready to go to the stars? ...

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