HOLLYWOOD here I come!

Unreal adventure in the United States of America continues... After exploring Hollywood Boulevard, I decided to travel close to Griffiths observatory. That's the place where you can clearly see whole California and so famous Hollywood sign. It was quite a long way to get there up on the mountain, but in the end, the view was worth it. Wish I went inside the observatory and saw all the stars and planets just like the astronomers. I'm talking about the stars and astronomers for a reason, and that is mainly the fact that we are the stars. A minority of people on the whole globe has got a deeper understanding of things and how they actually work and the rest? Without a disappointment the rest will sit home in front of their PC's and mobile phones and write you lots of stuff about how you have to pay for everything, you didn't win, it is all fake, scam and so on. That isn't something you appreciate on your holiday, and mainly that isn't something a fully grown up men would write. Most of the arguments I had to deal with during my stay in the United States were due to X-factor and the fact that I said that I am going on it. And also because of Akademia and the awards.

At this point, I was just looking in the distance and thought for myself that this is the next city I am about to conquer. This is the city I have seen so many times in Hollywood movies, the city of dreamers, the city where all the wildest dreams are becoming a reality. And this is pretty much where my story starts. This is where all the visions are manifesting. The transition period, the shift, the change or however you wanna call it. No one really understood what happened but if you got strong visions since childhood and you keep talking about the things that will occur in a close future, you certainly without any doubt have an extraordinary gift. That was the vast difference between me and everyone else. Plenty of things changed including my personal views and opinions. As much as I've been looking into the past for past months and thinking about how it all happened, how I managed this or that, recently I just started looking into the future. Hollywood sign and the view to the city has definitely left an unreal mark inside of me and also helped me to strengthen my vision. Everyone back then knew me as a muscular guy who moved over, was recording his funny music, trained wrestling for a while etc. however no one have really seen underneath the skin and inside my burning soul. It is like a robust inner voice telling you what to do, and you got to listen. When your inner voice gives you the advice to do this song, do it this way, don't stop recording and finish the project, then you got to do it, you got to listen. And then all of a sudden if you live in the fifth dimension, you start perceiving all these negative energies around you. Powers that are trying to steal your positive vibes, your motivation, determination, creativity and everything else you have got inside of you...

Now we are coming to the main difference that I realised back in 2016/2017. After I became Mr Friday Night and opened the X-factor 2016 finals, I started receiving plenty offers from various USA labels. The connection and links are incredible, and I am grateful for everything how it exactly happened. The question I kept asking myself so often was why me? How that even happened? How come this video is so popular? How come this and that happened? What is unique about my album 'I love my life'? What is special about 'Monday Morning' or 'Friday Night'? The main difference that I see inside my art and in the art of other people, pop has just become so repetitive. Most of the modern artists they are crying, in my opinion, which is contra productive. If we as a society are meant to move somewhere further, for example, new world order where everyone lives in harmony, there is plenty for everyone, no wars, no corruption, just one fair government etc. then we all got to get to that frequency, we all got to understand ourselves a lot more than we do until now. That other half of me believes that whatever I did is right for the humanity and for our unification. The music itself has spread so much hate, so much violence between different races, between different religions and so on that there is plenty of stabbings, plenty killings etc. and it isn't right. We don't have the right to take someone else's life. We don't have to kill innocent animals right either. What I've done with my first album 'I love my life' is that I reflected on my past, predicted the future and mainly entertained. My songs like 'Bad boy' or 'Evil Angel' were meant to be entertainment. I have completely changed the whole thought about the music and about the art itself.

My goal and vision for the entertainment industry are to guide people more towards the uplifting melody and entertaining songs. Something that will motivate you, cheer you up on your miserable day and put a smile back on your face. With the second album and the preparation for a documentary movie 'Building a dream', I have decided to change the main objective from entertainment to motivation. 'Building a dream' is meant to be a motivational movie based on my true story. I cannot wait to have it all done and released. This all puts me in an entirely different position. Unlike the majority of other artists, I do my stuff on my own. I am a more likely producer than an artist. Majority of artists have their lyrics written as same as beat production, and they are just pretty much little part in a big picture. My challenge is to be the whole picture. The one who puts it all together and eventually will be there for others. That is the main reason why I deserve respect and why I am not taking that any advice on the board. Pretty much it is because I am creating my own stream, EDM and I believe that sooner or later it will be a new mainstream. 'Friday Night' could just confirm it. The video is so popular that I think I've got every single chance to beat most of the music videos and songs that are out now. But how can one man achieve all of this and keep his freedom? Freedom to do and create whatever I want without any limitations?

How much blood and sweat this goal will require? And how far am I with everything? What do I want? Why I do all of this? Looking at the wall inside the Gold's gym Venice where I also bought my favourite 'Legacy in a making' T-shirt I just wanted to be the same! Be that legacy! Be that famous, well-known man! I didn't want to be famous for my looks, for my physique or appearance rather than for my unique thoughts, believes and for the fact that I always do bring people from different walks of life into one. Make everyone laugh, happy and so on. Most of the times I am out there for others that I do forget about the most important person and that is me. The main reason why I decided to come back but also a bit further with the events is that as much as I struggle in a moment, I believe that I am very close to completion of one cycle and starting a new one. That cycle where everything just goes on my hand, and I grow and grow. For past years it was mainly the gathering of the information and knowledge. Seeing how things work. Making the name. Getting the right contacts. Getting the right ideas. Bringing all of that into one massive success. That is also one huge reason why I decided to launch my own business New World Arts Ltd. That is my vision for the world, my protection and advancement of the human species and mainly the way forward for the whole globe. The key is to see yourself somehow. I have always seen myself as this mighty and influential man who runs his worldwide known entertainment company. I do want to have my fingers in everything. Not just in music, music videos but also books, movies and pretty much release the best possible material what is out there in a close future. Support and guide the children of the new world as a new world leader. Loved world leader. Up until today some people still have a laugh however the legacies are true, and these kids will need our support and help. Mainly because they're different as same as I always was. X-men, we are real. Our mission is pretty simple. Restore the excellent order on the Earth planet and move the earth to a different dimension. The fifth dimension - to be specific. ​​

And this is precisely where the strength of this story starts. I used to hide everything and mainly the purpose of why I am here. Now I don't care. I have always perceived everything differently, where you see 3D I see 5D. There is no time. I don't know how ordinary mortals perceive it however you can honestly look through the time. The fifth dimension is pretty much understanding that we are all one. We are all part of one big consciousness that is the God. The eternal light. We are all connected. Humans. Animals. Plants. Earth. People fight for planet Earth, for animals and I personally believe that not everyone has got the understanding of what is actually going on. Quantum physics is something that people would probably don't think so too. However, that is all just scientific facts. I don't doubt about my success and destiny. I don't question the purpose, I fully accept it, and I am aware of what all of this might bring. Not everyone will like it. Not everyone will like me. Not everyone will take it. We all can make a choice, and I personally wanna live in the fifth dimension as it is only pure love, joy, abundance, wealth and everything is just purely different.

And here we are. Young at my 28 years of age understanding everything. It was in USA where I realised that I am genuinely meant for something huge.

In my life. It was in the USA, Los Angeles where I opened my eyes, and now I am excited day after day waiting for what exciting event is about to come. I deserve all that I want. I deserve to do what I want. I deserve to travel the globe and perform. I deserve to be the number one in the charts. To be wealthy. Unlike others, I am here to build and leave the mark. I believe that the new world order won't create itself and mainly I think that we all have the right to live in an abundant universe. One thing what scares me a bit is the fact that a leader of a new world will be loved by everyone and then he will show his real face. I am thinking what does it mean? Mark of the beast? Would you believe that I am beast just because I can fight, defend myself and I am muscular? True face? True face maybe against everyone who won't accept the pure fact that we are all equal, part of the universal design? Part of a bigger picture? It is tough to say at the moment how I would react and what all would I do, however, if I could choose to go forward or go backwards, I'd go ahead. Not everyone wants to go, but also not everyone would get a weapon to fight an alien invasion. Most of the people would run away. As we get to understand everything a lot more, I believe that alien invasion is more likely possible and humanity should be prepared for it. Despite our diversity, we should be united as humanity. If I can be all right with all races on the Earth and be confident and friendly and always support no matter who you are or where you came from, I believe that everyone else can as well. There indeed isn't any difference between us. As an initiate of Illuminati, this is the purpose and our mission. The light will shine brighter in the distance. Our age, the age of Illuminati will begin!

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