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It's 8AM, and I was working really hard last night - overnight. Like insanely hard. Only a few can imagine. The reason why I named the next article to the ETERNITY is pretty simple. That is where I go. My story is adding up on strength and its power, and now I about write plenty reasons why THIS YEAR 2018 full of number 11 is my YEAR but also plenty reasons why my movie 'BUILDING A DREAM' will be undoubtedly the best motivational movie to watch ever. It is genuinely a huge project and as every other project that I have ever done even this requires careful preparation, consideration of the next moves and what to do next, how to say certain things to don't sound like a Narcis and of course how to make it work that it will genuinely motivate everyone and change its viewers. The reasons why I decided to do so is simply to open everyone's eyes as well. At the moment, just so you can imagine what am I going through. I am only 1% away from what I wanted to achieve. A crossroads is coming up, and I know that. It is the moment of decision. On the one hand, there is love.On the other hand, there is eternal life. Now I know that it is just and only one thing that I can choose. Love always plays a huge role in anything we want to do in life, and it indeed does power to manipulate us. As always I kept asking myself so many questions, and now it finally seems like the way is showing itself up. So what man desires about? Man desire about performing in front of 80 000 people and travel the whole globe. Man desire about having the best motivational movie on the entire planet and run the most successful and profitable business on the Earth - New World Arts Ltd. Man desire to have the same minded girlfriend by his side. A man also desires to sort himself out and be the best looking man on Earth today with best physique. It is of course not the end of the list. Man desire to write the best selling stories and make most of every single thing that he ever did. Also at the moment man desire to be the best personal trainer in the whole United Kingdom and move to Los Angeles, USA and get a green card. Man desire to live in a mansion in Beverly Hills and drive fancy sportscar. He desires to own the helicopter, yacht and private jet to get him on his tours. Man desire to have the best selling and most streamed music as well as music videos. I do genuinely want to be the music & entertainment industry. Man desire to be the face of a new world. Of course, I desire to be in Hollywood movies, the ones I write and create myself. I know for sure that my finances will magically arrive and I will be provided with such a wealth that I can create and do anything that I want. And this is where the strength of my story and my name comes from. I am a producer. I am an artist. I am the man who sacrificed so much for his dream job. I am the man who is gonna get it. I am able to go from work to work and sleep for a few hours a day. I am able to work two full-time jobs at the same time and still make a time to go and perform on the shows and be on the TV show. I am the man who won't say he is tired. I will say let's go. I will go to the gym after the shift. I will always do whatever it takes to get where I wanna be. I want more, and I will always do a lot more! I am so grateful that my visions are manifesting and when I see my website and how far I have already come, I am proud and happy. It gives me the strength to carry on because I know that what I want I get. I know that I am unique and I will uplift the world not only with my Friday Night and X-Factor audition but with thoroughly everything that I am gonna do. I am not going to stop. It was all just a, and I promise that the whole world will know about me and the entire world will love me. I am about to invade the world and conquer it. Not with power but with love. The new world order is knocking on the door. The prophecy is true. I am a man! It's a great feeling, and I thank the universe for all the hard lessons what made me who I am today. I am unstoppable. I am a superstar, and I will have my own star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Something magnificent is on its way. My breakthrough is coming! One last push has been successfully completed. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, here I come!

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