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Last PUSH to global DOMINATION...

So I am back from the USA. Every time I go back to the Czech Republic to see my parents I know the place where I come from and how grateful I am for my life in the United Kingdom. I can't imagine going back, finding a job or doing something that I really don't want to. I can't imagine squeezing the worldwide market of billions of people into around sixteen million. Do things in my own language. I actually never wanted. It ain't just about the market, it is about promoting what is right and highlighting my own beliefs and improving this world. New World, New World Order or however people call it is, in my opinion, the huge way forward. But as every single successful person on Earth who mean something today even I am hitting the wall quite often, and recently there were few STOPS in my way, and this is the article where I would like to come back to few things what actually didn't work out and just a thought about what and how am I gonna change them or what am I gonna do about it.

The first thing that worked out a lot better than I thought was my journey on the X-factor. I was doing so well, I've been on ITV advert, went through the auditions and managed to do so well considering that I only made it to the Bootcamp. Lately, I have opened the Wembley arena with my own song. I don't think that it was a failure rather than a learning curve and I was capable of doing so. I thought that the capacity of Wembley is 10 000, but it is 12500. Yeah, the feeling when you in there are unreal, and that thought stuck in my head and ever since I am asking myself how to make this my life.

Contrary to that yeah, that is my life now. So here are the few issues that need solutions and I am continually looking to find a way. Is the way present already? Is it within me?

The very interesting part of my whole story and the entire connection between God, the Universe and me would be the communication I receive. I don't know how many people out there are realising how the Universe and God are communicating with us, but my perception, as well as understanding, is probably developed a lot more than from other people. But then again it arises plenty other questions, and it all comes down to how am I gonna do it. Having already established and successful label behind the back is pretty much of hard work but also a way how to get your name out there. Without any doubt, I know that if I will have music video as well as promotion through the SYCO or SONY MUSIC, my HIT Friday Night would definitely hit the world by the storm as well as all the people. The X Factor audition has become classic audition, and my song is more and more popular even a few years after. As a business owner, I am watching the market and their response, and I think that the answer is just brilliant. Brilliant because technically I don't have the best voice on Earth, I am not in the most excellent shape as well as I have my flaws I am still hiding from the world, but as always I am the one who will make things happen and work for them.

It does just sometimes feel like I've been hiding in the back and watching the events. Another great push was my photoshoots with Adidas and Annie Leibovitz. The email and offer were, and the paycheck could be something that would easily finance my music video, pay for press releases and set me right up for a lot better things. Bad luck or bad timing? Wrong location? I suppose the photo shoot was meant to take place in the USA and I am located in London. Quite a distance so I think that is the reason why it didn't work out at the end.

I passed the driving test for a taxi driver in the UK which could create amazing income every month what could also set me free to do more with my life as well as run my New World Arts Ltd. a bit differently. Yet it didn't work out as well as I've been refused a taxi badge. Well, the question is why?

I passed a personal trainer qualification which is, in my opinion, the great qualification which allows me to get a lot more money for less time. Great achievement on a worldwide level as the course is valid all over the world including my favourite USA.

But then again there is a music industry, my hit song Friday Night which is doing so great and non-existent music video. Or well, at the moment there are actually two music videos. First, one didn't get approved for VEVO, and I am not even surprised at the quality wasn't that great. The second one that I just recorded in the USA is much better looking, it is quite entertaining however it doesn't hit the X factor quality, and in my opinion, it doesn't meet the standard that I would love to debut on worldwide scene.

So again I am here wondering about what am I actually gonna do. How am I gonna do it? Wait for a miracle? That pressure I feel from inside is incredible. It ain't even desire no more, it is the fact that this has to happen. There isn't any other way.

So the question now is what to do? What is worth doing and what isn't? This period, this time at the moment is very , and I believe that it is indeed time to get serious. Serious about things, put plenty things into perspective, sit down and think about what is right and what isn't, what worked out and what didn't and come to one big and major decision.

Talking about the connection and believe as well as always knowing the path since childhood gives me the courage and strength to carry on and never give up. The vision of who I wanted to be is here, the website looks phenomenal, and it is exactly as I always imagined. I feel like Mr Cowell when he was home after his record company went bust and his house got repossessed. I feel like without this rock bottoms we wouldn't push ourselves to do more and achieve greatness. What an inspirational man he is.

So pretty much as the story goes, I have decided to do something about everything but mainly about my music career and ask for help. As I mentioned before, I decided that I am going to earn everything that I want in my life and also that I will share my story with the public. All of a sudden I've got the attitude of a winner and I am going to WIN big.

I am done with playing it small. Helping people who just drain my energy. Actually even talking with them. It doesn't get me anywhere plus recently I didn't learn anything new at all. And that is probably the worst thing that I could have done. Don't learn anything. One thing is sure. I am going to dominate the world. This is my time. And you are in for the most significant transformation that you will ever see. I am grateful for all your help, and of course, I am very thankful to God for always looking after me. Thank you.

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