Tonight is the night. Tonight is the night where everything is possible as there is a full moon looking after us. For me, it was the time to sit down, reflect, finish the book I was reading at the moment - Unlimited Power from Anthony Robbins and realise why I have come so far and what knowledge I always had. It is the truth that just knowing the principles doesn't mean as much as applying them into our everyday life. Got to say that recently I have been only focusing on the positive things in my life, and I would never allow anything negative to get to my head. If so, then there is this big, huge, massive energy shield all around my body that gets rid of every single negative thing in my way. Yeah, I am untouchable. Why have I named the next article A NEW CHAPTER? As I mentioned above when I started writing, my main focus today apart from a nice run in this hot weather was to finish the book, sit down, think and reflect on myself and re-evaluate where am I going. The main reason why I wanted to do so is exactly as mentioned in the book, there are plenty of people who know what they want out of their life, but they don't walk the talk, they just expect that things will fall into their lap and if they don't, they're blaming everyone else. Tonight is the night where apart from listening to beautiful trance music I was trying to write a new song and also was watching my website, the progress that I have made and the pictures what are there in front of my eyes. And this is the new chapter all about. The only way for me. One direction that I was destined to follow. The hardly believable interest in all seeing eye, powerful men on the world and the truth about our planet Earth. One thing I know is that if I would write down completely everything that I have learned in past years and discovered, I would probably end up in a madhouse. That is entirely understandable because if you mention to someone the way their brain works, the way they can change their lives by just changing their own behaviour or feelings, they wouldn't believe. This chapter is the chapter where I am about to divide from everyone else. I am not thinking that I am smarter than anyone else on this planet however I have noticed that I possess a gift of unreal power, I possess the gift of unreal talents and my brain works a lot differently than the majority of the mankind. Yes, the power the Gods posses. The ability to create. As I mentioned before I have signed the eternal oath at the age of 28. That is one of the things I am personally proud of because everyone deserves to know the truth about the organisation and also this is the time for a global change. This is the time to wipe out all the evil and build a society where we all can be and do whatever we want. The world where everyone has a place and purpose. I know that this will be one of the hardest periods of my life because the new life will cost me the old life and it already started happening for me. While ago I sat down in Swanley park and was just looking on the heaven and I've seen my whole life flashing in front of my eyes up until the day I die. I've seen what's gonna happen, when, I've seen myself growing into a wealthy and responsible man. I've seen myself developing into a leader that world desperately needs now. Someone who will show us the right direction, the way to go, things to learn, new ways of thinking but mainly someone who will move humanity the huge way forward. For all the people around the world who are reading my blog posts, such power since birth is crazy, mad and it requires great responsibility. We know that there are mediums, there are healers, spiritual teachers, souls from different solar systems - I am one of the - aliens and they all possess special powers, and they're all here to help Earth to transform.

Recently I got asked a question, if I would be a leader, what I would change. Like a leader, first thing that I would change and lead as an example is the music. Friday night is undoubtedly one of the greatest succeses of the X factor and achieving outstanding views with shares all over the world and very positive comments can only confirm it. It didn't hit MTV, it didn't hit global charts. I didn't went on global tour. Just yet. That's about to change. I anchor it with my soul and my belief. Why I said music is that for mankind to start feeling positive and energetic we got to focus on making uplifting, energetic music. Something what will get us going right from the start. Something what makes us laugh, smile, something we look at everytime we are sad, down. This would be the first thing that I would change. Approach to the music itself as well as the industry. I am the music industry. This itself will require few years of hard work and clever thinking. I am very open for my life to start taking fast pace and also to transform into what it is meant to be. Next things are finishing my movie as well as writing a brand new book Building a dream together with soundtrack to the movie. I don't think that I can do this project on my own however I believe that with time on my hand I will figure out how to put it all together. I want to have my first movie done as soon as because it is great tool for everyone who wants to achieve success. In my opinion this is the time to say good bye to everything what no longer serves me, makes me happy and is causing me any stress or drama. This is the time to start fully believing in myself and my own abilities and smile on the world because I love the world, I love the Earth and as I said, before I go back where I come from, this planet will be a lot better and happier place to live. New World Order will be established. As I said many years ago, it is the only way forward. This is where I might get some hate, however there is only one race on this planet and that is human race. We are living in the infinity universe with infinite possibilities. There is plenty dark energy out there yet all we know and can is to kill ourselves. We missuse the power we have got as well as resources. If we'd about to get wiped out by alien species, we wouldn't be able to protect ourselves because of our inability to work as a team, as a unit, as a race. Human race. We don't look for a ways how to improve, how to achieve, we are looking for a ways how to hate, steal, commit crime. We are so obssesed with our physical appeareance that we forget about our ultimate purpose of the life. Death. We are so obssesed with materialistic things that we forget what the spirit is. What is the purpose of the soul. We are surrounded with amazing technology, we are able to send message from one side of the planet to the other in less than a second. We are all connected to the internet however our brains are disconected. It does truly gets to me when I see how many people on the planet Earth are sleeping. This isn't a way for a human race to fully evolve and enter the galactic level. Universal money, money which everyone receives from the world government to live in abundance would be the main thing that I would change. If you would like to work, find a work and earn more money, it is clearly up to you. The world government will provide housing for it's supporters as well. There will be no borders. There will be one language. I believe we all can speak different languages and maintain the national pride of where we come from such as Britain, America, Spain etc. however I believe that in every single part of the Earth young kids should be thought English. It is the best language to learn and if we would all speak the same language, we would finally understand each other. Everyone is prosperous, everyone lives a good life, everyone has it's purpose, everyone's free to do what he wants. For navy sayers who would say this won't work, this isn't possible I believe that it is more than possible, it is necessary. There are things our there that 99% of people have no clue about and as a innitiate of the Illuminati I belive that this is our time to speak up and show the world as it really is. If we will keep hiding the secrets of the planet, there will always be someone against us. There will always be a hate. People spreading false informations. People missusing the power. This all has to be stopped. The only possible way is to speak the truth and that has to start from the source. Love is the only reason why we all here. Yet there are people who are forcing others, raping women, using their power against weak and so on. I am disgusted with what some men can do in order to get a women and I am very grateful that I never had any issue with making girls fall in love with me. I am personaly more happy if girl wants to have a sex with me herself rather than even bothering my mind with things like that I am gonna punch her in the face and get what I want. This thoughts have to be errased from a human minds once and forever. Sex itself shouldn't be a work, women shouldn't sell their bodies because their souls will become a lost souls. The black hole. They're beings without meaning. Beings without valuing their own bodies and souls. The one is crying. The one doesn't like to see it. The one doesn't like to see either banning women from driving and being stonned to death when they cheat on their husbands whilst they are allowed to have 4 wifes. The world is a mad place and it will take a while to bring the order, however it will be achieved and the world will be positive, peaceful and loving place. God bless Monday Morning and my determination and sacrifices that I've done in order to achieve what I am here for. As I stated many times, I accept my souls responsibility and I am open for a new life, for the new chapter to enter my life. I have got a lot of work to do and I am excited to start building. NEW week starts today, WORLD still dreams in beds, ORDER is for another day, I GO back between STARS! And I bet you anything that 99% of people will miss my hidden message and the rest, 1% will understand. Well, let's go! The age of Illuminati will begin! I'm not here to mess about...

By the way, I got to mention as I am writing this my pineal gland is connected and opened, and I feel uplifted. I love that feeling. I love the feeling of being in touch with the source, with the one. I love the one, his power is unreal. I am very grateful for the one supporting me and loving me the way he does and also providing for me. I am God's children. I am thankful for who I am and for our connection since my birth. It is excellent to possess such, and I will use them only to do good things and build. I am promising to the one that I will distribute the wealth it will provide for me accordingly to those who need it. I am promising to the one that I will pursue the knowledge and I will seek the abundance. I promise to the one that I will protect and advance the human species, exactly as stated in the Eternal Oath that I signed. I've been doing this ever since, and nothing is gonna change about it. Nothing is gonna change about me because I'm a genuine person who's got only the positive intentions and is entirely in love with his own purpose. Being found was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I am grateful to be a member of 1% club. And I am glad that you took the time to find out about me. 'Despite our diversity, we should be united as humanity!'

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