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Have a time of your life!

Here we go, the journey continues. I am so grateful for the opportunity like no one else on this planet. I was just editing the footage from the USA and the X factor footage. It's incredible. There isn't a day that I wouldn't be grateful to you, people for all the love, sharing the video and listening to the song. My lyric video is about to break amazing 600 000 views, and that is with no promotion, it is purely because of you, people who are searching for the song and are listening to it. The biggest thanks go to the X-factor for promoting my song, this time its the fifth time in the row and I am so, so grateful. Thank you. When I left my country and thought for myself that I wanna make it in the music industry and perform all around the world, I didn't know the way, but I knew that I am gonna make it regardless. The X factor is the most beautiful memory of my life and a dream come true. It was a sign that ideas are working for me. And when the views are still coming up, and I counted well over 100 000 000 in total from all possible sources, I have only realised how much of a power it has all got. That figure is something outstanding, and it is hard to believe that this is true but, well, here we go, it is. So what is this post actually about? Have the time of your life? What am I trying to say? Yeah well, today I have felt like I didn't in a while. My personal story and the story in the background has always been quiet, and that's why I insist on having my own movie 'Building a dream'. But well, back to the special story. I feel like there's a huge chapter coming to an end - or it actually did come to an end, just today. Every single end is just a mark for something huge, fantastic, exciting to go down my way. This rule, this law has always been there, and for a person what is so open to the world outside of the Earth planet this is an impressive sign. We always lose something so we can gain something a lot better. We not necessary see the reasons why, but we can clearly sit down and review things the way they were and also clarify to ourselves where we are going, what we actually want, what we tired of.

What you can notice my people is the fact that events and situations in our lives are repetitive. They are repeating over and over again. When we are young, we don't perceive them as positive events rather than negative, but as the time goes, we open up. On my Instagram, I am reviewing the time and the years that have passed, experiences that I've got and the attitude I have. Attitude towards the things is something that determines what is gonna happen with you next. I am not quite sure if I will be able to write this article without being sad or without any tear; however today I feel like it is the time to let go of the person I once was. As you probably noticed on my Instagram stories or real Instagram, I have invested into new teeth. To me, it was the necessary upgrade and after Friday Night the second best investment that I could make. That itself was the start of a new life because I was always aware of my teeth, they were not white, they were not straight, and well, they started losing its colour. Not saying that I didn't care, I did, but so many times I just got home and was glad to find a bed and sleep. I think that I am over all those tough times and I am appreciative towards the time I am given. Real wealth is health and time.

The point I was about to make right here my people. Has someone ever made you feel unwelcomed? Like I've been dealing with this my whole life. Sometimes I just wanna cry about it, on the other hand, I am a powerful man, I do genuinely have a heart of a warrior. I'd say that it started back in school when I went to school for the first time. I never got what's wrong with people, but as I grew older, I paid more attention to my father who was able to earn so much money like no one else around. People were jealous because they couldn't have stuff we did. My father always had business mind and knew how to make money but also how to look after the family. When he went bankrupt, I think that he didn't handle it that well, or maybe my mum? We ended up arguing quite often and just before my maturity exam he said to me to leave the house. I don't know how that happened, we just used to argue so often. Like I haven't done anything to anyone if so I was always helping people and tried to be there for them as well as for girls. Not always I ended up treated the way that I wanted, but that was for a pure fact that I just let people do what they want and say what they wish to and never said anything back in my defence. My point was that I've always got special gifts and abilities and see things they can't see. I always knew that I am gonna live the life they can dream about. In my mind they were still small minded people so why should I pay attention to anything they say? I didn't. If something hurts me, I am shutting the door down and opening the new ones. Just like today. The story with my father was only one of a many. This story from today was about a friend of mine. I think that we've helped each other a lot and I'm very, very glad that he's all right now and he decided to make himself a priority because that's what I am about to do as well. Considering my situation, this is precisely where I was coming from. Let go and let God.

So that is literally what am I gonna do. My situation at the moment is a little bit complicated however one thing is on my mind now, and that is that I am very close to the career of my dreams as well as financial freedom. My spirit is tired from all the past events that were happening and wants to keep only the best ones to the future. My spirit also knows very well that something magnificent is on its way. I've trained insanely hard for past days, average two to three hours a day, plenty of cardio, plenty giant sets counting to fifteen reps, and my strength is continuously increasing as well as endurance. I am very blessed because the physique I've built as well as the energy that I've got is insane. Now I feel even more energetic and motivated to go out and understand what's mine. All of a sudden there's no more problems rather than solutions. All of a sudden there's space to do things that I wanna do. To do things that are good for me. So as well as my friend, even I am making myself a priority. One thing is sure. I am not coming back. This situation I've got into is actually something that I needed because in the long run it is great for my financial freedom. So now, what is the time of your life? What does it mean and what else I have seen today apart from love is in the air? I've seen a star on the pavement. Miracle? Well, one thing is sure. The wonder is on its way. This situation happened so many times back in past that I am stubborn and strong. I am ready to conquer. I am willing to dominate. I am prepared to become the man that I am supposed to become. This is my time. Thank God for all the beautiful opportunities and mainly thanks for always looking after me. This is my time.

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