Hello everyone again. Yesterday around 4AM I was watching the webinar with CEO of Secret Entourage Pejmar Ghadimi and around one and a half hour of watching I fell asleep. Today I had the time to open the book I wanted to read - 'Third circle theory' which I received for free. Of course, that made me very happy so I finally started reading, I still can't stop wondering how many I can say there is in common with my own ideas and opinions. Happy days! Yesterday midnight I had a little review of myself and the way I am at the moment as well as few personal experiences and how well I have done. Coming from another country challenges me even more than anyone can imagine. The desire to achieve is stronger than anything else. It feels like I am not complete without that achievement I set for myself. I am not complete without the manifested vision, I feel kinda empty and just wondering around, trying to put everything back together and carry on. Yeah, it is sometimes very difficult. I hear it every day in the gym. People come in, people wanna lose the weight, people wanna bulk up, diet plan, programme and so on. I love being there for people and helping them - or helping them to achieve, share my knowledge and I am glad that after so many years of training, working out, proper research and studies that I have done I am capable to help people achieve their goals and results. Successful people have a vision. They follow the vision. They breathe for that vision. So another reason why I decided to write this article is simply to put together a new management plan. As I stated in the article before, I used to work with management plans and that was the main reason for my success. Today, in 2018 I am more than blessed to be member initiate of Illuminati, I have enrolled to Higher Balance Institute classes as well as gonna open the account with Secret Entourage and can't forget about amazing Gaia. Knowledge and information what is out there is my obsession. We all wanna make money, we all wanna make a lot of money and live a comfortable life. I have thought about it so much in the past two years. The main question I am asking myself is, does £20 000 000 on my account fulfil my soul's purpose? What is actually my soul purpose? What is the real ambition? What am I after?

And have you ever tried to reinvent yourself? Did you notice that 99% of people seem to follow completely same programme every single day? It is continuously the same routine, same stuff, same hobbies, same life, no challenge, nothing to work towards to. It's true that being stuck is pretty bad. It's straightforward to get stuck. It could be people, family, friends, girls, comfort zone - pretty much everything could be the reason of being stuck. Let's face it, when you've been building something so hard and earned your respect between people and you're here for them, you'll find it really difficult just to leave. I personally do. Thing is that no matter where I was working, I was always appreciative towards the place as well as supportive towards the people who ever worked for me or with me. I still took the role of a leader, always motivated, still was positive and tried to drive everyone to keep going. Yeah, that's me. I am also making sure that I lead by example. So I got my old management notepad and management book in front of me. I designed it thanks to McDonald's. Until now I believe that the company does genuinely create the best managers in the world.​

I have opened the first book I have in front of me. I love the old 2014 logo I used as a cover for my social media profiles. So what is out there from 2014 that I could possibly implement into the new sheet? Let's open Microsoft Excel and put it all together not just on the sheet but right here, in the article as well.

The first page was dedicated to things what needed to be done. The second page looks more interesting. I have stated that 'I am using McDonald's because I don't trust myself enough. The rope I'm using and what is holding me back from the greatness... I could make money in a different way, and I know that.' - It was stated back then that the goal was to resign from McDonald's because I can do a lot better. True that.

Next interesting goal was to finish the music album, create commercials, set and establish another source of income. Clearly stated to pause the adverts after 30 days of running. Next two things I was considering as another great source of income was binary options as well as roulette. Both are pretty much the same things, and this is a great and perfect time to review and reflect on both of them and how did it actually go. I did earn money on roulette, it was going up and down. I downloaded 6 books from professional players and learned their systems and techniques. I can say that yeah, you can make money on roulette if you follow two principles. You got to have a good strategy, pay attention to what you do and the numbers that are coming down and second is to be aware that roulette always wins. Take your winnings and be grateful for the money. I made around £600 in less than 3 hours playing roulette. The same day my youngest brother managed to waste all the budget. I stopped playing since.

Binary options sounded very exciting to me, and it looked like an easy way to make money, and because I didn't have an issue with earning around £3000 a month last year, I decided that I will give it a go. I did and magically just like a Joker in the Batman Dark Knight movie, I let magically disappear £2000 within 5 minutes. I blame myself because I shouldn't listen to the man on the other line acting like a very experienced man who knows how to do everything and if you are not gonna listen to him, he will block your account. Well the conversation with his boss after about how did I manage to blew £2000 within 5 minutes was enough to say to myself that this way won't work, not if I am going to listen to anyone. ​

Talking about finances as much as I've been bad, I've been good also. My greatest ability is that I am able to earn great money. This is where I'd like to write something about my personal views and things that I should definitely follow and try to work on them. I digged into billionaire material back in 2014 and that desire to be financially free has stuck in my head actually even before I started reading those books. Let's come back to my little handy book and see what's out there.

It speaks pretty much about Google adverts, YouTube, my website and body with face. Now I'm gonna make some space on the table and open the old management book. I've been monitoring things like waking up on time, working on my image, working out, working on presentation, working on art, actually working, educating myself, tidying up the house, following up, free time as well as rest. Later during those difficult, productive days I realised that rest as well as free time is very important. It creates the balance and happy life. Training as well as working towards a goal is of course brilliant but missing out all these good Friday Nights isn't exactly how the success looks like. I also dedicated few hours a day to specific tasks such as wrestling, working with fans, magazines, photoshootings as well as social sites. I used to sleep around 6 hours a day, later the year after as well as 2016 I have slept around 2/4 hours a day. It apparently kills the brain cells however I felt completely different. Let me tell you why.

From personal experience, I learned that the brain perceives things differently. It might be the truth that the cells are dying however plenty new ones are being formed. I'm sure you heard about third eye and where it is placed. My own research confirms that sixth sense, pineal gland or however you call it isn't a myth but real thing. I tapped into the unlimited power just the year before the stardom in 2K16 and learned that I can connect to the higher power and receive energy. I understood that I am more than a physical body and there are things I can't see, but if I give myself a bit of time and try to push my own limit, for example staying awake around 30 hours, my brain works differently. I look at people, and I feel their vibrations, I can read people without hearing them saying a word. I always get those signals delivered straight to my body, and that just confirms a different level of alignment. Because of this ability, I decided to be vegan and connect with mother nature and fifth dimension. Just in case you don't know what am I actually talking about, we all exist in three states. First is the fifth dimension, that's the spirit. Second is the fourth dimension, that's the mind - this is where you can see through the time if you've been gifted and the last, third dimension is the physical body. This is where I have been doing my own researches as well because looking on the other sheets back in 2014, I've been tracking every workout that I have done, every cardio session, how many calories I burnt, if I followed the diet, had some sweets, drank plenty water, exercised, if I had a faith for things to work out, tidy room, if I had any drinks and then because I was always bad boy, I couldn't help it then read books about women as well. So I used to track things like IOI - Indication of interest if I got the message and also if I've done something more. I've been pretty successful in this area as well, of course, it's all because of the knowledge.

Another thing that I used to review and work on was education list. I analysed the areas that I wanted to improve in and started to read. There's a massive list of what I was about to read and learn however I didn't finish the list, it's been left out quarter full. Shame. Shame because education is the most important thing and I think that this should be something to work on until the rest of the year 2K18. Following tracking sheets were for Red Evil Birth, music career as well as wwe nxt. I did really wanna be a professional wrestler. Up until now, I do think about training again, I love wrestling, it's that kind of entertainment where you can be a superhero and just beat everyone. Perhaps just like in the music industry. I had the ambition to earn £100 000. Following that goal, I've achieved that already. Sometimes I just wonder where it actually is. On the other hand, I have travelled the world, I have a great physique, I live in London, I was able to afford so many things and be prosperous, and still, I am. There were lots of attempts to have savings however the circumstances weren't, and they were always gone. Those circumstances, that's something I'd call obstacles what needed to be conquered. Funny enough, all those events were conquered and I can tell that the way towards the greatness is truly a war with darkness. Darkness on every single corner and if you're soft-hearted, it will hit you, beat you and keep you there if you let it.

Another thing what always put me out of the way were females. I've been blessed to date the most beautiful girls I know and that is something I am eternally grateful for. I know that I ended plenty of relationships, I know that I cut off so many people and yeah, I know that I wanted it all. That's what I wanted. I have seen the possibilities, and I wanted it all. I suppose that was my biggest mistake with women. Lately, I am more relaxed, and I am instead spending time on my own, reading books and working on myself. Who knows what is around the corner, I would probably leave the female chapter for a while because I know that I have to focus, focus on what I want and get better and girls, they're a great distraction. I grew up from parties as well, not saying that I wouldn't like to attend one, but I'd instead be working on myself, educate myself and learn more about things. Leaving girls behind and not talking to them again was probably one of the hardest things that I have ever done. Sometimes I can't say to myself wherever I regret it or not but what was meant to be was expected to be. It makes me happy to see girls what were once close to me married, with children and so on. That's just how life goes, and it makes me happy deep inside. Why? How can I be happy about the girls from past getting married? Having children? Because we could choose the life, we want. Almost everyone I know settled while I am still out there pursuing things and global success. As time goes, I wouldn't replace it for anything. I heard a little child crying yesterday, and you know, don't get me wrong. I do love little kids but can't imagine having one just yet. Perhaps just like Mr Simon Cowell who had his first children a bit late. I think that was the best decision he made. No one really wants to live with parents, friends, brothers and so on. We all wanna have our own space and work towards the things that we want out of our lives. ​​

So what is actually the third circle about and how did my first book end? It ended great because I have mentioned by the end that I won the award in Los Angeles in 2K16 and was literally buzzing that I am gonna fly to the United States of America and finally gonna see the magnificent Los Angeles and California. The city from plenty of Hollywood movies as well as the iconic walk of fame, red carpet, limousines and get an award for my work and dedication to my craft. And that was my beautiful people a moment when Mr Friday Night came alive and started waking up to the world that no one wanted him to see...

The invisible world. Purposely I use descriptions like 5D, or you are more potent than you THINK, not stronger - caption to the picture above. Yeah, the mind is a potent tool to achieve anything that you desire and the primary goal and objective is to conquer yourself. Once you conquer yourself, you can overcome anything. From past lessons and all those rich habits, I formed my own systems what worked for me and in very close future after the launch of 'Building a dream' movie together with the soundtrack I'm about to share those sheets as well as ideas with the world. Now we're about to come to the actual third circle and what it all will be about - or actually is about. So what is that made me? What is the power that caused the global madness, made me internet sensation and launched me right between stars? In the spiritual world, Mr Friday Night is a being of light, being who spreads positive vibes and uplift the world. Energy beats everything...

Now I'm gonna make myself a nice cup of coffee and jump right to the other side, and that is inside my billionaire's mind and create a plan to WIN! The truth is that if you show a class, have pride and display character, the winning takes care of itself. If I'd be you, I'd definitely make some notes because this is where you can learn something. Every great manager will tell you that your goals have to be S.M.A.R.T. Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. That my people are the greatest myth that has been around for centuries. Logic will get you from A to B. Your imagination will get you everywhere. To achieve greatness you have to be able to look into the future and then work backwards. Where I'd like to be in 10 years down the line? 10 years down the line I wanna be the world's number 1 entertainment company on the whole globe as well as I want Beck Martin to be the top grossing artist in the whole world. I know earn more money would always mean earn more money and the reason why I wanna do so is that I wanna influence people and lead the humanity to the unification as well as deeper understanding of our aspects. Let's put it all into writing because that is exactly how the picture is being made.

My plan to WIN :

- New World Arts Ltd. Marketing capital $1 000 000 000 by 2028.

- New World Arts Ltd. Top grossing entertainment company ranked by Forbes by 2028.

- Beck Martin Top Grossing artist on the world ranked by Forbes by the end of 2020.

- Beck Martin Releasing only number 1 worldwide hits.

- Beck Martin is dominating the whole globe with number 1 hit Friday Night grossing $ 1 000 000 000 in sales. After successful X-factor audition, the MTV music video achieved hardly believable success.

- Beck Martin the best-looking artist on the whole by 2019.

- Beck Martin best-dressed artist on the whole globe by 2020.

- 'Building a dream' the world's number 1 motivational movie as well as Hollywood's top-grossing movie in 2020 grossing over $ 1 000 000 000 in sales combined.

- 'Red Evil' series filmed and distributed by Universal Studios Hollywood. The biggest movie studios project ever grossing outstanding $ 5 000 000 000 ranking it the number 1 movie franchise all over the globe.

- 'Red Evil' fantasy book series ranked the top-grossing books worldwide as well as an award for the best story ever told. 5 000 000 000 copies sold by 2028.

- Beck Martin's website ranked world's number 1 inspiration and motivation website for young generations. Precise graphics and stunning design won several design awards.

You see I've been doing the same thing for quite a while however when I'm looking back on years 2K16, 2K17 and the first half of 2K18, I haven't done much at all. Another high note to point out is that things or goals are always easier said than achieved and as much as you can put in writing anything that you can possibly imagine, it is true that unless you've got this great plan in work, not much is gonna change, and now I'd like to do complete opposite thing and show you the real fight with the goals, life and pretty much everything in general. There are always two ways to look at the things. First one is, of course, the positive one, the second is the negative side or the real side? I've always been avoiding that practical side of things, but without it, we can't create an action plan and come to a solution. So for now, let's examine where we want to be goal by goal and see where we are now, what we have to change to get the desired result.- New World Arts Ltd. marketing capital $1 000 000 000 by the year 2028. That is my people goal. Crazy, mad goal to achieve, right? Do you sometimes sit down in the chair, looking on the crazy things that you want for yourself and wondering how the hell are you gonna get there? Many years back when I came to the UK, I thought completely the same thing over and over again. How the hell am I gonna get there? How can the hell guy like me perform in the world's biggest arenas and make the best music on the world? How to get in front of thousands of people? I didn't know the answer, I really didn't. I was aware of talent shows, but then I always thought for myself that if you really wanna do something wholeheartedly then you're gonna do it regardless. You're not gonna stop, you're gonna work for it and achieve the desired result. But that doesn't look into this objective at all. So let's examine it bit by bit, then I'm gonna go for a nice run and come back to it. The first thing to examine would be, what is actually New World Arts Ltd.? What is the objective of the company, what I want? So far there were no profits from photoshoots at all. Music label? Yeah, there are little profits, but it isn't efficient enough. Is it actually about profits? No, it isn't about profits at all, it is about doing things for people. That is one thing I have learned about business. You can't do the business by thinking just about the profits. When I started investing in Beck Martin and music, I didn't think about profits rather than this is what I wanna do, what I wanna get better at and work on it. Few years down the line I will achieve. I believe that nothing is difficult if you divide it into small parts and work towards it. So what could potentially catapult the company value from $0 all the way up to $1 000 000 000? Music is an excellent division of course but if you desire to work with a big, already established label, their potential income from here which could be invested into the company and work on own projects. Understanding that I sign a contract with Syco and Sony Music UK, I won't be able to release stuff under my own label however I can produce stuff that will be well looked after, some sort of partnership between labels. My huge belief is that Friday Night will do great and it will skyrocket the sales. Those sales and money earned I'd use to finish my movie 'Building A dream' and look for a distribution deal, if not to get a big movie studio to help me with it. Again, depending on marketing and sales, this will be something that will drive me closer to the goal. Another division is books and dealerships with bookstores as well as promotions. Again, based on average sales this figure could easily bump up a lot. As you see, the potential is there, plenty of products are there as well as ways. So what is the missing link now? How to make at least $150 000 by the end of the year 2018 and finally start this venture?

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