Once upon a time I WIN!

Good midnight everyone, I took a day off today to sit down, relax, review, think, make a plan and mainly reflect on myself, my progress and create a brand new system of management. That was the key behind all my success from past - UPSIDE DOWN. One of the main reasons why I do it is for my own personal goals and the second is to give you an idea what is going on behind the scenes and also the thinking that I always had since I was a little boy. As always the first thing to review is health. That is true wealth. Being healthy and fit should be in my opinion everyone's goal number one. It is also a great feeling, just to be muscular and fit. Like every single bodybuilder even I go through phases where I bulk up, and then I am shredding down. As an ex-manager who used to always lead by an example, I got to give myself constructive feedback and then come to a conclusion for everyone who's reading this post. Right, so I've managed to go up to 85kg which was over 13 stone. I managed to hit my personal goal, bench press 120Kg. Also happy with the deadlift, most I've done was 170kg, which is double my bodyweight. I always see it that person with 110kg should do 220kg to hit the same strength. I think that bodyweight strength matters more than actual strength. However, the goal was to shred down back to 12 stones and eventually to 11 stones while maintaining all the muscle mass. I didn't have a protein shake for seven months? And I am maintaining my size very easily as well as I am very energetic and active. My stamina is good as well, recently I train for 2/3 hours a day, weights combined with skipping over the rope and HIIT. That feeling I always have when I'm finished is irreplaceable. Endorfine does make you happy no matter what is going on around you. So it's ten points for Health, I'm grateful for my health. I'd like to stay very healthy and learn a lot more about nutrition and the right stuff for us. Conclusion here? Always be grateful for your health. Someone else is fighting a battle you don't know about. For example yesterday, someone jumped under the subway. I can't imagine what was going on through his head. And I blame everything on nicotine and alcohol. I overthink of both will make you a completely different person. You're aggressive when you don't have it, you can't think clearly, your senses are partially blocked, and unfortunately, you don't function properly. From this point of view, we could discuss the energy structure of man, DNA code and so on. But I think that would be too much, for now, just try to avoid those substances. A second thing I review is my personal fitness and strength. Some of us could say that it is a part of health, but I think good health is mainly a good diet and cardio. If it's high-intensity cardio, then much, much better. Then you can consider yourself fit. A picture on the right is from 2013. That is four years difference. Back in days, I was training really hard, with the thought of becoming a professional wrestler. That gave me strength, courage, endurance, flexibility and more knowledge of training and fitness. Rather than lifting weights I became interested in being overall fit. So my review would be that I am in perfect shape, I am close to the greatness and being fully shredded. I am working on it every single day, skipping over the rope, cardio, HIIT, weights, I am reasonably strong and rather than being the strongest one in the gym I focus on consistency. I do giant sets and every single exercise goes to 15 reps. In total, I am doing around 60 reps, and by the end, all my muscles feel insanely pumped. I've got better blood flow and more prominent veins since I have done few NITRIX courses. Last time I've done VO2 max I scored 69 out of 70. That's great I suppose. Currently, I am sitting on nice 75Kg, 12 stone, so I hit my target and working daily towards 11 stones. Where I'd like to go? I would definitely love to have a bigger chest. During the years I worked hard to have my chest where is it now and recently I train chest 3x a week. It still grows and that's perfect. Apart from that my core definition is coming out nicely as well, I got to keep at what am I doing and mainly listen to my own body. I think in terms of my physique it could be a lot better, however also a lot worse too. I'd give myself 8/10. Last two points will be a transformation from 75kg down to 70kg. The conclusion is that great physique is an example of man's dedication to his craft. The effort you put in daily to look good. Be in shape. Be fit. Be able to sprint. Be prepared to sprint to the hill. Be able to jump. Be able to do handstand push up. My challenge is to complete a marathon - 26miles run. So your challenge should be to become the best that you can be and put the effort in. It pays off. Always.

The third and significant thing to review is how far you have come and how far are you willing to go. This is very important because you can always see the picture on the left in a different way. I can see one step closer to my dreams. You can see a huge staircase that you have to walk because there isn't any lift or moving staircase. I think that stairs are important. You can see it as a going one point after the other towards what do you want, day after day and each year are few stairs down before you can start sprinting. Or you can see it as a way you had to walk to get where you are now. I think that I have come really far in my life. I believe that as long as you have running water, a roof over your head, something to eat, clothes to wear and wi-fi connection, you're doing better than 80% of people already. Looking into world's IQ test boards, we as a Czech's are on a beautiful tenth place out of the whole globe together with Americans. England is eight in the global ranking. I think that the English language gave me a massive advantage because it's now like my primary language and I understand pretty much everything. I read quite often, and I've absorbed so much knowledge and realized who I am. Who I am is everything for me because that is purely unbreakable steel will and ability to adapt and change. Let go and let God. Career wise I've got Level 3 Personal training course, I'm gonna have spin course, and I know that this is already significantly paid job. In the UK you can earn up to £50 000 / £60 000 a year, depends on your ratings per hour. I'd say price mine for £50 per hour and worked as hard as I always do. I am willing to work sixteen to twenty hours a day to get what I want. Contrary to that, I've got one slogan on my mind, and that is hard work kills talent when talent doesn't work hard. This figure was taken out of my mind and replaced by faith. ​​

I've sat down and realised why I came over and what is the purpose and why I do the things that I do. That is one thing that will always be there. On the top, I have signed Illuminati's eternal oath and committed myself to better this world. To do so, I decided to pursue a music career and recorded a new, catchy hit 'Monday Morning'. I believe I can do a lot better video than with 'Friday night' and I also believe that because 'Friday night' is a world's hit, I believe I can produce world hits, and also I believe I can tour the globe and perform in world's biggest arenas and stadiums. I love the energy from the crowd, it's something I always wanted to do (If I can just shut-down from every other thing that I have ever done) and focus just on that one thing at a time. I think that you have to aim high and you will get there. If I'm being honest with myself, I aim to be the top grossing artist on the whole globe. I wanna break records, and I'm working for it. I believe in my own ability to achieve and deliver beyond expectations, mainly because I'm truly working hard for everything. I do need a new management system to track calories burnt in a day, food intake, goals achieved, workout review, cardio review, singing lessons, other stuff, free time, relax time. Reading time as well as meditation. A balanced system is a key to success. A balanced system to me means use the energy wisely and focus on what matters. ​​

My conclusion here is that it can be achieved and it's great to be prepared. I believe that life is beautiful and we all get what we deserve. Achievement of the goals requires hard work and great management. I've always been good at multi-tasking. For everyone who wants to be successful, I think that multi-tasking is a good thing to learn. It's about productivity and efficiency.

Everyone knows that efficiency is what is a fundamental essence to achieve any result. I personally believe that 20/80 rule works better than any other. 20% effort and faith in exciting things are better than the other way around. Best things always happen unexpectedly. Positive mindset and outlook on things, in general, is a necessity as well. I have both, and it's the best thing that I could ever do for myself. Learn utterly different way of thinking and learned how to access the power that we all have. I would never force anyone to dig deep just like I did, however, I would also expect everyone else to understand that there are forces you can't see. You can have either iPhone or brain. I have chosen mind. Technology is a great thing. We live in a digital world. This is where I wanna transfer my focus, work smarter. I'm on the high path, and everything falls into place. It's always been provided for me and looked after me. One thing everyone should appreciate is definitely it's own life and realise how blessed we actually are. And then, we should always think of a dream we've got and pursued it with our whole heart and soul. Spiritual awakening is a beautiful thing and understanding it so early is even greater bless. To myself, I'm billionaire's mindset with body and face of 20 years old. Where people see obstacles, I see possibilities. That is what I value on myself most. That is what made me who I am.

I absolutely love the possibility to drive different cars. When I thought about what I want out of my life and reflected on myself, in my mind, I own Jaguar F type 400Bhp, black colour with tinted windows. I love British technology and precision. This car is definitely sexy in my eyes. I also own huge six bedrooms, seven bathroom mansion in Los Angeles with a clear view on Hollywood. I'm on a pursuit of becoming the best version of myself. So far I've released two albums, first by myself called 'I love my life' where I experimented and learned. Second 'Building a dream' was motivational, an uplifting album released under the label and third one 'Superstar' is the best selling album on the whole globe today. I understood the importance of timing, the importance of reviewing and making my own market research and filling up the gap, I have realised that it's performing what makes money, therefore my focus is and has always been on huge arenas full of 80 000 to 120 000 people. The energy is insane and goes through my whole body. I love travelling and exploring new places, and I see myself travelling a lot. I see myself releasing my first motivational movie 'Building a dream' with the help of a huge movie studio in Hollywood. After that, I've got plenty of books that I would like to translate and re-release and have them done as a movie. With the wealth provided I see building housing for people in need and investing in new technologies that would benefit the human race. ​​

The belief that I am among billionaires and in Forbes makes me motivated more than anything else. I believe that you have to make yourself rich first to help other people. As I said, I see possibilities, simple mathematics and few equations. This is another thing I'd like to work on, digital marketing and social media. This is where I have to be honest with myself, as an artist, I struggle to build a stronger fanbase, however on the other side with the X factor I have been seen worldwide by more than 100 000 000 people. This is what gives me the confidence as well as my song being used for two years already a thought that Yeah, I have done a world's hit and YEAH, I can produce hits and hell oh yeah I am working on myself, invested in myself, working on myself as well as working towards financial freedom. I always welcome and embrace new things because I have an insane ability to adapt and become what I have to. The fact that my website is viewed worldwide is another fantastic thing that I love about my progress. The conclusion is that belief is everything. You have to believe in yourself first, be able to look into the mirror and say to yourself that 'You've got this!' One of the most significant abilities to develop is the ability to silence everything. Silene everything is an excellent key to success as well. You know that you're always one call away from the victory, one yes, one moment. Patience is the greatest gift, and it is connected with faith. Not everyone is patient, when things don't work, people seem to give up, go back where they started, they're lack of willpower and lack of desire. It's the burning desire to achieve, to be successful, to be wealthy, respected man is the primary source of energy. And when you earn your place, everyone's words become irrelevant. It's only you who you fight day after day. ​​

The universe is always looking after good hearted people who are uplifting the world. Hardship is what makes us stronger, better inside, something what makes us warriors. Once you become fearless, you become limitless. And that is the question everyone should ask. If your dreams would exist on the same place as your fears, would you still go there?

The universe is always looking after good-hearted people who are uplifting the world. Hardship is what makes us stronger, better inside, something that makes us warriors. Once you become fearless, you become limitless. And that is the question everyone should ask. If your dreams would exist in the same place as your fears, would you still go there? My answer has always been yes. I am literally leaping into things and situation by my head, and it works for me perfectly. I've got to the stage of synchronicity or singularity, people call it different names. Now I know that I've got the abilities to live the life of my dreams, I've got the power to become a millionaire and yeah, I possess unlimited power to turn my visions into my reality. It has been already coded in my DNA. That is the most significant journey of my life and my own studies of the brain, brain waves and frequencies, as well as quantum physics, became my another obsession. I believe people are mainly where they are because of their lack of knowledge. I do feel for people who don't speak another language and can't read all these brilliant books that are out there. Got to mention Mr Bob Proctor, for example, or Anthony Robinsson. If celebrities need a coach or a motivator, then imagine you're motivator among the stars with your own life story? Of course, you can admit that I've been lucky, but the truth is that it is all pure effort during the years and overcoming one obstacle after the other as well as installing new software to my mind.

A few years back I posted a picture of Shard with words that next time it will be from inside celebrating the massive success that I am about to achieve. Going back to those moments when I used to walk down around the Shard and dreamed of a day when I will be able to go all the way up and see the London a bit differently? Just like God is looking after the city? But I said to myself that I will go there to celebrate, I will go there once I achieve my goal. It was the same thing I told myself before the USA. I will fly to the USA like someone, not just for a holiday. And now, here we go, I am Mr Friday Night. One thing is sure. I have chosen this life, and I want it more and more. I love what I do, and I love the positive vibe that I spread as well as the fact that I am motivational and innovative. I see possibilities, and I know what has to be improved. I am working towards everything and learned to conquer myself on a daily basis. Conquering myself and bringing back my old management plan is one of the best decisions that I will make. I am obsessed with having the best physique as well as the best music on the whole globe. I believe in positive vibes with a bit of fun. I think people want entertainment, they wanna laugh, and I wanna laugh as well. I am looking at myself sometimes and things that I have done and yeah, it's brilliant, it's fantastic. Greatest thanks are to the X Factor and four judges, Mr Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Mrs Osbourne, Louis Walsh as well as presenter Dermot O'Leary. Two years ago those angels changed my life.

And exactly like back in days even now I know that same event repeated. Someone had a poo in changing rooms in TK Max. I went to buy some shirt and trousers with my brother. I couldn't stop laughing because the last thing I heard it was when I had to clean it in the gym. It brought me lots of luck, exactly like I said. And now I knew after careful consideration what I want and shared with you the few key principles of success. £20 000 000 by the end of the year 2019 is my ambition, it's my goal, it's my priority. It's time to go for it and plan the battle plan. I've got this!

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