$1 000 000 000 000 MAN

It's almost 2AM, and after all the hard work that I have done today, I decided to write a brand new article with even much better name - $1 000 000 000 000 MAN. So what is it actually about and what is going through my head this time? I had really great Friday Night yesterday night. One of my colleagues started a new job and left her receptionist position. It got me kinda think because lately quite lots events didn't turn up the way I wanted them to. Of course, I got used to it after such a long time of fighting and fighting. I really wasn't in the greatest mood either, bad headache from nicotine withdrawal, my decision to literally quit every single bad habit that I had made my body go really funny. I have a really bad cold, I keep snoozing all day and I'm literally in the state where I'm so upset and pissed off that I just want it to all go. I thought about why am I going through these phases of being motivated and energetic, focused and wanting to do everything and then I'm being let down, I smoke, I don't exercise and of course, yeah, I'm sad as you do. Emotions, they do affect my mood so much, and I understand that my vibrations aren't there either because I just kill it by allowing others to make me feel any different than how I want to explore. Well, so I said that I'm going to stop with all of that nonsense, get up and get back on the track. I managed to go for a half an hour run this morning as well as skipping over the rope for another half an hour. That was enough, you see, I'm not excusing myself at all, I still exercise regardless, and this time I'm about 100% commit to everything that I've been building for so long. As I mentioned on my Instagram - it's do, or it is die. I am 30 years old, and I didn't feel better in my life than I feel now. I know very well deep inside my soul that this events that I perceive as negative events are actually forcing me to level up and are very positive. Blood moon was my rebirth. My consciousness has returned and exactly just like the day of my operation, this time I'm more powerful than I ever was. I'm going to war. War for a new world. The world full of peace, harmony, unity, love. But first of all, I'm going to war with myself, I'm about to conquer myself in every single thing that I have ever done right - or wrong, including relationships. Plenty of my motivation comes out of frustration. Intense frustration. The frustration of not being where I wanna be. I know you should accept where you are now and make peace with your past, but hey, the law says if I want something as bad as I want to breathe, then I will get it!

I disagree with people saying that you are what you are and so on, so on. If you're not feeling complete without that one thing that you want to do, then you're not. If the things were falling apart for so long, they have to come back together. If others can, I can. I've been bang on the goals since August and truly didn't touch none of the shit I used to touch for nearly two years. I'm grateful that I experienced what I did because my mind is literally open and I want more. I have been building this legacy for years and I am about to win. Win because I can win. Few things I had to get quite clear for myself and do as well. Not that I'm looking on the other people to compare, however, I do have a feeling that quite lots of artists are relying on other people to do things for them, that's why they only get 10% of the sales. That means they only get $1 from every single CD sold - minding that one CD is for $10. Still, if the sales reach a million copies worldwide, that's $100 000. What I've done differently and why I'm talking about $1 000 000 000 000? You see, I've been very lucky that I launched my own business New World Arts Ltd. because as I see more and more into this business and see what I have actually managed to achieve in such a short period of time with my first album and first single, I'm just amazed and blown away because my ideas are working. People worldwide love me, I'm literally famous worldwide, and that is my people amazing, I love it, and it makes me happy. Now it's only me who is holding me back from all the greatness and potential that I can achieve. Let's ask me a few questions. It's essential before we proceed to the next stage. What am I actually worth? Yeah, I am worth $1 000 000 000 000. The main reason is my health, God, I am grateful for my health and the fact that my body just works completely different. I am born from Gods. I know it. I feel it. I am very grateful for the knowledge I've been provided with at my birth as well as all the ancient knowledge to achieve the full potential of my brain. Yeah, plenty people use only 5% of their mind. That is truly sad my people. My people will perish because of the lack of knowledge. I can't believe that there are still people who laugh when you say that you feel their mood even miles away. Telepathy, telekinesis, sixth sense, third eye, it's all real, it works, we can genuinely develop all those abilities. Or am I the only one in here on Earth? Have I been left here? Yeah well, when I was a little boy, I used to have this dreams where I was travelling really far, far away and I've seen plenty huge sphere kinda objects, was pulled really badly towards the Earth and landed. Then I usually woke up not believing what I've just seen. I didn't tell anyone until this year, and that was just my mom. Mom, I don't feel like I'm from here. I'm from a different solar system. I volunteered to change the Earth planet. After a couple of thousands of years, I am back.

Spiritual awakening was and still is a very difficult process because I am finding myself quite often just being happy on my own, working towards the goals, separated from the world I live in and connected to the world far away from here. If I'm being honest with myself and everyone who is reading the blog, I can't wait to complete my mission and go back. It will be such a relief. Relief and satisfaction after I bring the peace and love back to Earth. I'm wondering how many people can see through the time. How many people feel the vibrations. Yeah, there are spiritual teachers, witches and plenty mediums, but can they feel what's gonna be with Earth in few more years? Do they feel the global shift? The awakening from that illusion of separation? What is mankind actually worried about? And why do I have to change everything, how am I gonna do it? I've been searching for all the answers how to get there, how to make it happen and finally got all the answers. Vision, education, hard work, faith. Every single attribute is required but mainly the iron discipline. Building a physique is a long process, and I don't look the way I do because I'm lazy. I see the way I look because I've always been putting the effort in and continually trained. And here we go. I am free to do whatever I want. I am so smart that I understand if I will go self-employed now, I can recreate my whole world from scratch. I can rebuild my life exactly the way I want it to be. So what is going to happen? What is the plan? What am I gonna do about myself? I know that I can't be a gym instructor no more. Travelling 2 hours to work from London to Swanley is long, I am using the time to educate myself and read books however it cost me £15 a day there and back. When I take into consideration how much I earn a day, then all those money could be used for recording a new music album. Fair enough I love people however now is the time to think about myself and the future. No one is gonna pay for my recordings, no one is gonna pay for my music videos, press releases, venues where I'd like to perform, my supplements, food. The list is long. I am grateful that I have finished Level 3 personal training and finally I'll be looking to start working towards my new goal. You see, with personal training in London, there indeed isn't any limit of how much you can earn - if you're willing to put the work and effort in. I'm tired of people having fun about me being late for work. Who cares how far do I have to travel every single day? I am tired of being there for other people, but they're not here for me when I need them? I'm tired of pretending that everything is actually all right it isn't. And this is the truth about this world. The world isn't here to make you happy. The world is here to make you conscious. And I am aware. I was woken up. Imagine I had months where I earned around £3000 a month after tax. That was brilliant, but I worked about 16 hours a day, didn't sleep much, quite often got stuck in traffic on the way back to London - again drive 27 miles to work and 27 back is a long distance. Another income was from one USA company who was advertising through my Facebook and was paying me a great amount every week. I was loving life. Then my hours got deducted because Sencio hired another gym instructor, my shift got changed because I didn't mind what am I gonna do so I had to work it around my other colleague, and on the top I got stopped on the border and had to return the car I had back to Czech otherwise it would get crushed. Sweet. All that stuff got me into trouble because I couldn't afford the rent, car, petrol and plenty other things I had to pay for. Not mentioning the recording of my another album and another stuff. How I love travelling and exploring, literally the USA is my country! Couldn't do even that in 2017. Part of you is thinking that yeah my life is going somewhere finally and then you get hit to face. Then again, again, again until you're literally so drained and exhausted that you really want to give up. But those moments right before giving up are those moments when the breakthrough is literally behind the corner. As a personal trainer who charges approx. £50 / £100 per hour which are London's average ratings and being lucky enough to train 10 clients a day for every single day - which I know that I will be because I attract what I focus on - I can walk out with outstanding £182 000 - £365 000 in a single year. That is 10 - 20x more than I earn now. If we deduct 40% tax - that is £109 200 - £219 000 per year. Even after such deductions that is still £9 100 - £18 250 a month. That is the peak. Contrary even with 1/2 clients a day I am on the same money like I am now, the only difference is that I work 2 hours a day rather than travelling 4 hours, working 9-10 hours and pretty much having absolutely no time for anything else.

The fact is obvious that I have been doing this mad travelling and purposely sleeping fewer hours because I was mentally and physically getting ready for this grind. That is why I posted it is all about the last push. The last push because this money, this income would easily make my dreams come true and I don't have to win the X factor or be on the TV show to be the best. You see the truth is that the last X-factor was watched by 4 000 000 people just in the UK. The ratings were declining, and I have managed to have more views on my only lyric video Friday Night than the winners of the X factor Rak-Su who are signed to SYCO. I nearly doubled the figure. WIth my own label where the only person who profits from everything is me. This success, this billion dollar vision was already coded in my DNA, and it's funny and sometimes, but I always knew what am I doing and why. So here I am now at the edge of something new, at the edge of wonderful transformation which started from today where I am about to smash every single goal, create the number one artist website on the whole globe as well as finally have that physique of my dreams. Having that physique is my goal number one now as well as putting all the things together and mainly grinding every single day. Get used to waking up at 5AM, go bed late at night and repeat again and again. This is also time to start working on my Friday Night music video. I've been blessed enough to have a friend who helps me with my image, now I have to find myself video crew and my projects will come alive as well as my first motivational movie. I will educate myself enough to understand what I have to do to grow my audience the way I want and mainly I will have enough budget to pay for every single promotion that I will do. I am willing to build an online personal training portal on my website as well with custom meal plans as well as custom training plans for all those people around the world who are following me, would like to look like me yet don't have the luck of me training them. It all sounds brilliant and I am really excited to get started. Now you're maybe wondering why I said about billion dollars yet I'm talking about a tiny fraction and on the top of that, it is from normal work. Yeah, I got to mention that I am about to finish third circle theory, also that I have joined Higher Balance Institute, gonna join secret entourage and I'm planning to learn a lot more about investing into assets and big companies as well as investing into my own business. I've been blessed to be able to have contacts to all the major music labels in the USA however now with all the things that I have behind me and the video I can always share I am willing to build everything on my own. I am willing and I am going to chase the perfection and have the best and most entertaining music video on the whole planet. Friday Night is a new world's hit and I am willing to make this song the best song on the whole globe as well as the best music video. My music label, as well as me, is about to prosper far above anyone's imagination. And this is where we are coming to all those simple equations I was talking about in few articles before. You see before I went in front of Mr Cowell I got told to say that my song is released on iTunes. I didn't say it. Now imagine I would say it and people will look it up. Boom. So the video went viral and collected well over 100 000 000 views globally, maybe around 120 000 000? If that were only 1% what would buy the song from iTunes or any other store, that would generate unreal £1 000 000 - if that would be 10% of people, then it will be £10 000 000! Bear in mind, all the profits go to me! The question is how much will be the initial investment. What will make people laugh? What will make people share it? What will cause global madness one more time before I release another world's hit and make it even more entertaining than the one before? I am sure that I will figure that one out now. My ideas were always brilliant, and I do know what am I doing. Contacts to MTV's are there, I'll get contact to press as well, and I will spread the world around. The truth is that I have to be more confident and do the things that I wanna do. The things that I worked so hard for. I am a unit. Following this success and having the song on heavy rotation in the radios as well as profiting, there would truly be no limit at all because I will be the only artist on the whole world who can do what he wants and is the only one who is profiting from it. I will be the only artist with own label who will create a new mainstream, the only artist what is so ahead of the time and true motivation and inspiration to the whole globe. Contribution back to the world is what it is all about and the true power is the fact that with the wealth provided I can re-create this world to my own picture. Now I know that God will surely agree with me because it's never too late to get things right, it's never too late to work for the dream and put all the pieces together. Talking about the money and business plan, it is also quite easy to get physical CD's manufactured and open fully automated e-shop on my website or just distribute the CD's through the stores worldwide. Selling 10 000 000 albums worldwide would generate me unreal £100 000 000. That is 1/10th of a billion. Now I've got those another project lined up such as Building a dream movie as well as second so-called album Building a dream with uplifting and motivational music - of course, can't forget about the book Building a dream and on the top I've got my Red Evil series as well as other books that I am about to write in close future.

There truly isn't limit of what I can achieve or be. Red Evil will be the best epic movie of the century, mainly because of its magnificence and unreal but so real story. That is the next objective after establishing myself successfully as a company on the world market. Great thought what went through my head is also that hiring O2 arena for a day is £80 000. That is quite a great price. The UK has got 20 huge arenas with a capacity around 20 000. You have to agree that if the X factor audition video just on facebook itself achieved 20 500 000 views, 20 000 x 20 - 400 000 people in total - is only tiny fraction of people who already seen my audition, forget to mention that I already performed in front of 12 500, therefore, I believe I am fully capable in doing so. If we would put marketing prices on the top as well as promotion in media to make sure tickets will sell and we will set the price up for £80 a ticket - I think that is a fair price as well - this little 3 weeks tour would generate unreal £32 000 000. If I count £80 000 as an initial investment plus £10 000 for advertising the tour and tickets making it total £90 000 and another let's say £10 000 to pay all the staff, security and so on, I'm looking at £2 000 000 initial investment with a profit of £30 000 000.

Did I mention that it is just actually the UK and its 20 arenas with 20 000 capacity? Of course, I would go for a world's tour around the whole globe, and I'm sure there are around 200 arenas I could efficiently perform in. USA has got 52 states - that could be 52 performances each state - where the capacity is a lot bigger than in the UK, then all the states in Europe, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South America and so on. If I will come back to the basic model of £80 000 per day for the arena, 200 arenas worldwide, £100 000 average cost, £80 per ticket - from the earnings of UK tour I would invest £20 000 000 into the world tour which would cost me and generate unreal £320 000 000. And well, that is ladies and gentlemen with the album sales as well as singles profit nearly 4/10th of a billion. Talking in pounds, if we switch the currency to the American dollars - that equals to unreal $520 000 000. Here I am, it can be all achieved by my 33 years of age, and I am on the way to become a billionaire. Thank you McDonald's for the management qualifications and Sencio for the personal trainer qualifications. Of course thanks to Mr Cowell and The X-factor team for making me the best possible advert on the whole globe. The rest is up to me, and I've got this. Just in case if you find my article hardly believable, imagine that you have the power to do everything. Your brain is working more and more efficiently day after day, you're reaching 20/30% of brain's potential. You've got billionaire's mind in the body of a little boy. And now imagine that is how you grew up. Knowing that this will happen. Now I am not afraid to be called crazy or mad because all the geniuses are. So... Life is... well, beautiful, magnificent. Every obstacle was crushed, the last few will be crushed now too and? I will make it! I am Beck Martin. I am the top grossing artist on the whole globe. Thanks, Universe for always providing for me and allowing me to do the things that I always wanted to do. As I said, when the road ahead seems impossible, start the engine. I turned my engine into sports mode. Let it rain baby.

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