Awakening of the GOD!

What am I talking about boy? I am talking about the dynamic shift what is happening inside my body. I am talking about the awakening of God. I am claiming all my superpowers back. I can feel it inside my whole system. My energy structure has changed. My strength has improved. My perception of reality has changed. Last days I was experiencing some unreal things. The stuff that I am about to share with you right now might sound absolutely crazy to you however it is based on scientific experiments what were made so many years ago as same as all the ancient cultures knew about it. The knowledge is indeed the power. Like today. Another incredible day for myself. It's been around three weeks since I went to Asda to get some food. I did my shopping, then I rang one of my friends because I wanted to buy some good stuff. So I made my phone call and while still talking to one of my friend I have thought about ringing my another friend Ian. I leaned over the steel fence right in front of Asda, finished one phone call only to start another one. How unreal is it to find out that my friend I was calling has actually seen me right in front of Asda on the phone to someone else? Today? So if you're interested in today, I said to my brother that I am not sure wherever to see my medium friend tomorrow - Sue. I am scheduled for a psychic appointment. You know these energies are real, they are here, they work! But my own research just confirms that I am becoming more and more every single day. I am connecting to the quantum field, and it's one of the best experiences of my life. As I mentioned in the article before, spiritual awakening is difficult. You find yourself in completely different state than other people around you. You see invisible. Your brain connects with other people. What happened? As soon as I said it literally around three minutes later I received a message from Sue if our meeting is still happening. Well, how funny is that I had that feeling about her just a moment ago? And then our friend Adesh was meant to come for a drink to ours. Literally thirty seconds before he knocked on the door I thought that he's here. And he knocked. Now, what I actually do? Ancient civilisations talk about stuff like DMT. There are so many hormones and chemicals that are being released by our brain and are allowing our third eye to open and connect to the worlds above! They're letting us literally to meet another spiritual being! But do you know what is the most interesting fact about what is actually going on around in here? The ability to see through time. The fourth dimension, that is where your mind is. Fifth Dimension, that's where the soul is. The vibration of the fifth dimension is a frequency what wakes up the God inside you. I am wondering how many people here on Earth do know it? How many people on the planet Earth are awakening to their higher purpose? How many people in the world can access higher levels of consciousness? I don't think that there's many of them. I can't believe what happened to me and how much are my abilities evolving. I can literally feel people. I can feel their thoughts. I can feel them thinking about me! I think women thinking about me! I think them talking about me! How is that possible? How can you do it?

I realise that this power maybe isn't here to be for everyone. Only the blessed ones. Only the Gods are allowed to access it. Access knowledge. Improve to such a level. Yeah, I'm not going to lie. I'm waking up the GOD's DNA. I'm rebuilding my own DNA. I'm improving my perception, super intelligence, telepathy, telekinesis, psychokinesis. Strengthening my immune system. I am unconditional love. There's so much you can literally work on as well. I am opening all my chakras. I've got access to the unlimited energy source through the pineal gland. I've got access to the higher dimensions and yeah, I have established a connection with other spiritual beings and Gods. Another great experience was a week ago when I decided to access the ninth dimension and see what's out there. I remember the endless joy I felt and happiness, the whole creation, the Earth, the never-ending love to all human beings on Earth planet. I have seen Shiva. The highest Godess. The God of all creation. The super-intelligent consciousness. Could you believe that literally the moment before I arrived at the last station I opened my eyes? I've been sent back straight to the third dimension due to lack of time and almost arriving at the final destination. Those moments used to freeze me all around my body, they literally caused the shivers all around however now I am loving it. It is an excellent feeling to know that you are transforming your physical presence into God with a purpose. Another great event what happened is that I was on the train on the way to Swanley, sleeping however my energy structure is sacred. You can't come near me. The man who was checking the tickets approached me in the deep state of sleep and guessed what? Yeah, I have opened my eyes. I felt there's someone in my field. Straight away. That is extraordinary perception. Another event I can think of was in 2004 when I went to see Karolina. I didn't know where she is yet I found her three times in the row in the space of three months. I and she have got some special kind of connection. I could feel her. I could locate her without her telling me anything. When I appeared right in front of her, she just asked me how did I find her with an open mouth. Maybe she's the one who could confirm that there's more to me than the physical body. The fact that even ten years down the line you will still look the same. The fact you can rebuild your own DNA. You can literally improve your own psychic abilities so much that you don't need people to tell you a single word. You feel their vibrations. You're allowed to see things that are literally hidden for everyone! Taking medicine when you're ill is another utterly wrong thing. The body's ability to heal is unreal. Medications just decrease the body's own ability. Everything you have been thought about life itself is wrong. You should start digging deep. Diving deep. Now I have made the decision that the knowledge isn't here for everyone, only for those who seek it. This was the first decision I have made and decided to hide the blog from everyone who's visiting my website. Only those who willfully discover the website will have the access to my own blog and discoveries. Another thing that I started to do is to write a new book. I wrote already thirty pages in two days. The book I called Building A dream. I will price it really high because only rich people will be able to access this part of higher knowledge. And people who want to will pay for it. I would like to use the book I am writing for a movie that I wanna finish. There are plenty videos I have found on my YouTube channel as well as in PC, plenty material we recorded in the USA, before the X factor and now it's just the time to put it all together and create the movie. In a sense this movie will be only talking about physical manifestation, it will be the three-dimensional movie. For its purpose, I have no intention in sharing everything that I know at all rather than guiding the humanity and the people who will see it the right way. Give you an idea. I have started building amazing booking formulas on my website as well. It just looks phenomenal. All I have to do now is just to change the language, get an iPad and connect everything right to the iPad. It's fantastic because you can connect it right to your google calendar and every single booking that you will get will go right to your phone. What an amazing improvement and level up! I can't wait to launch it. There will be lots of work behind it and I am willing to work my hardest to achieve success not only as an artist but also as a celebrity personal trainer. My music career is about to experience an unreal boom. I will become the best artist on the whole planet with the best music videos. I don't think that there is an artist on the world who is literally able to do this on his own and willing to work as hard as I do in order to achieve what he set up for himself. As you know now my beautiful people it isn't about me rather than about you and my own contribution here on Earth and understanding of who I am, what am I becoming, making most of it and be there for you. The fact what am I going to do for you. It's all about contributing to the society and bringing back. I think that is a personal trainer is just one way how to contribute back to the society. What I'd like to do now in this article is to write myself some goals for the rest of this month, the rest of this week and make clear for myself where I'd like to be. This obsession, this inner fire is stronger than anything else now. It's mad. It drives me crazy. It pushes me so hard that I will achieve my victory regardless. Nothing and no one will stop me! I have awakened the God that I am. I am ready for my global mission.

1) Set up goals for the rest of the August

2) Implement booking schedule to the website

3) Create functional E-shop on the website

4) Search for music video companies - ideally red dragon 8K camera

5) Email American record company regards Friday Night radio edit

6) Create a plan to achieve financial freedom by the end of December

7) Write down all the important music events in the USA next year

8) Get an iPad. Implement google calendar to the website

9) Apply for personal trainer job

10) Launch the booking schedule on the website

11) Finish the third circle book

12) Make notes from the third circle

13) Join the secret entourage

14) Learn more about online promotion

15) Get business cards ready

16) Finish Building A dream book

17) Release Building A dream book

18) Download all the videos from my YouTube channel

19) Analyze what's need to be recorded

20) Start recording the movie

21) Finish the Building A dream movie by the end of September

22) Write lyrics for sinnergy

23) Record sinnergy

24) Release sinnergy

25) Write down Friday Night music video script

26) Put everything together as well as the crew for the music video

27) Speak to press release companies regards the press release

28) Speak to official charts about charts placements

29) Record and get ready to release Friday Night music video

30) Create a new look for all the social media

31) Speak to VHS regards of CD distribution

32) Schedule photo shoots for an online personal trainer

33) Implement the new pictures to the website, prepare for the launch

34) Learn more about marketing and how to share the video with the whole world

35) Finish the lyrics and beats for Building A dream music album

36) Think about other goals and tasks what needs to be done

27) Implement morning meditation with DMT

38) Increase dopamine, serotonin production in the brain through the frequency

39) Re-create working management system.

40) Re-write everything into notepad

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