It's time to RECEIVE...

Good evening everyone, I didn't write anything for a while and decided it would be great to summarize what's been happening in my life because I am in quite a funny situation and because of my spiritual awakening and nearly the full awareness - I decided to write down how do I know that it's time to go. Again. You see regarding work, friends and people I am loyal. If you like me - I like you and that is it. You can always expect the same in return. If you hurt me, do something against me, then karma will hit you back when you least expect it. And I've been fortunate to have karma as my best friend. She's always been on my side and was still punishing all those people who took me for granted, though that they are funny or just didn't appreciate me, my time or my work enough. This is the situation that I am in right now. As you know, my primary job is a wellness instructor in White Oak Leisure Centre. I grew up in that place, it's gonna be nearly 8 years since I started coming down and 3 years since I started working in the centre. I got level 2 qualification as well as level 3, all paid for. That is what I am grateful for - thanks to Kyle, who put me on it. I had wonderful times in White Oak especially during the times I was on the TV show. I had a period when everyone was approaching me, mainly young girls and wanted a programme, training plan and meal plan and so on. Yeah, I enjoy my work and what I do for a living. Serving people and community is one of the most beautiful things to do in life. Undoubtedly. So what am I actually trying to say now? I had an interview for a wellness manager, was looking for a slight increase in my salary and was willing to put on that little bit of responsibility. On the other hand, I am finding quite hard that the company itself isn't ready to put in the money. Not willing to invest anything but they happily spent £1000 000 to refurbish Sevenoaks centre. That is what upset quite lots of loyal members of our gym, and I'm not surprised. Here in this article, I am going to highlight why have I got so upset and why I decided that it is time to go. We have a new centre manager. I had an interview for the job. I got told that I might be the best personal trainer down the gym however not suitable for a management position. The way I see it is that he just expects me to do all the extra work I do on the top of my job description as I find very easy to manage those few additional jobs and look after the things. The main reason apparently was he wasn't quite sure how am I gonna do it with sales. That quite winded me up because people go down that gym because of me. I can't even count how many members were coming down. We had a really great time, and as my friends say, if I won't get it, the place will crumble. You see, no one can really expect you to do all the work and don't pay you for it and on the top tell you that you're not good enough. That just isn't the way things work. On the top, I have to look after my New World Arts Ltd. as well, and I have to get initial investment, somehow, someway. If I am supposed to look after the young people and help them to build their careers, I got to level up, and I got to get this financing. This way to me now seems like shut, closed and there's no way that I am going to bring in more money from that place. I also don't think there is a point in doing all this work and killing myself for not much money. Considering personal trainers in London are charging around £50/£70 in average gyms, this is just a rip off because I could easily have one client a day and make the same money like working there for eight hours a day. It's quite great that he spoke about sales because that is what am I going to focus on now. You see to progress even further, there have to be some investments made - google advertising cost money, just like having this business website - e-shop, booking forms and pretty much everything in here. On top of that I'd love to have my own house one day, also would like to travel to the USA three times and would like to visit Australia the following year as well. You see that's plenty of plans and I don't think that there's enough budget for all of that in what I do at the moment. I think the fact that those doors were shut is just plenty of motivation to go out and change everything right from scratch. It is quite sad on the other hand because I love the people I met and I am just thinking about how to stay in touch with everyone from there, organise some events maybe? Not quite sure, however, this is where it all starts. If there's someone who's there to fight for a new world, it's me. I am awakened to this reality of why am I actually here and connected to the higher source. I think that everything that is in the way of my higher purpose has to go. The second coming was true. This time we're not giving the world to the hands of all these evil people. This time we are going to be free. This time we will change everything, and we will achieve the glory we deserve. I am pleased and blessed that when I look at the children today, all those legends were right. There is the whole army of Pleadians. It still amazes me until now how much of common attributes all of us have. On the top, I am also very amazed by the fact that our abilities are evolving year after year and we are reaching this outstanding global shift. That is another reason why it's time to go. I could sense how he's not being honest and didn't even look into the papers he had in front of him. But, the question is, does he actually know who was he talking to? ... Mr Friday Night! Not only I have got the most views all over the globe. I am the best seller. I am generating more sales than anything on this planet today. Watch. It's time to RECEIVE. It"s time to GO!

Thanks for reading and you can expect miracles! We are taking off! I love you all beautiful people!

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