Second Coming

I've been wondering recently how many people are getting ready for the second coming of a Jesus Christ? How many people globally actually believe something like that is possible? And on the top, I am wondering how many people on the planet could find themselves in a place and position like me? After meeting goddess of fire through my friend who stole lava stones from Island where she stroke me over my face because she liked me - I open up myself to even more possibilities than before. An earlier dream I had over the Christmas was pure darkness. I've seen everything just leaving me? Or disappearing? All that bad karma? And how much do I have in common with Jesus Christ? Right now this is going to be the most significant disclosure for the humanity and the fans of Mr Friday Night. You know, the prophecy says that Jesus Christ is going to let the world know that he's back. The whole world is going to see it. Now, is there something that makes you laugh in this world? Something that makes you wanna get up, dance, enjoy your life? Yes, it is The X Factor Friday Night audition. The audition itself is immortal. The views are growing, people are sharing it, and for the whole history of the show, Beck Martin is the first person ever to make Mr Simon Cowell dance. Then he appreciates his work and helps to the artists. To be continued...

#BeckMartin #Secondcoming #Pleadians #Wearehere #Unlimitedpower #aweking #5D

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