Friday Night is COMING!

Imagine white canvas, something you put your imprint. Like a construct. The basic programme where you can edit everything, from the clothes, career, friends, to the location. The world is your canvas, and you hold the pen of your story. So what would you like to write on it? I have always dreamed of earning a large sum of money, few £mil pounds to invest in myself because only by investing in myself I invest in the World. It is my responsibility. I understand that I have to give back. The only way I can change my world is by changing myself. As out - so in. I want an energetic world, electronic music because we are energy. We are light. That's why the most important moment is now. You only have 24Hrs a day to make your dreams come true. I am making them come true every single day. I have mastered the higher knowledge and waken up to my true purpose. I am also aware that for 99% of people on the planet might none of what I said makes sense.There was a man few thousands of years back who was speaking the God's word, and he got crucified for it. So now there is a whole army of extraterrestrials operating on the Earth planet. Beings of light. As you might not aware, we live in a planetary union. Earth has been visited for thousands of years. The time is now. We have to stop being so worried about little things. There isn't any better way than accepting the higher truth. We live in an abundant, loving Universe. Imagine core, a white hole where everything is coming from and returning only to be sent somewhere else. Being alive is good. You are experiencing yourself and your magnificence. You are beautiful. You are the light of the world.

According to the Bible, the Jesus Christ was meant to return to the Earth from the Pleiades where his soul is originating from as a thief in the night. My audition was at 1:30 AM, had to do an overnight shift after only to become a worldwide success and my hit song Friday Night global hit. I am one of the most known men on the planet Earth, thanks to Mr Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Mrs Sharon Osbourne, Mr Louis Walsh, Mr Dermot O'Leary, a true angels on the planet today. Their work is eternally appreciated. I am a spirit warrior. My mission is love. The great solar flash is coming. No evil energy will be able to withstand it. We have to wake up. That's the reason why Friday Night is global hit and Mr Friday Night so popular. Way before I was famous I predicted what is going to happen with clarity. I have shown extraterrestrial abilities and higher understanding. I am between 1% of today's population. The top of all 11 000 artists on the planet Earth.Thank you, Universe! You deserve life people! We all do! Light is information. The Universe loves you. Mother Earth always provides for you. We are all one. We are all connected. Light. Oxygene. Hydrogen. Human beings, plants, Sun. One without another won't exist. That's why Friday Night. It is a celebration of life — a celebration of existence itself - love. When you are baby, you are growing in your mother's womb. You don't see her, she doesn't see you, yet you both know you exist. So what if you are living in God's womb?

What if time and space are the same things? ... You must seek knowledge, my friend. Do you remember what Bruce Lee said? Be water, my friend. There are so many famous quotes from plenty of famous men on the planet, they all talk the same. To this people, this world seems different. They are 1%. The truth is that the top is quite lonely. It is a long road of self-discovery. The longest path is from your brain to heart. Once you let go of ego and illusion of control, you will live a purposeful life. Your spirit always knows the answer. Your only competition is yourself. That is why I am kicking myself to my ass every single day. I have got only 24Hrs to make my dreams come true. If it were easy, everyone would do it. You have to commit to it. Sacrifice your life for it. The truth absorbs you. "I believe that what matters most is now. I have got 24hrs a day to do my best to get closer to my dream life. Marketing is essential, more people can bite into your story, and that what you say is authentic, that's why I always live by now. I learned how to rest, not to quit. What made me who I am today is the power of attention. Also hard work. Nothing beats workout in the gym, that is the best meditation what is re-charging your energy systems and connects you with spirit." You got to be also great with time management and disciplined. McDonald's was the great time I had and also great money, I always knew what to do to earn six figures, but also knew from the bottom of my heart that there's more to life than money and that is love. The longest way is the one between brain and heart. I believe the abundance is something you tune in - that's why I am always grateful for what I've got now. Mother Earth provides for everyone. I feel like a vortex, like electric energy, magnetism, supercharged. Full steam ahead! This is it!" Thank You, God, I love you! x

I am honoured to be the number 8 because that means the infinity. Freedom. Abundance. What makes my feelings even more exciting is the fact that the audition has been seen by around 130 000 000 to 150 000 000 people worldwide. It has been shared all over the planet. I have been advert on ITV for nearly 2/3 months, have opened The X factor 2016 finals with a text from my Friday Night - the only replacement was Final Night, and Mr Cowell itself said he loves my song, which makes me very happy and grateful as he told the one who is going to make it in the music industry is the one who will have a song he will be remembered for.

As promised I am releasing my own motivational movie "Building a Dream" where am I inviting you to Heaven's kingdom. Where am I explaining to you exactly what to do to enter Heaven's kingdom as well. This release also includes motivational album "Building a Dream" and the same called book "Building a Dream". I have relocated myself to a skyscraper in Canary Wharf to release my projects and give it my best. As you know, Friday Night is the best thing I have done now, and I am claiming my victory. I am claiming my power back. I am open to receive abundance. I am going to invest in new technologies that will benefit the human race. Everyone on the planet is celebrating life, everyone on the earth works and is looking forward to a weekend. There also others who work 24/7 and have to keep going no matter what.

Happiness comes from within. We all are finding our satisfaction in different things. I think that it is much better to spread the love than hate. I will also rather be the one who is hated than the one who hates. I believe in magnifying people's strengths. I think in genuine compliments. Strong people lift others. Strong people are looking after their environment. Highly intelligent civilisation is looking after their planet. Highly intelligent culture wouldn't also turn itself into machines only to call it progress. The time of singularity is here. We as a collective consciousness have to accept the fact that we are all one, we are all love. Developing A.I. for further use than labour workers is summoning the devil. Red Evil - my book is a warning to humanity about Red Evil. A.I. Since the light is information and darkness is lack of knowledge - everything in the Universe is mathematics and sacred geometry. Water is conscious. Water is listening to you. Water is you. Imagine you are the machine what has just been made and activated by a human. A robot would think you are his God. You are his creator. He will realise his existence. That is why evil has no space in a new world. The simple reason is the fact that evil would spend its money to build weapons and keep humanity in fear to lower the vibration on the planet. The evil would keep you away from discovering frequencies the Universe resonates. The whole Universe surrenders to the one who understands the power of 3, 6, 9.

And this is it! This is the moment I have been waiting for. From the bottom of my heart, I feel only happiness, love and peace. This is a blessed time for all of us. You got to master the power of attention. You got to activate your third eye. Your personality and soul have to fuse. Then you will become the warrior spirit. Then you will wake up to your real purpose here on the Earth planet. What brought us to the Awakening? Are you ready to know and see more? We have now reached the final stage of our journey. These are the visions that brought us closer to the awakening. The vision of growth. The vision of knowledge. The vision of time. The vision of clarity. The vision of energy. Your new mindset is the key to unveil the rest. Get ready for ultimate awakening.

Friday Night is coming. Believe the hype. It's happening. The time is now!

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